Dewalt DWE7485 VS Makita

Saw is a very useful cutting tool that we can have around. They are working with woods in most cases but not limited to natural products only and depending on what you want to cut, a table saw like Dewalt DWE7485 Vs Makita can be a great solution in your work site. These jobsite saws are very similar with good power and convenience and some slight differences. For those currently considering which of them will be a better choice, let’s see the comparison below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Look for in Table Saw
  • What are Dewalt DWE7485 and Makita
  • How are the Unit of Dewalt DWE7485 and Makita
  • How are the Motor of Dewalt DWE7485 and Makita
  • How are the Capacity of Dewalt DWE7485 and Makita
  • How are the Performance of Dewalt DWE7485 and Makita
  • Dewalt DWE7485 Vs Makita

Portable Table Saw

Table saw is very useful and the way they can cut materials effectively as well as conveniently makes sure that everyone can have an advantage from having them around. Based on the size some are more user friendly and versatile while some are only used by manufacturers or bigger facilities. They can be either stationary or portable such as with a jobsite table saw. Depending on what you will need them for, our choice can be different and not everyone will have the same opinion.

When it comes to saws, as the name suggests, what you may need to pay attention to is the blade itself. This is a part that rips and cuts the material with hence they need to be reliable and in general there are also several types of blade based on the purpose. For example the rip cut blades have teeth that are separated wider and smaller in number but they can work fast when cutting along a grain of material yet, the result won’t be as smooth as the crosscut blades.

There will be rip fence and capacity too in your table saw and it is to help the cutting process. Fence or rip fence is the part that will provide a cutting guide and it is running from the front of the table to the back, parallel to the cutting plane of the blade. This feature alone adds an advantage of table saw over other types of saw like the circular saw because we can cut straight more conveniently. It is necessary to find a fence that can lock properly.

Rip capacity on the other hand is the distance from saw blade to the furthest it’s fence can travel. It is basically telling you the width of the material we can work with the certain table saw. In some models the capacity can be extended or some people can modify their table saw to provide the capacity they need by adding material to the side of the table. In addition, there is something called a miter gauge too.

This is meant for guiding the material at a specific angle when making precise cuts and since a table saw doesn’t only cut at the preset position, we can adjust the angle of the saw usually from 45 to -45 degree. What to note is to find a table saw with standard miter gauge so we can easily find and attach other accessories when needed like a sled.

 Dewalt DWE7485Makita
Product Dimensions22.75 x 22.75 x 13 inches
32 x 36 x 15.3 inches
Shipping Weight54 pounds
82 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Dewalt DWE7485 and Makita

Just like with any other power tool, it is wise to choose one that matches well with your application and there will be more than plenty to consider based on the brand, price range, and their specs. If you have no time to select the option one by one, it is convenient to look into what similar users are choosing because chances are you will find them reliable as well. Most people probably have a favorite brand already so we can look into the collection first.

Power tools is a huge industry and there are various brands dominating the market especially when it comes to the portable options. DeWalt and Makita are some of the most popular options out there and it is for good reasons because these companies have been around for quite some time and they are well-known for carrying lots of reliable power tools such as cordless drills that you can check in our DeWalt DCD791D2 Vs DCD790D2 here. Price wise they will vary based on the models and capacity.

For those who need to carry their table saw to job sites, something like Dewalt DWE7485 and Makita table saw model 2705 that we can conveniently mount and remove from the vehicle will be a great solution. These jobsite saws are not the same and depending on which seems to fit in your application or typical job, our options will vary. Today we are choosing a higher variant from Makita to see how the affordable model can compete in terms of power and ease of use.

The Makita 2705 is a larger table saw and yes, it is a 10-inch type instead of the typical 8-inch DWE7485. These jobsite saws are offering everything you will need from the tool and are very capable of handling various materials and types of cuts. In comparison, it is easy to see why Makita 2705 is an expensive choice but probably not suitable for some people and the price gap between the two is not small either. Additionally, we do think the DWE7485 is a very reliable choice for a wide range of use.

