Dewalt DW735X VS Grizzly Planer

Thickness planers are very convenient and useful for everyone who is working with lots of stock material. They are easy to use and maintain while also reducing the workload for the projects that you want to work on. There will be more than plenty of options to choose from such as Dewalt DW735X Vs Grizzly Planer. These plans are promising but slightly different and if you wonder which to choose for, let’s see what they can offer below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are the Differences Between Planer and Jointer
  • What are Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly Planer
  • How are the Unit of Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly Planer
  • How are the Features of Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly Planer
  • How are the Performance of Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly Planer
  • How are the Dust Ejector in Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly Planer
  • Dewalt DW735X Vs Grizzly Planer

Thickness Planer and Jointer

After electricity is widely used and humans see the potential of how it can power so many different equipment, it seems like almost everyday we see new electronic products to ease the job whether it is just for making coffee or powering a larger machinery to process something in various manufacturing facilities. For a smaller scale, we can use power tools to help with DIY-ing conveniently, from the compact drill/driver to a wood planer, they are also very helpful.

If you are here then we assume a wood planer is what you are currently looking for. This is like a handheld planer but is more automated and the purpose is to even the surface of your material or to cut it evenly at one go. You can imagine how long it is to manually work on a bunch of planks with just a handheld planer but with the benchtop planer for example, one piece of material can be cut in seconds, depending on the height and length.

Some people may mistake the planer with a jointer and it is actually quite confusing because they are somehow similar too. The main difference when you open the machine is that the jointer has the blade at the bottom while the planer installed its blade at the top of the unit. The blades are going to cut the material off the surface to achieve a flat result yet, the two are not going to produce the same result or even surface.

A jointer will produce a flat surface as you push the material on top of the blade but they are not always parallel to the other side. As for the planer, the material is put between the roller and blade so they are forced to have an even surface while the excess height is cut by the blade. In addition, the planer is kind of automatic in terms of the material coming in and out of the cutting chamber, thanks to the roller.

With a jointer, the material is moved manually and while the blades are spinning in a fast rotation, it requires you to press and move the material manually and while it is being processed, our pressure may change and affect the height or amount of wood being cut hence, it is not always even. They are very helpful next to each other however since the two are meant for different applications and producing different results but better when you combine them together.

 Dewalt DW735XGrizzly Planer
Product Dimensions‎24 x 22 x 18 inches
24 x 14 x 18 inches
Shipping Weight‎105 pounds
73 pounds
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About Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly Planer

There are more than plenty of options to choose from when you are about to look for either the planer or a jointer but for those looking for a planer, what you may want to consider first is their capacity and not everyone will want to have the same machine depending on which seems to work best or suitable for their application. It can be more time consuming to choose among the wide range of options but it is worth it to avoid buying something we can’t rely on.

So many power tools companies, especially those that also produce larger equipment, are carrying the machine like Dewalt and Grizzly. These brands are some of the popular options to consider if you are in the market for a new table or benchtop planer. Their product quality is pretty well known to be satisfying so you can expect them to last for so long as well. Personally we are not very familiar with Grizzly but their planers seem to be promising as well and price wise about the same as Dewalt.

For those who want something slightly more powerful than the compact planer but are not planning to go for a more industrial looking one, the 13 and 12 inches variant from these companies are going to be very ideal. The Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly Planer in 12 inches model are perfect options for your DIY purpose. Just like most planers, the two are easy to use and maintain but they are also carrying some differences to consider, especially in capacity, maintenance and how they perform.

In comparison, the two are easy to work with and we do think both Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly Planer are designed with safety in mind. The main difference for the models we are talking about below will be the capacity because the motor seems to be the same for a typical benchtop planer and they should fit in so many settings. For those who need the extra capacity we will just recommend DW735X or DW735 that you can check in our Dewalt DW735X Vs DW735 here.

Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly Planer Unit

Moving to the unit, both Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly Planer are very sturdy and what you expect to find on a machine meant to cut materials. The build is made mostly of steels with some hard plastic for some portion of the machine. There are large nuts to hold the main housing of these planers and to make sure that it is stable enough for repetitive applications. The DW735X is a version with the feeding in and out table but these parts are already installed on the Grizzly planer.

If you don’t need the tables, DW735 is more affordable but we do think having these additional panels are useful to ease the job. To adjust the height of the cut we can adjust the planer opening height as well and to do so we can use the crank on the side of Dewalt or at the top of Grizzly. In comparison you can notice the DW735X comes with 4 nuts to support this main housing compared to 2 on the Grizzly planer.

Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly Planer Features

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly Planer can offer starting from the features first. The switch is located on the feeding part of the machine but the DW735 offer more here and you can notice that the planer comes with two adjustable settings for speed from 179 cuts per inch for finishing or 96 cuts per inch when you are dimensioning; make sure to change this adjustment when the machine is running however.

The motor for these planers are actually the same or 15 Amp and this should be enough for the typical tasks but some people may need something higher, especially when they are working with a longer material as it feels like the motor can’t pull the plank as effectively, moreover when you choose the maximum height to be cut. While the width of the material is different from 13 and 12 inches respectively, the maximum height to be inserted is the same at 6 inches.

Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly Planer Performance 

On the performance and experience side both Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly Planer are very similar as well. The motor is plenty for small and medium tasks but the more you take from the material, it will also require more of the motor to work and it may require you to push it through the feeding slot, moreover with long boards. The speed adjustment on DW735X is very useful because you can choose the speed and the proper setting to work on the material and in its steps.

The DWE735X is more robust however, not only because the unit itself is heavier than Grizzly Planer but also because of the 4 large nuts that hold the height of the cutting blades along with the housing, making it stay in the level for repetitive use and overall the planer feels more rigid in comparison. Sadly the DW735X doesn’t have the most accurate height level so users may want to measure it manually while the Grizzly one is better or more reliable.

Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly Planer Dust Ejector

Lastly on the dust dispensing system, this is another point that put Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly Planer apart the most in our opinion. The Grizzly Planer doesn’t have a spout or hose to remove the dust from the material so when the wood comes out it will be covered on the saw dust or cut material while on the other hand DW735X has a dedicated hose to dispense these dust or materials away. The thing to consider is you want to have a dust collector with it since it can scatter around and may harm users.

Dewalt DW735X Vs Grizzly Planer

The Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly Planer are good options based on which seems to work best in your application but, they are not exactly the same. In comparison DW735X is richer in terms of features with the speed adjustment and a height locking mechanism to prevent the housing from going lower than what you preset. They are easy to maintain as well such as when you need to change the blades. The Grizzly Planer doesn’t have a dust collection port so it is messy to work with if you are placing it indoors.

- Purchase includes one stationary 13" Planer, in/out feed tables with fasteners (attached to the base of the Planer base), extra blades and dust hose adapter. Stand is not included.
- Three knife cutter head of the thickness planer delivers 30% longer knife life and makes knife change faster and easier
- Two-speed gear box of the wood planer allows users to change feed speed to optimizing cuts per inch at 96 or 179 CPI
- Fan-assisted chip ejection vacuums chip off of the cutter head and exhausts them out of the machine
- Motor: 2 HP, 110V, single-phase, 15 Amp
- Maximum cutting width: 12-1/2"
- Maximum cutting height: 6"
- Maximum depth of cut: 3/32"


The decision is all yours because there is no bad option here but, we will recommend the Dewalt DE735X for the convenience and build quality. This planer is both easy to maintain and also ideal for indoor or outdoor application with the hose ejector.


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