Dewalt DCD771C2 vs DC970K-2

Dewalt has been around for quite some time now and we are sure even though you are not usually deal with construction related tasks, the brand name shouldn’t be sound too unfamiliar. They offer so many good quality products just like Dewalt DCD771C2 vs DC970K-2. In this article, we are going to give you information regarding the capabilities of these two similar drills and if there is any, how they are separated from each other. If you are interested, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Dewalt DCD771C2 and DC970K-2
– What Dewalt DCD771C2 and DC970K-2 Look Like
– What Dewalt DCD771C2 and DC970K-2 can offer to you
– Dewalt DCD771C2 vs DC970K-2

About Dewalt DCD771C2
Let’s start with Dewalt DCD771C2 first. This is one of the most popular product from the company and due to its versatility, it is become such an important tool for both professionals and people who like to do small construction works by themselves. It is not only easy to use, the tool is also cordless and powered by a big battery to let you using it without having to worry about power supply anymore or dealing with tangled cable when you maneuver the tool or when working in a place far from power source.

Dewalt DCD771C2 Design
From the outside, DCD771C2 looks just like any cordless drills out there and there is actually no interesting features just by looking at it but what makes it a great tool is not the appearance. It is still using Dewalt’s native color in combination of yellow and black making the tool indeed looks professional. When held, the drill is pretty lightweight, so it can at least ease the pain when you have to use it for hours. The handle is also ergonomic to protect your hands, arms, and waist from strain. Read our previous article on Dewalt DCK240C2 vs DCK280C2 here.

Dewalt DCD771C2 Features
The DCD771C2 is compact yet you shouldn’t worry about the power because it is boasting the 300 UWO of power or units watts out which is the ratings that describe the point where torque and speed are at their highest and of course, the higher this number gets, the better you are in term of time efficiency. The tool small frame measuring at 13.9 x 9.9 x 4.2 inches and weighing around 3.6 pounds should also beneficial when used in a tight place and can be handled more firmly.

Just like many other drills or similar tools, DCD771C2 is also coming with a set of speed options consisting of a couple of speed ranges up to 450 and 1.500 rpm which means the maximum speed under zero load condition is 1500 rpm and for low speeds, the delivery is from zero to 450 rpm. Slower speed is useful when used by people who invariably strip screws or those who don’t remove screws properly. Outside the set of speed, there are also 15 settings to perform a range of drilling and fastening jobs.

As it has been mentioned earlier, DCD771C2 is packed with a powerful battery. It has 20V lithium-ion which is an upgrade from the 18V batteries you can find in many other similar tools. One of the best benefit from using the battery is the smaller footprint, so the unit size can also be reduced. It is also charges quickly ranging from 30 minutes to an hour while it will automatically shuts off when the battery is fully charged.

About Dewalt DC970K-2
Another cordless drill you can opt to from the same manufacturer is DC970K-2. Let’s face it, Dewalt’s tools are never cheap and so is this one, but the “you get what you pay” saying is often true and this is also apply to this tool. This product stand beside DCD771C2 and many people are comparing them with each other because they seem to offer the same things, but it doesn’t mean they are identical since you will still find some different parts on them.

Dewalt DC970K-2 Design
As you can see, DC970K-2 looks just like any drill from Dewalt with its combination of yellow and black body. It is still cordless which is great to use when you are working in a narrow places or in a workspace that located far from power source. It is not too small but in no means it is big either since you will still able to firmly grip it with one hand while operating and maneuvering the tool.

Dewalt DC970K-2 Features
Digging into what DC970K-2 can offer to you, the drill is using a high-output motor with 380 unit watts out power which will give you a set of speed settings from zero to 450 and from zero to 1.500 rpm, so you can perform many different drilling tasks. In term of body form, the drill is weighing around 5.2 pound and measuring with 9-inch length, so even though it is not the lightest or smaller drill you can get from the company, it is still useful in a tight spaces and awkward angles.

The DC970K-2 is packed with 18 volt battery which is similar to those many similar tools in the market. However, the battery is not small and this why the body is also slightly bigger from other Dewalt’s tools that are coming with 20 volt ones. In term of power, it is actually just as powerful and you don’t have to worry about it. Its drill driver itself is ½ inch, so the tool is great for drilling and fastening applications in a variety of materials.

You will only need around one hour to fully charge your drill from its empty state. Coming in the package beside the drill, you will have the charger, additional batteries, and a contractor bag.

Now, let’s compare Dewalt DCD771C2 with DC970K-2. As it has been mentioned earlier, what set them apart from each other prominently is the battery they are coming with because DCD771C2 is using 20 Volt battery while the other is using 18 Volt ones. This difference also affect their weight since 20 Volt battery is smaller, the tool is also smaller and lighter than DC970K-2. In speed both of them have the same set of speed but DC970K-2 is said to have more UWO at 380 compared to DCD771C2 with only 300.

Dewalt DCD771C2 vs DC970K-2

- Compact, lightweight design fits into tight areas
- High performance motor delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power ability completing a wide range of applications
- High speed transmission delivers 2 speeds (0-450 & 1,500 rpm) for a range of fastening and drilling applications
- Ergonomic handle delivers comfort and control
- 1/2" single sleeve ratcheting chuck provides tight bit gripping strength
- Constructed to minimize user fatigue. Dual speed range, 0-450/0-1,500 rpm, delivers optimal performance
- Includes DC970 Drill/Driver Charger, two 18V batteries ,Contractor Bag
- Compact size fits into the tightest conditions.1/2-inch single sleeve key-less ratcheting chuck for tighter bit grip
- Lightweight design (4.7 lbs.) minimizes user fatigue
- High performance motor delivers maximum power of 380 unit watts out. Battery Amp hours - 1.2.

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a great tool and you can choose based on your preference but if we are to pick, we will recommend you Dewalt DCD771C2 because it is more affordable and smaller as well as lighter, so it can be more comfortable to use.

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