Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7480

Table saw is a familiar tool but it is indeed not made for everyone since not all people going to need it. This machine is mainly used or essential for people who work with wood or own a business that needs them to cut wood quickly and precisely. Among those many machine options out there, Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7480 are the favorite of many people because of their dependable performance. If you need to choose between these two go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Dewalt DW745 and DWE7480
– What Dewalt DW745 and DWE7480 Look Like
– What Dewalt DW745 and DWE7480 can offer to you
– Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7480

About Table Saw
Table saw is undeniably an important part of any modern woodworking shop because the tool is the bone of this craftsmanship and probably will be the biggest tool you will need to purchase, so you have to choose them carefully since it will definitely affect your flow of work either to be better or not. Mainly, table saw is thought to be the workhorse of any modern woodshop as well as the most versatile and productive among all of your tools.

Just like a regular saw but with more versatility, a table saw is used to rip, cross cut, miter cut, square, rabbet, dado, and even apply some shapes to the edges of your wood piece. Before going to look for the tool you may need to consider the various type available. The biggest of them all is contractor saws which is heavier and also heavy duty, so it will need larger table and less easy to move.

The second and is the most popular table saw which is the lightest and most used by people who need a good mobility with the tool. The last sit between the two and called as cabinet saw that have smaller footprint, more heavy duty than table top but not as powerful as contractor saw.

About Dewalt DW745 and DWE7480
Dewalt has been in the market for a long time and this brand is well-known to always release many dependable products with a reputable quality. This company offer numerous construction related tools mainly for light to medium level just like their table saw DW745 and DWE7480. If you never use one of them before, the reason why these two are compared is because the latter is the upgrade version of the first model, so people wants to know what is exactly improved in this machine that worth the price.

Dewalt DW745 and DWE7480 Design
Looking at these two from the outside, it seems that they are very similar to each other in either built or overall look. They are still coming in a sturdy material with the company’s native color of yellow and black combination. These two tools are coming with a metal roll cage that of course offer better durability than those table saw with plastic bases. DW745 and DWE7480 are sporting an on-board storage to let you have an access to their Site-Pro Guarding components and push stick. Weighing around 45 pounds also make these two easy to move around on and off the job.

Dewalt DW745 and DWE7480 Features
The aforementioned Site-Pro is the company’s trademark guarding system which is loved by many of its users because now you don’t have to use any tools when making an adjustment in either of these tools. To put it simply, this feature alone is making your work much easier and hassle free. Together with the purchase you will also get rack and pinion fence rail adjustment for accurate, easy adjustment and thanks to the onboard storage, all the components are easily stowed away, so your workspace will be neater.

When talking about almost any tool, we also will need to know how much power is able to offer by the machine. Even though the latter is released as an upgrade, the motor used is still the same powerful 15-amp motor in either DW745 or DWE7480 which is also used in the company’s other similar tool like the DWE7491. With this much power, these table saws will be able to rip through wood or any similar material seamlessly without much effort.

What separate these two in term of power is even though they used the same 15 Amp motor, the torque speed has been improved to deliver faster load, so now instead of 3.850 rpm like in the older unit, the new DWE7480 is able to deliver higher no load speed at 4.800 rpm. The blade type is still the same 10-inch with 24-tooth carbide blade, so this new machine won’t disappoint you even when dealing with those tougher sawing jobs.

Now let’s talking about the rip capacity since this is also one of the most important side in a table saw that you need to consider before buying a new tool, so it is best to pick the one that will meet the requirement of your jobs. The Dewalt DW745 exclusive fence configuration will let you have a huge 20-inch rip capacity but the newer model is upgraded and will let you to add another 4 inches into the amount which should be enough for most applications.

The included rack and pinion fence rails we mentioned earlier also make fence adjustment quick, smooth can accurate while the fence’s telescoping design will allow these machine to move out until its maximum inches to rip full sheets of materials or to be retracted for easy storing and transport. Dust is a problem when cutting materials and to handle this waste, these two saws are coming with a dust collection port that can be connected through their 2-1/2 inch port.

Now, let’s compare Dewalt DW745 with DWE7480. As you may already know, what separate these two prominently is the rip capacity which is increased about 4-inch more as well as the motor because now DWE7480 is faster under no load compared to the older machine.

Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7480

- 22 kg unit weight and optimised footprint make this the most portable saw in its class. Shoe bevels 0° to 45° for beveled cuts
- Steel roll cage protects saw against jobsite drops and impacts, Rack and pinion fence system, front and rear fence lock and large, clear scales combine to give an extremely accurate and easy to use saw
- Powerful 1850 Watt motor for high performance in all applications (1300 Watts 110 version for UK Only)
- Fence system provides 610 mm of rip capacity in a portable design for cutting large sheet materials to size
- Cast table top design ensures accuracy and precision,Overload protection system ensures powerful performance in hard, wet or frozen woods, Quick bevel lock with large scale for easy, accurate adjustments
- The item is DEWALT DWE7480 10-Inch Compact Job Site Table Saw with Site-Pro Modular Guarding System
- Used for Woodworking, Portable Table Saws. The product is manufactured in Taiwan
- Onboard storage provides easy access to the Site-Pro Guarding components and push stick when not in use
- Rack and pinion telescoping fence rails make fence adjustments fast, smooth and accurate
- 24-1/2" of rip easily cuts a variety of larger shelving and trim materials

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are equally dependable and choosing between the two should follow your job’s need. If you think the 3800 rpm with 20-inch rip capacity is already enough, DW745 is a more affordable option, but if you need more speed and more cutting capacity, we will highly recommend you the newer Dewalt DWE7480.

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