DeWalt DCD771 vs DCD780

Both DeWalt DCD771 and DeWalt DCD780 come from the same product line. They belong to the company’s 20V Max Compact Drill family. These two models indeed look very similar to each other. So, which one is better for the money? Continue reading below to learn more about DeWalt DCD771 vs DCD780!

In this article, we will discuss further about:
– The dimensions and weight of each unit
– Which model that is generally more flexible and easier to use
– The maximum power and speed of each model
– What accessories that come with DeWalt DCD771 vs DCD780
– The battery life of each unit
– Which compact drill that gives a better value for the money

Size and Weight
The first difference that most people notice first is the dimensions. DeWalt DCD771 is a little bit larger than DeWalt DCD780. While the differences in their dimensions are not dramatic, they still affect the portability and usability of these drills. See also: Dewalt DCD777C2 Review.

DeWalt DCD771 is considerably longer while being just a little bit heavier than its sibling here. This may be surprising because this model is actually the less powerful (and the less expensive) of the two. The total length is 8.7 inches, and the weight is approximately 3.6 lbs with the battery installed. Even so, it is still fairly compact, lightweight, and portable.

DeWalt DCD780 is more powerful, more compact, more lightweight, and a little more expensive. The unit’s length is 7.5 inches. The weight, with the battery installed, is about 3.4 lbs. So, this unit is very easy to bring around wherever and whenever you need to go.

Ease of Use
In general, both DeWalt DCD771 vs DCD780 are very easy and comfortable to use. There are several reasons why they can be so amazing.

First of all, both DeWalt DCD771 and DeWalt DCD780 are cordless drills. They are powered by batteries. So, you will not need to deal with cables. Second, as mentioned above, both models are generally compact and lightweight. You can handle them easily, even if you are not really used to working with power tools. Third, both of these two models have been designed ergonomically to ensure solid control and comfortable handling. They have curved handles that fit most hands properly.

However, DeWalt DCD771 is not as flexible and maneuverable as DeWalt DCD780. This is because of DeWalt DCD771’s larger, longer shape. It is relatively more difficult to work with when operating in a tight room.

DeWalt DCD780 is more flexible and more maneuverable than DeWalt DCD771, thanks to its compact and short shape. It is especially handy when working in a tight room. You don’t need much effort to turn it around and angle it properly for a precision task.

Both models here are well-made. They are solid and durable. They each have a ½-inch ratcheting chuck that has 16 clutch settings. They can work with small bits very well, and they can be tightened easily with solid clicks.

Of course, one of the biggest differences between DeWalt DCD771 vs DCD780 is the power. DeWalt DCD771 is armed with a slightly weaker motor, so it is more for light tasks. DeWalt DCD780 comes with a stronger motor that can handle a wider range of tasks.

DeWalt DCD771 actually comes with a very good motor, which is rated to have 300 UWO (Unit Watts Out) of power. It is powerful enough for occasional uses.It has a high-speed transmission that offers two speed settings; the first one has a maximum speed of 450 RPM, whereas the second one has a maximum speed of 1,500 RPM.

DeWalt DCD771 is handy for DIY tasks and home applications. This model can drill through wooden panels and metallic sheets. But it should not be used for particularly thick, solid metals and masonry.

However, DeWalt DCD780 is still more powerful. This model has a 350-UWO motor that can handle heavier tasks.It also has a high-speed transmission with two speed settings. The first setting has a maximum speed of 600 RPM, whereas the second one has a maximum speed of 2,000 RPM.

The higher power and speeds make this model suitable for professional users who need a compact cordless drill. DeWalt DCD780 can take care of roofing jobs, including the ones that use metal roofs, without any issue. With the right masonry bits, it can also be used for masonry jobs, although it is still not as efficient as a hammer drill that is specially designed for the job.

Included Accessories
The bundle of DeWalt DCD771 comes with fewer accessories. You can find two lithium-ion batteries in the box, plus a compact charger and a contractor bag. It is a very good thing that the company includes two batteries. The additional battery is handy for a back-up. Once the current battery has run out of power, you only need to swap the batteries to continue working.

DeWalt DCD780 also come with two lithium-ion batteries, a charger, and a contractor bag. In addition, it also has a belt hook, which is very handy for carrying the unit around without occupying your hands.

Battery Life
Both models here are powered by lithium-ion batteries. While the exact battery life depends on how you use your drill, most user reviews are happy with the battery life. Both DeWalt DCD771 and DeWalt DCD780 have excellent battery life.

These units can hold their charges for a long time. So, you don’t need to constantly recharge them. With just occasional uses, some users have mentioned DeWalt DCD771 and DeWalt DCD780 can last for about a month before needing a battery swap. However, if you use them daily, you should expect to swap the batteries more frequently.

DeWalt DCD771 vs DCD780

- Dewalt DCD771 20V Cordless Lithium 1/2" Drill Driver - Bare Tool (no charger or batteries included)
- High speed transmission delivers two speeds (0 - 450 / 0 - 1,500 RPM) for a range of fastening and drilling
- Compact, lightweight design fits into tight areas
- Heavy duty 1/2 in. ratcheting chuck with carbide inserts provides superior bit gripping strength
- In easy to open bulk packaging to pass the savings on to you
- 1/2 in. Ratcheting chuck for superior bit-gripping strength
- Compact, lightweight design fits into tight areas
- High speed transmission delivers 2 speeds (0-600 and 0-2,000 rpm) for fastening and drilling applications
- Ergonomic handle delivers comfort and control
- Heavy-duty1/2-inch ratcheting chuck provides superior bit gripping strength

These two compact drills are designed for different users. In general, DeWalt DCD780 is more recommended because it gives a better value for the money. It comes with a more powerful motor, higher speeds, and more accessories. It is more versatile. It can handle light tasks as well as some heavy-duty tasks. The battery life is excellent. There is an additional battery to serve as a back-up.

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