DEWALT Atomic Vs Regular Cordless Drill

When it comes to drill drivers you have an abundance of choices to consider since most brands have several variants as well within their collection such as DEWALT Atomic Vs Regular series. If your tools are built from this brand, it is good to stick with their line of power tools, especially when they can use the same type of batteries. These cordless drills are going to be very much similar but slightly different and before deciding the option, here are what you may want to know about the tools.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which Cordless Drill to Purchase
  • What are DEWALT Atomic and Regular Cordless Drill
  • How are the Look of DEWALT Atomic and Regular Cordless Drill
  • How are the Speed Rating of DEWALT Atomic and Regular Cordless Drill
  • How are the Performance of DEWALT Atomic and Regular Cordless Drill
  • How are the Battery Life of DEWALT Atomic and Regular Cordless Drill
  • DEWALT Atomic Vs Regular Cordless Drill

Cordless Drill

Cordless drills are probably the most useful power tools around since they can handle typical light maintenance at home to the more serious jobs such as construction. The type of drill will vary based on what you want to achieve but cordless are typically used under a lightweight duty because they are relying on the battery pack, unlike a corded version that can work seamlessly as long as they are still connected to the power source. In general there is no wrong choice but we better shop based on the tasks as well.

Most people will probably decide their power tool collection based on the brand so if we already have few tools, it is easier to build a larger system with the same brands whether it comes from the same line or different families. For those who want to keep using the same batteries or using them interchangeably with the previous tools, getting the new ones from the same brand ensures that we can take advantage of what battery pack we already bought, as long as they are compatible of course.

For a more universal decision factor, we do think the chuck size is one of the most important matters to consider. The chuck size is responsible for what bits they can hold, which is usually either a 1/2-inch or a 3/8-inch and the overview of power rate they can deliver. Smaller chuck means they can hold smaller bits as well and for users who will be working with for example heavy-duty paddle bits, they tend to have wider shanks hence need a larger chuck size too.

For cordless drills, because they are relying on a battery pack, we have to consider the power rating of this battery as well, along with some useful features that you can often see on the unit such as capacity indicator. What’s confusing is while for example a 12V drill from the same brand will be inferior in power compared to their 18V variants; they can be vice versa if made by different brands. Amp on the other hand tells you how much juice a battery can store so the higher amps will give you a more lasting power.

 DEWALT AtomicDEWALT Regular Cordless Drill
Product Dimensions9.96 x 6.93 x 3.03 inches12.5 x 3.75 x 9.81 inches
Shipping Weight2.4 pounds2.6 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Depending on the typical applications, we assume there will be some features that users will need to improve the overall experience and ease of use of the power tool itself. On a drill driver, depending on how the manufacturer made them, most of the time we get LED lighting to help illuminate the spot where we work. In some cases there is a magnetic holder as well to keep small screws more organized while we are working the task.

About DEWALT Atomic and Regular

Now when you already have an image or what to look for from the cordless power tool, it is time to see what the market has to offer because there are tons of them out there. If this drill is meant for light maintenance, we do think most affordable and popular options will be just fine but if you need something more reliable we do suggest investing on a more specific line from a trusted brand. Chances are they will be compatible with a wider range of applications.

You can shop based on the brand options or the budget range but we do recommend sticking with your favorite brand to save time and still get good quality tools. Most popular brands like DEWALT already carry so many power tools and lines in their collection that everyone can get their best choice. This brand usually has several family or lines of power tools that boast certain features or designs and we can use this as a shopping guide if you are interested in the brand.

One of the most interesting lines from the brand is their Atomic family which consist of typical power tools including cordless drill so today we are going to compare DEWALT Atomic and Regular variants from the collection. Do note that their products are model specific so even in the same line, there are often several similar tools so do check the model number before you decide the option. As for today’s comparison, we are talking about the DCD708B and DCD777C2.

The Atomic line is also called Atomic MAX as opposed to the MAX line which is more like the basic line from the brand. Another popular family from the brand is XR which the examples are in our DEWALT XR Vs Milwaukee M18 here. MAX line is initially designed to deliver a more lasting power into the cordless power tools collection while XR introduced a brushless motor, making the tools more reliable and power efficient. Atomic on the other hand boasts a compact form factor.

DEWALT Atomic and Regular Design

Just like most power tools, you can buy either DEWALT Atomic or Regular cordless drill in different packages with or without the battery and charger. The last two model numbers in these power tools indicate what package you will get, for example C2 means the tool will come with one battery and charger. As you can see, there is nothing special about these cordless drills, if anything they look like just any cordless drills in the market with a trigger style handle.

The robust built quality is great to make sure the tool will last as long as possible and they also use the same battery if you already have a 20V pack at home. What’s different side by side is that the Atomic is actually slightly shorter on the main tube for about an inch. The specific DCD777 is already compact in our opinion but DEWALT shaves more on Atomic to make sure the tool is easier to handle. In comparison it is also lighter than the regular cordless drill.

DEWALT Atomic and Regular Speed

Now for the most important part, let’s see what DEWALT Atomic and Regular cordless drill can offer. In terms of power rating, since the two are using the same battery, they will be producing similar if not identical amount of force as well and when it comes to speed, both are two-speed variants from the brand with a speed range from 0-500 and 0-1,750 RPM for the regular drill and from 0-450 and 0-1,650 RPM for the Atomic series yet the two still use variable trigger to adjust speed.

DEWALT Atomic and Regular Performance

Next is all about performance but the two are working really well in general that it is hard to pick which will be the better choice yet when measured in torque rating, it shows that the DCD777 or the regular drill is actually just a shy stronger than the Atomic series and it is also faster somehow when working paired with smaller or modest drill. What’s surprising is that Atomic on the other hand can handle large bits better when making larger holes, by finishing the same task a little bit faster than the regular drill.

The overall feeling of DEWALT Atomic and Regular cordless drill are the same as well and depending on where you are working, the about an inch shorter body of Atomic series does help but it is more of giving you the sense of compactness and overall comfort to use with. In real life we may not notice the small difference in performance without nitpicking them.

DEWALT Atomic and Regular Battery Life

Lastly we want to talk about the battery life of DEWALT Atomic and Regular cordless drill but do note that they may come with different rating for the amp for example usually the Atomic has an 1.3 amp battery while the regular drill use the 1.5 amp and this translates to a slightly longer battery life for the regular series but, we can always purchase larger batteries too, in case you buy the tool only. For example a 5.0 amp one should last for the whole day of typical light and medium application.

DEWALT Atomic Vs Regular Cordless Drill

These cordless drill or power tool lines from DEWALT are pretty much the same to each other when it comes down to performance since the two are very similar to each other. The difference is that Atomic will be significantly smaller in form factor, use brushless motors, and handle larger bits better but since the regular drills have a higher speed limit, this series also works better with smaller drills and faster work pace. As for the battery we can use a larger amp one if needed but the included battery should be enough for small tasks.

- The Dewalt drill is compact at just 6.3 inches from front to back, designed to fit in tight spaces.
- Variable speed trigger allows control and precision on delicate work surfaces.
- Dewalt brushless motor built into this cordless electric drill for efficient performance and uptime.
- Lightweight at only 2.4 lbs.
- Compact and lightweight design
- High-performance motor provides 300W of power - With 75% longer run time with lithium-ion batteries
- High speed transmission offers speeds of 2,0-450 & 1,500 rpm
- 1 1/2 "Single Jaw Chuck


You can choose based on which sounds more promising but between the two, we do recommend going with the Atomic series if you are aiming for the more compact body and we also prefer brushless motors for their lasting ability and efficient power consumption.

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