Bosch GTS1031 Vs 4100

Table saw is probably one of the most versatile tools in your equipment collection because of how useful they are. There are plenty we can do with table saw but the abundant amount of options out there may get confusing as all of them seem alike such as the popular Bosch GTS1031 Vs 4100. These table saws are both convenient and reliable that you can carry to a jobsite and if you wonder which of them will be the better choice, do check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Table Saw to Choose
  • What are Bosch GTS1031 and 4100
  • How are Bosch GTS1031 and 4100 Look Like
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  • How are the Capacity of Bosch GTS1031 and 4100
  • What are the Safety Features in Bosch GTS1031 and 4100
  • Bosch GTS1031 Vs 4100

Table Saw

When it comes to carpentry or woodworking in general, there will be plenty of tools we will need in order to finish the job. Saw is probably one of the most if not the most useful and important in the process because of their role in cutting and shaping materials; most commonly woods. Among the various types of saw, table saw is what you want to have if precision and convenience is what you look for because this one can do the job in both fast pace and efficiently.

However, there are plenty to note when it comes to table saw, not only about whether you will need them but also for the various options available to match with the type of application they will be dealing with. If you wonder which to purchase, here are some factors to consider:

First is the place where and how you want to use the table saw because not all of us will have the same type of jobs to handle. There are light-duty table saw for DIY-ers who want to improve their house and do basic rip such as cutting boards to width and cross cutting stock to length and there are people who want to make new furniture either for their own use or for sell and need to make bevels, dadoes, box joints, or raise panels.

The place is also necessary because apparently we don’t have all the space to place a stationary table saw. For a lighter job or if you will need to bring this equipment to some places like a jobsite or probably lake house, they need to be both easy to transport and fairly compact for the spot they will be working on.

 Bosch GTS1031Bosch 4100
Product Dimensions26 x 24.75 x 15.5 inches
29 x 32 x 13.25 inches
Shipping Weight52 pounds60 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

The next factor is the table saw types as there are few of them with different ideal placement and usage. For example, bench table top saws are the lightest among all and often called portable saws with only the main construction or table intact. They don’t have a platform and can be placed on a dedicated table or structure as needed. They are also consuming very small wattage to not burden your electricity bill and great for people with limited workspace.

A bit higher there is a contractor table saw which is very popular among DIY-ers. It comes with enough power for most tasks and very durable as well with adequate support for larger projects. In most cases they have their own platform to support the table and can be folded too.

The last is about features which again is very personal to what you want to have in the tool. For example, a flat top is great for accurate cuts and usually, a flatness deviation of 0.005 is acceptable for a cabinet saw. Next is fence type which is good to lock down solidly and if your table doesn’t come with a good fence then we can purchase it separately. Another example is a miter gauge for an accurate miter gauge that stops at 45 and 90 degrees.

About Bosch GTS1031 and 4100

Now when you already have an image or know what and how the table saw must be, it is the time to see what the market has to offer. There are plenty of options out there and if you are confused about which to choose, it is probably convenient to narrow down the option based on what you want from the tool or based on the brand and budget range. If not, we can see what other DIY-ers are choosing as they may fit yours as well.

Shopping based on the brand is time efficient since you don’t have to look for the abundance of options out there and when it comes to high-quality power tools, Bosch is one of the most reliable companies to shop from. We are sure most people are familiar with this German brand as they have been around for quite some time and always retain their products quality across price range and type, including their table saw. They also seem to have various similar models from the same family but with different specifications.

For those with narrow space or plan to bring the table saw to other spots or places, the Bosch GTS1031 and 4100 are two ideal options to consider. The two are famous variants from the line but they are not exactly the same to each other since even from the model name we can guess that the latter will be a higher model and for a larger tasks yet, it is not always true because despite looking like a lighter model, the GT1031 is carrying quite a lot of power.

In application, both Bosch GTS1031 and 4100 are suitable for home use and being transported due to the design. Performance wise many seem to like how you can rely on their motor which is interestingly the same, considering the GTS1031 is a more compact bench tabletop saw. Overall, we do think you can go amazing with any of them but the two may not be made for the same type of users as there are some crucial differences as well.

