Craftsman C3 Vs Ryobi One

Drill and driver are the must have for any DIY enthusiast because of how useful they are. Chances are you will find tons of options out there both corded and cordless with different power ratings but not all are suitable for your type of application. For the lighter jobs, Craftsman C3 Vs Ryobi One are two ideal options to consider. Both of them are powerful yet compact and reliable but, do check our short comparison below before deciding to choose one.

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  • Craftsman C3 Vs Ryobi One

Power Tools for Woodworkers

Whatever hobby or activity we are getting into, in most cases there are various tools or equipment to buy in order to support your work or hobbies. This can range pretty wide from the basic to some expensive and detailed tools that may be required in your activities. For the woodworkers out there, there are plenty to choose from; not only to ease your tasks but also to make it possible. Here are some basic machines to consider throwing your budget in:

Circular Saw is the basic tool that most woodworkers will need in their workspace. It may be considered as a carpentry tool rather than a fine woodworking tool but others will disagree because it is just very convenient and versatile to have. It is a basic handheld tool for people who are working with woods as it is fairly easy to get used to and the function that it can deliver; to cut various sheet goods like MDF and plywood. It is also possible to mimic table saw with a clamp-on-straight-edge.

After the wood is cut, they need to be presentable too and in order to shave them from the rough appearance, we need to work on the surface. In this step an Orbital Sander is a very effective tool for the job because it is fast, easy to use, and can deliver a more satisfying result than common sandpaper. As the name suggests, they are moving in an orbit and installed with sand paper so the tool will spin in a circle and remove unwanted surfaces quickly.

 Craftsman C3Ryobi One
Product Dimensions10.8 x 8.8 x 3.8 inches12 x 3 x 9 inches
Shipping Weight4.41 pounds3 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Now for joining the parts together, Mallet and Hammer are the two tools you may want to have and yes, both of them are equally important. Most people may think they are the same but in purpose the two are quite different because the harsh steel/brass/plastic hammer is meant to deliver power or shock into the object, pushing it further. Mallet on the other hand is made from wood or leather in order to absorb shock, making it more delicate and suitable for tapping wood joints so we don’t leave much striking marks.

Power drill or drill/driver is another basic tool that you want to have and for this one we do think almost all homeowners will need it at some point as well whether to install a new cabinet or hanging a frame for the family’s picture. Power drill is reliable for making holes but with different attachments they can do various other tasks too. Drill/driver is the lightweight version of power drill and usually cordless for the less heavyweight applications.

About Craftsman C3 and Ryobi One

There are plenty to choose from and there are even more to consider between the options but we do recommend shopping based on what you will need by thinking what type of job you will be doing as well. It is wise to build the collection slowly to avoid spending on items that we don’t need and when it comes to the options, we do recommend choosing those from named brands. Not for their popularity but well-known names often have the better options.

Many famous names come into mind when you look for craftsman tools or woodworking tools but only some are trusted for their qualities. Among those huge amount of brands, Craftsman and Ryobi are two familiar names in the market. They have been around for quite some time and the go-to of many people as well both from the casual to professional line. We like their products for their reliability and long lasting ability to still be useful for many years later and it is applicable for either the corded and cordless variants.

For those who are in the look for a drill/driver that is not only useful but also reliable and convenient, the Craftsman C3 and Ryobi One are two amazing options for the task. We all know that they are popular names but in comparison, Craftsman is not as growing as Ryobi and this may be concerning for some people as their products seem not moving along with other competitors. But, for casual users who just want to get a good tool, any of them will be a great brand to go for.

The C3 was an old line similar to One or One+ by Ryobi and there is a plus of familiarity because they have been here for a while and the fact that they are still in the game means that these drill/drivers are good enough to sustain the demand. Craftsman C3 and Ryobi One are convenient and ideal for various users whether you are just a typical homeowner or enthusiast who will build items with these tools. In comparison, either of them are also equally powerful. Read also:  Craftsman V20 vs DeWALT 20V.

Craftsman C3 and Ryobi One Design

Just like most drill/drivers in the market, they will look exactly the same in general with a handgun grip- style and a fairly compact form compared to the corded variant. These two are the same as you can see from the sample picture above but for the Ryobi One drill/driver, we are talking about the P208 model because there are plenty in the One or One+ line to choose from such as those from the HP variant as well. Both of them are 19.2 and 18V respectively, running on Lithium-ion batteries.

The battery may come in the box or separately depending on which packaging you choose so make sure to check what’s included. For the C3, this drill/driver will be compatible with other batteries from the same line whether it is old or new tools, similar to One or One+ that can take its three different batteries. They have a robust form factor and textured grip for a firm handling when in application. Weight wise they are approximately 2 to 5 lbs. with and without the battery.

Craftsman C3 and Ryobi One Power

Moving to the most important part, let’s see what Craftsman C3 and Ryobi One can offer and here the two are also pretty much the same to each other despite the different power rating. Craftsman C3 is an old line but it doesn’t look like an outdated drill/driver, moreover with the modern capabilities. This tool is rated at 19.2V and offers 24 torque positions, similar to Ryobi One, as well as two speed options from 0-440 and from 0-1,600 rpm when under no load, also similar to the latter.

The next thing we like from these drill/drivers is how they tighten the bit because in both models, we can just conveniently use one hand to insert it; no need to use a key or anything to open and release the bit. However, we do still need to make sure that the bit is secured properly because there are cases when it accidentally falls as we drive screws.

Craftsman C3 and Ryobi One Performance

For the performance side, we do think both of them are working really well however. While there is a difference in power rating, Craftsman C3 and Ryobi One are ideal for light to medium jobs around the house and for craftsmanship as the power is there and the convenience is also there. You can secure screws or remove them from a piece of wood without much issues, depending on the size itself. In addition, the two are accepting the same half an inch chuck or 3/8-inch for C3 in other models.

Craftsman C3 and Ryobi One Features

Not only powerful and reliable, the two are also featured with various additional conveniences. One of them is the LED indicator to show you the battery level which is great to know when you need to recharge but, we highly recommend to have more than one battery so we can have a more seamless job. There is an LED worklight as well on top of the battery panel to illuminate your work area in both of them.

There is a bit holder near the worklight too in order to keep your bit intact with the drill/driver whenever needed. The Ryobi one also has a magnet surface however to hold any small items so it doesn’t scatter around and we won’t lose them while working on something.

Craftsman C3 Vs Ryobi One

These drill/drivers are ideal for both craftsmen and casual homeowners. They are equally powerful and convenient with slight differences mostly on the battery and additional features like magnet holders. In terms of performance they are working really well and we especially like the quick no-key chuck. There are few size options to match your needs and we do think they can work the same for light to medium tasks.

- 3/8" Keyless Chuck hand tightens bits fast and securely
- Powerful variable speed motor produces 0-600 RPM. 250 in-lbs. of torque
- Forward/Reverse Switch for easy direction changes
- Includes Compact Lithium-Ion battery and multi-chemistry charger
- No chuck keys are necessary to replace bits here. Simply place the bit into the chuck, grip it, and activate the drill to lock.
- 2-Speed gearbox and 24-position clutch give you access to a wide variety of applications, from the home to the construction site
- Store extra bits or fasteners on the tool when you’re high up on a ladder and need easy access
- on the pistol-style handle gives improved handling, making the tool useful in slippery conditions


Overall you can go well with any of them so we recommend the one that looks more appealing to you and in comparison, the Craftsman C3 is currently more affordable with everything that comes in the box so we do recommend this drill/driver for your application.

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