Dewalt DCD780 vs DCD771

DEWALT is one of the best choices when it comes to cordless power tools with its huge range of options to choose from such as the popular DEWALT DCD780 Vs DCD771 drill driver for your daily home improvement work or just DIY we often do. These drills are very much similar to each other but are not exactly the same and if you wonder which of them will be the better option, let’s see below about what they can offer and what we can expect from the two.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Consider in a Drill Driver
  • What are Dewalt DCD780 and DCD771
  • How are the Design of Dewalt DCD780 and DCD771
  • How are the Specs of Dewalt DCD780 and DCD771
  • How are the Performance of Dewalt DCD780 and DCD771
  • How are the Experience with Dewalt DCD780 and DCD771
  • Dewalt DCD780 Vs DCD771

Choosing Cordless Drill Driver

Drill drivers are probably the most convenient and basic tools we have around because of the functionalities. This tool can be used to make holes and to drive screws as well, similar to impact driver but is more centered for the drilling functions. There are plenty to choose from based on what you will want from the tool itself since there is no one product that can satisfy all of us. It is always better to think about what the tool will be used for and what matters the most for you.

When it comes to power tools, the power matters for it is related to how well the tool will handle the task and load we are throwing at them. Just like a table saw such as Dewalt DWE7485 Vs DW745 are faster than manual saw so we can finish the job faster and more accurately, a drill driver must be able to produce enough force to spin the drill bit. These factors can be affected by the type of battery and the tool internal mechanism itself.

Larger batteries such as 20V and 18V doesn’t mean they are more reliable especially when made by different manufacturers so it can be quite tricky to decide just by the spec but if it is possible, the higher battery is like a safer bet to achieve a more powerful force as well. 

Next consideration is the speed selection in the drill driver because usually they come with a variable trigger. This is great to let users maintain the speed as they need and match with the type of material they are working on. In addition, we also recommend finding a tool that offers a speed selector as well, if possible at least there are two speed adjustments just to make the speed adjustment more accurate and easier to dial as well when needed.

Unlike an impact driver, drill driver and hammer drill have clutch settings which are meant to dial the level or torque applied on the drill bits. The chuck size matters as well, especially if you have bought drills before and plan to use the same bits. They can be as small as ¼-inch or as big as ½-inch depending on what bit size you will want to use. Smaller bits are suitable for making holes on thinner and more delicate items while larger bits are required for making larger holes and various bits that require more torque to drive.

 Dewalt DCD780Dewalt DCD771
Product Dimensions‎8.19 x 4 x 9.5 inches
‎9.37 x 9.13 x 3.7 inches
Shipping Weight‎3 pounds
‎2.8 pounds
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About Dewalt DCD780 and DCD771

It can be quite confusing to find the perfect option for there are so many alternatives in the market but you can always narrow them down based on various factors in which some of them are the price point, what brand you have used before, or which of them that falls in your criteria based on the several important factors above. For those who have been using the same brand for quite some time, we can either stick to the ecosystem or try something else.

If your favorite brand is never disappointing then it is more convenient to stick with their power tools to save some time and among those many power tool brands in the market, DEWALT is one of the most popular options to shop from. This brand carries lots of power tools, especially cordless tools and so many models to choose from based on the budget and what you want from the product. The cordless drill is also one of the favorites among others for the reliability despite often being the more expensive.

Some of the best cordless drills for typical DIY tasks and home improvement that we often do are Dewalt DCD780 and DCD771 which are among the favorite options as well from the brand. These drills are a balanced combination of well-priced product and capable power to finish the task without much fuss. They are more of a close brother however and you may be able to find the drill inside various power tool kits from the brand yet we can still find them as the drill only or drill with the battery.

In general what the Dewalt DCD780 and DCD771 can offer are the same which are reliable performance built in an easy to use system as well as basic features that will make the application more convenient. In comparison they are not exactly the same however and if you can guess from the name alone, the DCD780 is actually the higher or better option between the two as it carries some improvement over the latter. It may not be very significant for you but can be a good reason to consider which seems to work better.