Bosch GTS1031 and 4100 Design

The prominent difference between these tables from the design alone is the inclusion of platforms since you will get the stand with 4100 or 4100-10 table saw in this comparison. This platform alone is very convenient in case you will bring the tool to other places as there are two wheels built in the carrier and help you transport it around. The weight of these table saws are quite light considering the component at 52 and 58 lbs. respectively.

With the platform, we will add another 34 lbs. but even so, it is still convenient to move them from one place to another. The dimension of the main table saw is about the same but the latter is indeed larger so it may affect the capacity. Component and control wise, they seem to be the same as well from the power button and the angle adjustment as well as the fence mechanism. Read also: DeWalt Atomic Vs XR Hammer Drill here.

Bosch GTS1031 and 4100 Motor

Now let’s move to the most important part which is the power of Bosch GTS1031 and 4100 table saw itself since this will decide how reliable these tools will be. At first we thought the GTS1031 would have a smaller motor but it is not the case here because both of them are similarly coming with 15-Amp motors which means you can definitely rely on them when ripping hardwood. The blade size itself is the same at 10 inches and both can cut at straight 45-degree and lower.

The cut depth for both saws are also the same or can cut as deep as 3-1/8 inches at the 90 degree setting or up to 2-1/4 inches at 45 degree. What’s different is the speed of these table saws because despite having the same motor, your GTS1031 is spinning faster at 5,000 rpm under no load while the 4100 model is at 3,650 rpm maximum.

Bosch GTS1031 and 4100 Capacity

The next part we want to talk about Bosch GTS1031 and 4100 is the capacity of these table saws because this seems to put them apart besides the additional platform. When it comes to table saw, capacity is one of the most important as it tells you how large a board can be cut using the saw and in this part your GTS1031 has a cutting capacity of 8-1/2 inches on the left and 18 inches on the right side compared to 4100 with similarly 8-1/2 inches on the left and 25 inches on the right side.

The fence on both models are the same however and this is our personal favorite as you don’t need any adjustment to align them properly. All you need to do is lift the lever and put the fence anywhere you desire above the table then lock the lever down. This lever may feel too stiff but is necessary to keep their perfect alignment so we do not recommend loosening them up.

Bosch GTS1031 and 4100 Safety Features

The last is on their safety area and similar to most table saws, both Bosch GTS1031 and 4100 are also coming with Smart Guard System or simply the riving knife and anti-kickback pawls. Riving knife is to prevent kickback when material gets stuck between the blade and the fence or table and then gets ejected back. As for the pawls, it allows material to slide at one direction only which is forward thus, keeping you at a safer position from material that may get ejected at high speed.

Bosch GTS1031 Vs 4100

Both Bosch GTS1031 and 4100 are good options for both power and convenience but these table saws are not exactly the same. The prominent differences are your 4100 will have a carrier or stand to put and carry the unit around more conveniently but, while the two have the same 15-Amp motor, your GTS1031 will have a higher speed rating at 5,000 rpm under no load. As for the capacity, they have the same 8 and half inch on the left side but the 4100 has 25 inches on the right compared to 18 inches of GTS1031.

- Portable: Ultimate portability and mobility thanks to balanced one handed carry handle and compact design allowing you to bring this table saw along no matter the jobsite
- Tough: Durable and unique all steel base allows this portable table saw to take on the hardest job site abuse; The all steel base is built to withstand heavy impact and provide long lasting performance
- Precision: Square lock rip fence self aligning design for accurate performance and cutting consistency as you glide along the saw rails with ease; Also features smart guard with anti kickback pawls and riving knife system giving you full control
- Versatile: The 10 inch 24 tooth carbide table saw blade provides optimized 18 Inch; Rip capacity and a 5,000 no load rpm motor for a broad range of job site applications.Rip Capacity - Left (in):7.75
- Powerful table saw – has 15-Amp saw with 4. 0 max HP and 3, 650 rpm, for rip-cutting and cross-cutting of fine and rough materials
- Dimensions: 37.7" D x 29.4" W x 19.4" H | Product Weight: 110 lb
- Large cast aluminum top – provides increased work space and material support with a 30 In. ripping capacity
- Soft-start circuitry – manages intensity of motor start-up and minimizes the likelihood possibility of tripping a circuit breaker


It is best to choose the tool that fits in your application the most but between the two, if you will cut a narrower board then the GTS1031 is more compact but if you want a bigger capacity and convenient, it is wise to go with 4100 table saw.

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