DeWalt Atomic Vs Ryobi

When it comes to power tools, we have an abundant amount of options to consider but not all of them are the same. Popular brands like DeWalt Atomic Vs Ryobi are competing in the market with their own collection such as drill driver and impact driver. For those who are currently looking to buy a new impact driver and considering these brands, today we are going to see what their respective tool can offer so let’s see below about which will be the better option.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Look for in an Impact Driver
  • What are DeWalt Atomic and Ryobi
  • How are the Unit of DeWalt Atomic and Ryobi
  • How are the Speed of DeWalt Atomic and Ryobi
  • How are the Performance of DeWalt Atomic and Ryobi
  • How are the Experience with DeWalt Atomic and Ryobi
  • DeWalt Atomic Vs Ryobi

Choosing for an Impact Driver

Whether you are the family’s handyman or a professional builder, a power tool is a must have because of how convenient they are. Of course the options are depending on what you will be doing or what type of task we will be doing. Among those basic tools, drill and impact drivers are very common because of their functions to both create holes and to drive or loosen screws. They are different however and as the name suggests an impact driver is more powerful when it comes to driving bits.

Just like when shopping for other power tools, there are plenty we have to consider when buying a new impact driver and while it sounds annoying, this is necessary to let us get the best option the budget can afford.

The first thing to consider is their motor because this is the heart of the tool itself and if possible, it is wise to choose the tool with a brushless motor. They tend to be slightly more expensive compared to the more traditional motors but brushless is also well-known for their longevity and less maintenance. The best thing is probably about power consumption since when it comes to cordless power tools, battery life is something crucial for the overall performance.

Next is voltage which we often find on the model name itself such as Milwaukee M12 Vs DeWalt 20V. For impact drivers, they are usually available in either 12V or 18V and comparing the torque, the smaller 12V impact drivers can match the torque of 18V drills while the 18V impact driver will have several hundred more inch-pounds. Bigger is not always better since most typical jobs except those professional tasks can be done just by using the 12V.

As we all know, an impact driver also has triggers and RPM just like cordless drills. Impact drivers usually have more than one speed range such as two or three levels with each of them used a speed from 0 to certain speed such as 0-850 and 0-2,100 rotations per minute. In some options like Hitachi Triple Hammer they can have 4 and more settings as well for specific application including for wood or metal. No matter which you choose, make sure they have variable triggers for an even more speed spread.

 DeWalt AtomicRyobi
Product Dimensions9.06 x 5.59 x 3.15 inches7.8 x 6.3 x 3.3 inches
Shipping Weight2.29 pounds3.1 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Last but not least is the torque which is the power of the impact driver itself and what sets it apart from regular drill drivers with the same power rating. This naturally tells you how powerful the torque is when handling a larger bolt whether you need to drive it through or out of a thick and hard material. In addition, there is impact per minute as well or simply the amount of blows from the hammer per minute so the faster they are, the more effective the impact driver will be.

About DeWalt Atomic and Ryobi

For those who are currently in the market to find a new impact driver or planning to renew some of their power tools, it is wise to consider these factors before making the option since it can help us getting the best or at least an ideal tool for the job, especially if you need the one with more power or just overall more reliable and long lasting. There are plenty to choose from and if you are not sure yet, we can just stick with the popular brands.

Not for their popularity but famous names usually have better reputation regarding their products quality and this is why we suggest to consider DeWalt and Ryobi. These are no strangers anymore in the power tool section and they have competed with each other, with other brands as well to offer the best for enthusiasts, professionals, and handymen. Talking about reputation, many probably prefer DeWalt over Ryobi because this brand’s tools used to be not as reliable.

But, the company improves a lot and to stay relevant in the market Ryobi is also getting better with their products so that it can compete really well with many others. They are also a similarly great choice like DeWalt but, for the impact driver part, this brand only carries the 18V while DeWalt already has their 20V power tools. DeWalt Atomic and Ryobi impact drivers are amazing options for almost any task we often handle with the tool, including using pretty large bits on thick woods.

To compare which of DeWalt Atomic and Ryobi impact drivers will be the better option, we are going to specify the model in which it is between DCF809B and P238 One+ so all the specs mentioned here are specific to these models only. In terms of power both should be able to handle typical jobs without any issue and comparing the two, Ryobi is actually a better choice if what you are aiming for is the one with better force or better overall experience.