Dewalt DWE7485 and Makita Design

Before checking out what the Dewalt DWE7485 and Makita jobsite saws can offer, let’s see the unit first but just like many other similar tools, there is no difference in mechanism and construction. The housing is metal and most of the components besides buttons or padding and shield are made of metal as well. The saw is not bulky and they are almost the same side by side in terms of form factor because the rip capacity is about the same as well.

Do note that both models are only main tools only meaning the platform is not included and thus, you may need to buy a portable stand with wheels especially if you will move the tool around in the jobsite and conveniently transport them to the vehicle later. The actual weight of Makita is about 66 pounds while DWE7485 is 46 pounds so it will be easier moving Dewalt manually when needed.

Dewalt DWE7485 and Makita Motors

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Dewalt DWE7485 and Makita can offer starting from the motor and while DWE7485 is carrying the smaller blade, both of them are using the same 15 amp motor that can work on various different materials. Probably because this saw has a smaller blade the motor can spin it faster as well at 58000 RPM compared to the Makita saw that is rated at 4800 RPM. They seem to have the same type of brake as well since blades stop slowly and start quickly.

Dewalt DWE7485 and Makita Capacity 

As for the blade itself, both are using different sizes and while larger saw can use smaller blades, the smaller saw is not recommended to be used with a larger blade as they have different measurement and in addition, besides the blade size DWE7485 is also not compatible with dado stack if you plan on using one, unlike the Makita 2705 which is able to receive dado up to 13/16-inch; you will need to have the dado plate and saw hub sets with nuts and washers however.

Based on the blade itself these Dewalt DWE7485 and Makita jobsite table saws will have different capacity as well yet for the fence, they are going to stop at about the same distance since it is between 24.5 and 25 inches in comparison. As for the depth of cut, you can guess that Makita 2705 will be deeper too at 3-5/8 inch at 90 degree or 2-1/2 inch when at 45 degree thus, the saw should be able to cut 4 materials at once pass only.

The smaller DWE7485 is listed at 2-9/16 inch when in 90 degree or 1-3/4 inch when set to 45 degree. Additionally the maximum rip on the left of the blade is the same at 12 inch.

Dewalt DWE7485 and Makita Performance 

Lastly for the performance part, both Dewalt DWE7485 and Makita 2705 model is very similar and in comparison the Dewalt is always the most convenient system from adjusting the extension fence and carrying the unit even without the platform since there are handles on each side of the equipment; all coated with rubber or plastic material. The fence is faster to adjust on Dewalt but it can be a bit wobbly sometimes while Makita is more rigid. There is also a magnifying glass to let you see the measurements on Makita.

What’s a bit concerning is when they are in action or cutting because Makita requires more effort to work on the same material and it feels like the motor is working harder compared to Dewalt which is not amazingly powerful yet it still works better than Makita.

Dewalt DWE7485 Vs Makita

Both Dewalt DWE7485 and Makita jobsite saws are popular options and the reason why is because they are reliable. But, based on the comparison the two are not the same and for these specific models like DWE7485 and 2705, the DeWalt model is more reliable. It has a smaller blade and is not able to fit dado but it has a faster speed and this is probably why it is able to work faster or feels lighter when you push the material through the blade. Makita however has the bigger capacity.

- Portability: Compact size for ease of transportation and storage
- Easy adjustments: Rack and pinion telescoping fence rails make fence adjustments fast, smooth and accurate
- Variety of cuts: 24.5 inches of rip capacity for ripping 4x8 plywood or OSB sheets
- Power: 15 Amp, 5800 rpm motor
- Powerful 15 AMP motor delivers 4,800 RPM for improved performance
- Large cutting capacity (3-9/16" at 90° and 2-1/2" at 45°) can rip 4x material in one pass; can use up to a 13/16" dado blade
- Right extension table allows for greater cutting capacity with the capability to rip 4x8 sheets of plywood
- Extended capacity with up to 25" ripping


The decision is all yours and based on what you will need them for, we will recommend choosing DeWalt because this is more reliable in cutting performance and the unit itself is not as heavy so users can move it more conveniently.

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