Dewalt DCD780 and DCD771 Design

These drills are coming from the MAX line so the motor used here is a brushed motor and if you want to buy the brushless version we recommend considering the MAX XR line or if you want a more compact drill then try to check what the Atomic line currently has. The Dewalt DCD780 and DCD771 today are basic choices so the two will look like any common cordless drills in the market yet, side by side they are not identical as well.

This is because the DCD780 is shorter in comparison to DCD771 in terms of the housing length. The handle is about the same but the distance from chuck to the rear housing is shorter on the former drill despite the housing being just a shy bulkier. Just like most cordless drills from DEWALT, the handle is both textured and curved to improve the grip and comfort while the battery is installed below the handle horizontally. 

Dewalt DCD780 and DCD771 Specs

The Dewalt DCD780 and DCD771 are available in various package but if you only need the drill itself, look for the model ending with “B” such as DCD780B or DCD771B since this variant only contain the drill but the C2 for example is a drill kit with the charger and battery included but, the actual drill itself is the same. Since these two are using brushed motors, they are not on the more expensive range but speed wise can reach 2,000 and 1,800 RPM respectively under no load.

The two also have speed selection with two adjustments; one from 0 to 600 and 450 RPM side by side while the second speed is maxed at the maximum speed mentioned earlier. They are the same ½-inch drill driver and a reverse button for undoing screws. 

Dewalt DCD780 and DCD771 Performance 

In application the Dewalt DCD780 and DCD771 are very much similar to each other. They produce almost the same amount of torque or power so driving on larger bits feels almost the same with the DCD780 being slightly lighter and when drilling with small bits it becomes faster as well. The battery they used is the same regardless of the capacity but you can use the same 20V MAX battery with them so the power produced with the same battery will be about the same as well.

Just like most drill drivers, you can adjust the clutch setting to meet the needed application and here we have 15 settings in the DCD780 while the latter has 16 settings. In terms of convenience they are the same because both use the same mechanism as well but we recommend using bigger batteries than 1.5Ah if you want to use them for longer enduring tasks.

Dewalt DCD780 and DCD771 Experience

As for the experience, there is nothing special yet nothing annoying too with these Dewalt DCD780 and DCD771. They are basic tools that you can rely on whenever needed and both are capable of doing what the other’s is doing. Some features we hope works better is the lack of better LEDs in these drills since the one included is not bright enough to actually illuminate the spot. But, with keyless chuck at least changing and installing new bits is just snap and go.

Dewalt DCD780 vs DCD771

Most power tools companies are offering tons of models to choose from and this can be quite confusing for many of us. Dewalt DCD780 and DCD771 are not far apart from each other but the DCD780 do have a more compact body which makes it ideal if you are working on tighter space, have the higher speed rate as well for faster drilling process, and higher torque level in order to drive larger bits properly through the material. But, for the overall performance the DCD771 is not a bad option; consider DCD780 as a step up version of the drill.

- Compact, lightweight design of this DEWALT drill fits into tight areas
- High speed transmission of the power drill delivers 2 speeds (0-600 & 0-2,000 rpm) for a range of fastening and drilling applications
- Ergonomic handle delivers comfort and control for this DEWALT 20V MAX drill
-1/2-inch ratcheting chuck provides superior bit gripping strength
- Dewalt DCD771 20V Cordless Lithium 1/2" Drill Driver - Bare Tool (no charger or batteries included)
- High speed transmission delivers two speeds (0 - 450 / 0 - 1,500 RPM) for a range of fastening and drilling
- Compact, lightweight design fits into tight areas
- Heavy duty 1/2 in. ratcheting chuck with carbide inserts provides superior bit gripping strength


If you already have the charger and batteries or are planning to buy separately, we do recommend getting the DCD780 for its improved design and power while it is not very far apart in price point. This drill is faster, more powerful, but is also more compact than DCD771.

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