DeWalt Atomic vs XR

Are you looking for a drill that will make your job easier? So, DeWalt is the best answer to this kind of tool. DeWalt comes with a new technology that enhances the drill with new features. This time, we have two amazing drills from the DeWalt, they called an Atomic and an XR. They come with new specific features that differ in any of drill type in the market.

DeWalt Atomic

DeWalt Atomic is a kind of cordless tools that have an 18V/20V max drill atomic series. It has so many features appears on the drill to maximize our work. Overall for the body, it has great to hold and fit very well in our hands. The weight not too weight, but comes to lightweight with about 3.18 pounds. It is lighter than any other drill in its class. Read also: DeWalt DCF610S2 vs Milwaukee 2401

The speed from the DeWalt Atomic uses a ¾” auger bit and has the average speed up to 1342 RPM. This speed is amazing with about 81% of its use perfectly to finish the work. If we change up to the 1-1/2” self-feed bit, for another type of drill may have to drop the gear down to low speed. But the speed will keep steady with the DeWalt Atomic.

The DeWalt Atomic claims can push the torque rig at an average speed at about 189.2 in-lbs. More specifically, the Atomic well beyond its reach up to 116 in-lbs of torque for the 12V models. DeWalt Atomic has a balance speed and torque very well and keeps the performance high recommend to use.

Another great feature from DeWalt Atomic comes from the battery. The battery run in 1.3 Ah that so fast to charge. It makes the drill easier to use because no longer to wait while charging. So, we have less worry while it has run out of the battery. 

The head length from the DeWalt Atomic is pretty impressive. It has 5.1” of a head length so our hand will perfectly fit on the handle. Besides the 12V models, it also has easily replaced by the 18V pack standards. It is more value-centric that we could imagine. 

The other features from the Atomic are that it has a 3- LED light ring right on the impact driver. It asides from the brushless motors makes the simple looks on it. it enhances the performance to use in a dark location. On the other hand, the performance from the drill is more stand out than any other drill on its class.

The Atomic from DeWalt has a reasonable price at about US$175 sell on Amazon and with two batteries. If you only need one battery, the price will cost about US$99. I prefer to pick the two batteries. Because, if the one has run out you can replace with another one while it is charging.

DeWalt XR

The new version drill from DeWalt is the DeWalt XR series that combine with so many technologies. It builts with the XR engineering with the brushless motor that can improve the run time. It comes with premium models, with the best performance comes from the XR.

The brushless motor from DeWalt XR claims can improve the runtime by up to 57%. The number is amazing because it has moreover the standard brushed motor in its class. Besides, the XR also pairs with the Li-ion 20 volt (4.0 Ah) battery that can boost up to 33% of the capacity.

The gear casing and the transmission from DeWalt XR are made by the metal of material, then the chuck also comes with the metal design. Its design perfectly with the carbide insert that makes the drill easier to use. The carbide insert can use to balancing the speed. The performance from the speed comes between 0 up to 2000 RPM. 

The metal ratcheting from DeWalt XR is about ½” of the size which makes the drill easier to use. Besides, it is so easy to replace and the weight of the drill is lighter than any other drill. At about 4.7 pounds of weight, make the XR from DeWalt not too heavy to grip. 

The XR from DeWalt has a 360-degree side of the handle and on-board bit holder. It fits perfectly to handle while using the drill. The drill is used for DIY in the house or any kind of large project. With the high powers on it, that claim up to 650 UWO max power, the XR from DeWalt will helpful for the big project.

The price from DeWalt XR is reasonable with so many features to come from the drill. It cost about US$299 sell on Amazon. It completes by the LED light, with two light appear on the head. The light has a 20-second trigger release delay, so it is helpful to get the work done faster than usual in the dark spot. 

DeWalt Atomic vs XR

- Compact at only 6.3 in. Front to back designed to fit in tight spaces
- Lightweight at only 2.4 lbs.
- Led foot light for superior visibility
- Variable speed trigger allows for control and precision on delicate work surfaces
- The product is 20V Drill/Driver Kit
- Easy to use
- The product is manufactured in United States
- 2 Lithium ion batteries required.

Which one do you prefer?

Whether the Atomic or the XR are has specific features on them. That is why it feels so difficult to pick which one has the best features.DeWalt seems pretty serious to make the product well perform than any other brand. Now let’s give a little bit comparison review from them. 

As for the features, the XR has more completes features than the Atomic. Why? It obviously because the XR has the ultra-high perform with the efficiency brushless motor while the Atomic does not have these features. This features claims can give the optimum power comes from the drill.

From the battery, the XR also has a better battery than the Atomic. DeWalt only provides the Atomic with 1.3 Ah while the XR comes with 4.0 Ah. The differences are come too far between them, while the XR has the best Li-ion battery features than the Atomic.

Whether the price from the XR comes higher than the Atomic, but DeWalt provides a lot of features to the XR than the Atomic. Besides the great battery and best performance from the XR, it also has a light model. 

Combines with the metal material on it makes the model of the XR look more comfortable to grip. The handle also features by the solid rubber that makes perfectly fit to handle. That is why the XR from DeWalt is the best drill you should have..

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