DeWalt Atomic and Ryobi Design

Depending on which variant or kit you want to buy, today we are going to talk about the tool only but you can always opt for those with the battery and charger kit in case this is your first cordless power tools from the brand since they can use older batteries or those from other tools within the same brand as long as the voltage matched. The construction of DeWalt Atomic and Ryobi impact drivers are very robust; they are heavy but still compact.

In comparison, the DeWalt Atomic impact driver is shorter than Ryobi which main tube is longer. The two are using variable trigger style with textured coating on the handle. Around the bit holder, there are several LED lights that will help illuminate the working spot. Without the battery DeWalt is much lighter than Ryobi at 2.1 pounds compared to 2.7 pounds. As for the battery, there are plenty to choose from a huge range of options based on how powerful you want it to be.

DeWalt Atomic and Ryobi Speed

Now for the most important, let’s see what DeWalt Atomic and Ryobi impact drivers can offer starting with their general specs. These impact drivers are delivering a maximum speed of 2,800 RPM compared to 2,200 RPM and as you can guess, there is also variable speed so you can select which speed will be best for the application which unfortunately is only available for Ryobi. DeWalt Atomic has no level setting so once you press the trigger, the variable speed is the one that decides the rotations.

On Ryobi, especially the P238, there are three different levels of speed from 0 to 1,050 RPM, medium from 0 to 2,200 RPM, and the highest setting from 0 to 3,200 RPM. The selectable switch is located at the top of the tool, on the rear panel, unlike most drills which are usually at the top middle of the unit.

DeWalt Atomic and Ryobi Performance 

Next on the performance part, the Ryobi P238 One+ impact driver is actually offering more of the motor and while the DeWalt Atomic and Ryobi impact drivers are equally using brushless motor, the latter is capable of delivering a torque power up to 2,200 inch lbs. compared to 1,700 inch lbs. with the impact per minute is higher as well at 4,000 IPM instead of 3,200. This translates well on the performance part because in comparison you can feel how powerful Ryobi’s torque is.

Driving a not so small screw with this impact driver is not only fast but also feels almost effortless while with DeWalt we still have to apply more pressure and the tool also requires more time to finish the job. If you choose the DeWalt, we suggest using a higher amp battery to improve the performance such as the 4Ah option, the same with Ryobi for a more long lasting performance.

DeWalt Atomic and Ryobi Experience 

Lastly on overall experience, we do think the DeWalt Atomic and Ryobi impact drivers are equally convenient. You can change the attachment if needed in no time and personally we like the Ryobi’s magnetic holder since it can help holding small bits to prevent losing them. But, while the two have the same LED light, we see better with DeWalt as it is brighter and somehow covers a slightly wider working spot compared to Ryobi’s work light including staying on twice longer after we release the trigger.

DeWalt Atomic Vs Ryobi

Both of them are good options for anyone who wants to have a reliable impact driver. In comparison, Ryobi is more expensive but this tool is also more powerful with not only faster speed but combined with higher torque to help the user drive or unscrew the bolt more effectively. Another thing that we like the most is its speed level adjustment which gives you more control over the project since some tasks may require a more delicate force.

- Our Compact Brushless Impact Driver is only 5.1-inch front to back, and features a high-performance brushless motor that delivers 1700 in-lbs of torque.
- Its 3 LEDs provide optimum illumination in dark spaces as you work.
- The handle is ergonomically designed for increased comfort, balance, and easier tool control.
- It also has a removable belt hook. It's backed by a 3-year, limited warranty so you can buy with confidence.
- For those cases where you want to work with less power, you can adjust the speed accordingly with the handy top-mounted speed switch.
- The pistol grip on the P238 has a rubber molding that increases friction between the tool and your hand, giving you maximum control, even in slippery environments.
- The lighting unit under the keyless chuck prevents shadows from being cast on your work object, allowing you to focus your attention on the task at hand without distraction.
- Keep this stored on your person throughout the day with this handy belt clip. With it, you can easily access the impact driver and have your hands available to assist with other tasks.


There is no bad option between the two so you can go well with any of them yet, personally we will recommend the Ryobi impact driver, especially the P238 One+ variant because this is a powerful, reliable, and convenient option for almost any typical task.

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