Dewalt DCD791D2 vs DCD790D2

Among those many power tool brands, Dewalt is sure already popular since the brand has been making many dependable tools loved by their users. Between those products in their catalogue, drill/driver are standing out with the numerous collection such as Dewalt DCD791D2 vs DCD790D2. These two are different unit, serving the same purpose and related to each other with similar capacity. If you are confused about which to choose or curious about what are their difference, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Drill/Driver
– What are Dewalt DCD791D2 and DCD790D2
– What Dewalt DCD791D2 and DCD790D2 Look Like
– What Dewalt DCD791D2 and DCD790D2 can offer to you
– Dewalt DCD791D2 vs DCD790D2

About Drill/Drive
Among those many power tools available, cordless drill/drive is probably one of the most popular portable too since it offer such a versatility to the user. However, along with the widespread of impact driver, it may lose the fame quite soon because the latter provide better capabilities in term of driving screws. Both of them actually very similar to each other, but you shouldn’t mistake them for each other because they can be easily differentiate; by the collet at the top which is only available in impact driver.

For driving screws, impact driver is able to deliver more power but it doesn’t mean drill/drivers is not needed anymore because for lighter work, the tool can work just as wonderfully. This tool is designed for drilling holes and driving screws in with its keyless chuck that accept a wide variety of accessories. These type of tools also almost all equipped with slip clutch to adjust the amount of torque, so the user can match the speed with the work they are currently doing.

About Dewalt DCD791D2 and DCD790D2
Popular brand with good reputation commonly also offer dependable product and if you are still new to the market, Dewalt can be a safe option since their tools are mainly popular for the capabilities even though they are not cheap. As for the drill/driver category itself, DCD791D2 and DCD790D2 hares so much similarities being in the same product line and release not long from each other. As the name suggest, the first is released later from the latter, so logically speaking, it should be better.

These tools are good to have if you are serious about your DIY projects and you are the type who would like to deal with many repairing tasks in your house which will need a reliable drill/driver to complete. Coming from Dewalt, you don’t have to worry about the quality because with the price you pay will get a durable and dependable tool that can last for years to come. Both of them are designed with the power and efficiency to let you complete the tasks quickly. Read also: Dewalt DCF885C1 vs DCF885C2 here.

Dewalt DCD791D2 and DCD790D2 Design
From the outside, both of DCD791D2 and DCD790D2 shares so much similarities because 791 D2 is made to improve the former model which is 790D2. The first model also the company’s first entry into brushless motor, so there is also probability that they made an improvement here. In physical view, the difference is not prominent but if you put them side by side, there is a small difference on the size as the newer model looks smaller and feels also lighter.

The overall functions and buttons on the body are also still the same with the gear shifter located at the top, reverse action near the trigger and work light still staying at their previous place. Their battery release button also stay below the work light which makes it easy to release and inserting a new one since the place is easy to access. Just like any other Dewalt power tools, both of them has the combination of yellow and black covering the internal parts.

DewaltDCD791D2 and DCD790D2 Features
In term of power, DCD791D2 and DCD790D2 are coming with the same 20 Volts but the company claimed that the newer model has been improved to deliver up to 57% more run time which is important since both of them are cordless drill/drive, so you will need battery to run them. This can be limitation because they required charging but the plus side is now you don’t have to deal with tangled cable anymore and can rest assure when working in place where power supply is not available.

Speed is another thing you want to consider when looking for a power tool, moreover those that promise versatility like drill/drive because to do the two job properly, you will also need different ideal speed. To accommodate this side, DCD791D2 and DCD790D2 are coming with 2 speed option but also slightly different. In the older model 790D2, the lower speed will deliver 0-600 rpm while the upper speed will give you 0-2000 rotations per minute under no load.

At the other hand, even though 791D2 also offer two speed options, this drill/driver is slower in the low registry because it will deliver 0-550 rotation per minute while the upper speed still at 0-200o rpm. The benefit of the slower speed is now you can use smaller screws. Both of them has ½-inch metal ratcheting chuck and 15 clutch settings. As it has been mentioned earlier, there is work light on the tools and this is actually such a useful feature because, not all the time you can work in a well-lighted area.

Both of DCD791D2 and DCD790D2 are kit, so they will be shipped together with the case and inside you can get the tool together with two 2 20V Lithium Ion batteries, belt hook, and charger.To charge each battery, you will need around 35 minutes until full.

Now, let’s compare DCD791D2 with DCD790D2. As you may already know, DCD791D2 is the improved version if DCD790D2, so aside from the claimed 57% increase in run time, this model also offer slower lower speed option, so you can drive smaller screws as well. In the outer appearance, both of them are very similar but the newer model is slightly smaller and lighter.

Dewalt DCD791D2 vs DCD790D2

- Compact, lightweight design for tight spaces
- High speed transmission with 2-speed settings
- 3-Mode LED lights with a spotlight mode
- The product is 20V Drill/Driver Kit
- Easy to use
- The product is manufactured in United States

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are equally dependable and you can pick whichever attract your attention, but if we are to choose, we will recommend you to purchase the newer Dewalt DCD791D2 with more run time and slower lower speed, so you can use smaller screws.

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