Dewalt 20V Max XR vs Milwaukee Fuel

Selecting the appropriate cordless tools might become an important consideration. Especially for those who use the tools for their daily activities. Since they’re quite many brands in the market that shown their valuable benefit. Common people who rarely use the tools might not confuse. But some professional that works with the tools every time shall need to select it. An example of selecting between Dewalt 20V Max XR VS Milwaukee Fuel. If you are a beginner and feeling quite confused about which one is better, then you need to check the below paragraphs.

Brand Overview

Start with the overview of both brands, Dewalt and Milwaukee. For the professional person who works on the construction, both are quite a good brand to consider. They both are quite well known cordless tools that running with a rechargeable battery. However, each of them has a specialty that a little bit different from one and another. Read also: DeWalt Atomic vs XR

Such as Dewalt that has been built as a power tool mainly for manufacturing and construction works in the field. It started the business in 1924 by Raymond Dewalt with headquarter in Pennsylvania. Further on, they patented the radial arm saw and find more innovation afterward. The brand becomes known for its speed and accuracy. Until today they produce cordless power tools with a high efficient innovation result including saws, drills, screwdrivers, and wrenches.

Milwaukee starts the business in the same year. It was introduced by A.F. Milwaukee and famous for its power drill. Later on, they also produce electric hammer drills and hand grinders. At the moment the company is bought by Tectonic from 2005 until today. Currently, Milwaukee produces various cordless tools that help many construction works and headquartered in Wisconsin. 

Complete Set

When you decide to buy each of them, you can find package tools inside it. Dewalt 20V Max will provide a set of ergonomics tools completed with lithium-ion batteries and 3 years’ warranty that consists of below tools:

  • ½” Hammer drill
  • 6 ½” circular saw
  • ¼” impact driver
  • Belt hook
  • Reciprocating saw
  • 2 20-volt MAX Li-Ion 3.0 batteries
  • LED light
  • Battery charger
  • Heavy-duty contractor bag
  • Detachable handle

While Milwaukee Fuel provides 5 years’ warranty and will bring a set of below items:

  • ½” Hammer drill
  • 6 ½” Circular saw
  • ¼” Impact driver
  • 4 ½” Angle grinder/cut-off
  • SAWZALL Reciprocating saw
  • M18 REDLITHIUM XC 18-volt battery
  • M18 LED light
  • Battery Charger
  • Heavy-duty contractor bag


Not only gives quite a several differences in their package, apparently Dewalt 20V Max XR VS Milwaukee Fuel offers several different performance and features. When you select Dewalt, it will offer you a common simple design that more suitable for simple home repair. A different way with Milwaukee that brings you better technology and quality. Milwaukee claim for a bigger wrench torque, making the brand is more powerful and faster to finish the works. Not to mention that the technology offers more model selection rather than Dewalt. That is why many professional workers will mostly recommend the Milwaukee Fuel set. 

Difference and Comparison

Of course, those that never perform any home repair or common people might not aware of the difference of each product between Dewalt 20V Max VS Milwaukee Fuel. But, a professional worker might know that overall both are having several major difference such as:

  • Color set, if Dewalt is provided in yellow color, Milwaukee is produced with red color. This helps those who want to buy a specific brand can easily find it in the market.
  • Looking at the completeness of each set, Milwaukee offers you more tools. However, the thing that needs to consider is that all of the tools might be more worth for professional workers.
  • Dewalt offers 2 pieces of battery, while Milwaukee only provides one piece. Therefore, the additional battery will lead you to more costs in the future. In case anything happens and you need to replace the available battery.
  • In terms of quality, many of the users mention that Milwaukee offers better brushes quality with broader selections. 
  • Milwaukee offers better battery potential than Dewalt. It works 50% more effective than Dewalt. Be notice that even Dewalt claim a 20V, it is only working on 18V, the same capacity with Milwaukee.
  • Milwaukee offers more ergonomic and innovative tools compared to Dewalt. Therefore, it is normal if most of the professionals that prefer modern tools will mostly prefer Milwaukee.


Another consideration to select when planning to buy these cordless tools is the total price of each set. At the moment, you can easily find both brands available online. For information, Dewalt is currently sold for $600. While a set of Milwaukee tools can be bought with a price of $550. Therefore, from this information, you can see that in general Dewalt is more expensive than choosing Milwaukee. 

Dewalt 20V Max XR vs Milwaukee Fuel

- The product is 20V Drill/Driver Kit
- Easy to use
- The product is manufactured in United States
- 2 Lithium ion batteries required.
- Made in USA or Imported
- Hammer drill/driver's POWERSTATE Brushless Motor delivers 1200 in
- Impact driver's POWERSTATE Brushless Motor delivers 1800 in
- REDLITHIUM XC 5.0Ah batteries provide powerful performance


After looking at the above information, it is now clear which one is more suitable as per your needs. The things that the price of both products has a $50 difference. It is quite amazing since Dewalt only offers 3 years’ warranty. While Milwaukee works with 5 years’ warranty that will make the consumer feels more secure whenever something happens with the parts. Furthermore, everyone can see that Milwaukee offer more set and better battery capability to use. Hence, it brings Milwaukee a good set to get for professional workers and for a longer time of periods. 

Those are some simple information and comparison between Dewalt 20V Max XR VS Milwaukee Fuel. From the information, hopefully, people now able to decide the most suitable cordless tools to get. Remember, it always comes back to each person’s preferences and needs. Such as when you only want to buy it for small repair at home, then Dewalt might enough to get. 

But, in case you are a professional that needs a good stuff and do care about warranty and service, then Milwaukee might your better choice. However, don’t forget that for fewer tools you need to spend more money. Wisely advice, buying the less expensive product with more benefits might be your best choice. Happy buying!

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