DeWalt DCF610S2 vs Milwaukee 2401

Looking for the best drill can be stressful if we don’t much know about it. So, here we give you a fast and also comparing reviews about drills in the market.  This time we have DeWalt DCF610S2 and Milwaukee 2401. We all know those brands are have their unique features. So, are you ready to get a drill that can make your job done faster? Let’s see…

DeWalt DCF610S2

DeWalt DCF610S2 is a kind of screwdriver that has a cordless platform. It comes with a new 12-volt MAX Lithium-Ion of battery. The unique design of DeWalt DCF610S2 is about the location of the battery. While another drill has the battery located in the handle, DeWalt DCF610S2 has battery put on the cartridge below the handle.

DeWalt DCF610S2 builts with digital scanning and 3D technology. It has a tinier look from the handle than any other drill in the market. While handling the grip, it will feel more ergonomic and lighter. It will more comfortable to handle while using the drill at work.

DeWalt DCF610S2 features three LED lights located in the right position around the hex. It is so helpful to eliminate the shadow while using the drill in the dark area. It will possibly improve the light into the dark area while working in that kind of area. 

The new ¼” hex of DeWalt DCF610S2’s chuck is made by metal materials. It is easy to lock into the drill and has the right click position. The clutch is easy to access with reach the speed between 0 up to 1,050 RPM. It keeps the steady speed on the work that needs for use by the contractor.

DeWalt DCF610S2 claims can drive 207 2-1 ½” cabinet screws with only on a single battery charge. The battery needs about 40 minutes to charge until it full to get better performance. This drill comes with 3 years of warranty with limited services, but it has one year’s free services.

The drill by DeWalt DCF610S2 is helpful in any kind of needs such as DIY in your house or professional job. It is also ideal for remodelers, cabinet installers, woodworkers, etc. With about US$139 sell on Amazon, it makes the drill stand out and reasonable to choose than any other brands in the market. Completes with so many features on it, make DeWalt DCF610S2 is one of the favorite drills by the contractor.

Milwaukee 2401-22

Milwaukee 2401-22 comes with elegant looks with the red of color on it. The color is fit combines with the model that give the modern looks. The cordless type from Milwaukee 2401-22 is such an amazing drill. It has so many features that will shock the user with those great features. 

Milwaukee 2401-22 comes with the 12-volt brushless tools as part of the M12 line of the cordless tools. The code from Milwaukee 2401-22 has a specific meaning. Every Milwaukee product will end up with the 20 or 22 code behind. As for the 22 means for two red Lithium-Ion battery.

Milwaukee 2401-22 is the newest model of the M12 fuel model that similarly has an upgrade features from the oldest model. The grip texture has changed and it has some accent details on the grip. The curve of the grip makes it fits to handle while using for work. The rubber over-mold around the grip so it makes easier to handle without the plastic material on its.

The LED light from Milwaukee 2401-22 comes when the trigger taps slowly. It will stay at about 10 seconds. So helpful to use in the dark area, and give the worker some option while using the drill. This kind of light will light perfectly into the spot and recessed into the plastic material aside from it.

Similar to other new screwdrivers, Milwaukee 2401-22 has a quick change hex chuck system. It will easier to remove while you need faster to change the chuck in another size. For your information, the chuck will never reset until you insert a bit on the drill. Just do the insertion because it is so easy to remove with only one hand.

The maximum torque of Milwaukee 2401-22 is about 175 in lbs and it can reach up to 325 

in-lbs. The top speed of this drill can reach up to 500 RPM in average use. But,  the maximum speed can reach up to 1700 RPM. Besides, the gear also provides the two type of speed, so the user can easily choose by their comfortable use.

Milwaukee 2401-22 comes with a reasonable price of about US$169 on Amazon. Those complete features make it recommend to pick in every type of work. On the other hand, this kind of drill comes with a hard plastic case, a belt, and it will cost only about US$119 with the bare tool.

DeWalt DCF610S2 vs Milwaukee 2401

- Compact, lightweight design fits into tight areas
- 3 LED Lights provide visibility without shadows
- One handed loading 1/4 inch hex chuck accepts 1 inch bit tips
- Belt hook included for portability
- Imported
- 150 in.lbs of torque and a speed of 0 to 500 rpm
- Battery fuel gauge displays remaining run-time
- Built-in LED For illumination of dark work spots

Which one do you prefer?

As for the price, the Milwaukee 2401-22 has a higher price than the DeWalt DCF6102S2. But the features from Milwaukee 2401-22 has more complete features than the DeWalt DCF6202S2. Here is the reason why…

Milwaukee 2401-22 has a fuel impact driver protection system that no other drill has it, includes the DeWalt DCF6102S2. This kind of protection helps the user from preventing the drill falls while use in the high place of work. It will help a lot while we need to finish the job faster than usual.

On the top of the Redlink from Milwaukee 2401-22 has a plus electro speed that provides it to reach the maximum speed. Milwaukee 2401-22 can reach up to 1,700 RPM, while the DeWalt DCF6102S2 only can reach up to 1,050 RPM. These differences of the speed are amazingly grabbed by Milwaukee 2401-22 that claims can help to finish the job faster.

The electronic speed from Milwaukee 2401-22 has a specific feature that the DeWalt DCF6102S2 doesn’t have. This kind of system can be set to control the speed. It has a switch button to dial the speed into our needs. With these special features, makes the Milwaukee 2401-22 is perfect to choose than any other brands of drill in the market. 

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