Dewalt DCF885C1 vs DCF885C2

Looking for construction related tools may not an easy task. Not only because there are so many of them out there to pick which is already enough to cause some confusion, some manufacturers are also offering similar tools bundled with different things and named them a different model just like Dewalt DCF885C1 vs DCF885C2. These two are the same tool but for some reason named differently. If you are curious about what separate them from each other, you may want to check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Dewalt DCF885C1 and DCF885C2
– What Dewalt DCF885C1 and DCF885C2 Look Like
– What Dewalt DCF885C1 and DCF885C2 can offer to you
– Dewalt DCF885C1 vs DCF885C2

About Dewalt DCF885C1 and DCF885C2
For most people, we are sure you are already familiar with Dewalt because this brand is very popular in the US and one of the safest bet when you are looking for any construction tools to deal with small to medium jobs around the house or in your worksite. This company has a long history but the brand itself is only appearing in 1992 and used to market Black & Decker professional quality and high-end power tools. From then until now, you can always rely to them when looking for a dependable tools.

Let’s face it, Dewalt tools are not cheap but if you know the “you got what you pay” saying, you will also understand why their tools are rather expensive. However, just like many manufacturers out there, they also have a habit of using different name for their tools just because there is slight different accessory in their kit. It is understandable though, for marketing purpose even sometime the naming will made us confuse. The DCF885C1 vs DCF885C2 is a good and suitable example of the case.

Just like you may already know, both of DCF885C1 and DCF885C2 are a driver or as most people say and impact driver. Compared to the other tool, which is the drill, this tool is somehow less popular but once you try uisng them, there is no way back. The tool is used as the ultimate fastener or to loosen bolt screws using their strong rotational and downward force. The best benefit of using these type of tool is it will relieve stress from your arm and wrist, so you won’t feel as tired.

Dewalt DCF885C1 and DCF885C2 Design
As you can see, DCF885C1 and DCF885C2 are more into the compact size of impact driver. These two are small and lightweight, so you can definitely handle them easily while maneuvering the tool. They are measured at 5.5 inches wide and 9 inches tall with thickness around 3 inches, making them suitable operated even in a smaller workspace. The looks is also still the same black and yellow combination made from plastic material, just like many other tools from the company.

You probably won’t be able to feel the comfort just by looking at the picture but their handle are design ergonomically to fit in your hand, so besides lessening the burden, it will also increase the grip power, so the tool won’t be easily fall from your grip. Being cordless also good to avoid dealing with any tangled cable or when working in a space with power source issue. Read our previous article on Dewalt DCD771C2 vs DCD780C2 here.

Dewalt DCF885C1 and DCF885C2 Features
These two tools are the company improved version since they are now coming with a slim 20V max 1.5Ah Li-Ion batteries which makes the tools are also becoming slimmer but won’t sacrifice power compared to the company’s previous 18V cordless products that has bigger and bulkier body. Being small and compact are these tools main treats and makes them suitable for cabinetmakers, HAC professionals, steel stud framers, electrical, mechanical or general contractors and other people who often perform drilling and fastening works.

One of the good thing Dewalt put in these two tools are the chuck which is conveniently accepts and holds one-inch bit tips while coming with an all metal belt hook that can be attached to your tool in their either side as you preferred. Another good feature in each one of DCF885C1 and DCF885C2 is the LED lights. There are small LED lights, 3 in total that are located around the chuck of the tool to provide you with some lighting when working under low light condition or in dimly lit space.

What’s even cooler from this feature is the light will remain on even after you release the trigger and will last up to 20 seconds. As you can already guess, to activate the light, you only need to pull the trigger. Talking about the power, DCF885C1 and DCF885C2 are able to produce up to 3.200 impacts per minute and has maximum torque of 117 foot per pounds with free spins under no load reaching at 2.800rpm. Their electronics are also built into the switches and making them smarter by maximizing the life of the tools and protecting the battery from overheating, overloading or over discharge during operation.

Both of these tools are coming in their own package and as you can see, there are several items inside. The DCF885C1 itself will come with the impact driver, one 20V battery and the fast charger while backed with the company’s 3 years warranty.

At the other hand, DCF885C2 is of course still coming with the impact drill and fast charger, but now the battery is added with one more making the tool has 2 batteries inside the package. Both of them are also sold with the case and carrier bag to help you packing the tool from place to place.

Now, let’s compare DCF885C1 with DCF885C2. As it has been mentioned earlier, both of these tools are actually the same products, so there will be no difference in term of power or additional features because what set them apart from each other is the fact that DCF885C1 only packed with one battery while the other has 2, so you can use the other as a spare.

Dewalt DCF885C1 vs DCF885C2

- INCREASED VISIBILITY: Has built-in LED with 20-second delay after trigger release
- ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Compact (5.55 in. front to back)and lightweight (2.8 lbs) design fits into tight areas
- ONE-HANDED BIT LOADING: Has a 1/4 in. hex chuck and accepts 1 in. bit tips. No load speed: 0-2,800
- 3 LED lights with 20-sec delay after trigger release provide visibility without shadows
- 1-Handed loading 1/4 inch Hex chuck accepts 1 inch bit tips
- Compact (5.55 inches front to back), lightweight (2.8 pounds), design fits into tight areas

All in all, the decision is all your to make. In our opinion, the price gap between them is the price you have to pay for the additional battery. However, if you don’t have any issue on budget, we will recommend you Dewalt DCF885C2 because of its additional battery just in case you need a spare when working far from power source.

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