Dewalt DWP849X vs Porter Cable 7424XP

Looking for a polishing tool will required you to consider several things first including what type of tool you want and what you are going to use them for. Among those many options, Dewalt DWP849X vs Porter Cable 7424XP are the two you can opt to if you are looking for a dependable polisher. These two are coming from a different brands but has similar abilities and equally popular among users. If you are confused about which to choose, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Dewalt DWP849X and Porter Cable 7424XP
– What Dewalt DWP849X and Porter Cable 7424XP Look Like
– What Dewalt DWP849X and Porter Cable 7424XP can offer to you
– Dewalt DWP849X vs Porter Cable 7424XP

About Dewalt DWP849X
For most projects regarding constructions or repairing, we are sure you are already familiar with Dewalt’s tools. The brand is very popular to be the best bet you can source when looking for a good quality products just like the DWP849X. This polisher is among the most popular in the market for it is equipped with useful features and planted with a high powered motor to let you work faster. As the upgrade of their older model, there are also some improvement here and there in this tool.

Dewalt DWP849X Design
If you ever used the original model of this tool which is the 849, there are some things remains but also changed for the better. If you look at them side by side, you will notice that DWP849X is noticeably smaller and there are also some parts improved such as the handle since it is now covered with a rubber to enhance the grip comfort. Beside the regular handle, now the tool also coming with a bale handle to support a variants of grip. Read also: Dewalt DWP849X vs Makita 9237C here.

Dewalt DWP849X Features
Thanks to the slight changed on the design, the DWP849X is also improved in both ergonomics and control. Since this is an upgraded tool, the power is also increased to match the request of its customers. Compared to the older model, the tool now is housing a more powerful motor but is lighter. It is coming with 12 amp motor from the 8 amp in previous model while the speed is available in two options; lower speed is ranging up to 600 while the top speed up to 3.500 rpm.

Your DWP849X is equipped with Controlled Finishing System with its soft start to provide an improved speed control as well as finish quality. Another good additional features here is the ergonomic two-finger trigger to help reduce the fatigue by accommodating a range of finger positions for those professional who will use the tool in a prolonged or extended time. Compared to other more traditional polishers, this one has a better comfort and speed control.

There is hook and loop backing pad included in the package which is good to help you do a quick and tool-free accessory changes. Since it is also suitable with the 3M Quick Release Adapter, you can use the tool with a double-sided pads. To enhance your tool’s durability, it is equipped with wool ingestion shields to cover the air intake in an attempt to eliminate wool and debris ingestion, so your tool can work properly for prolonged time.

About Porter Cable 7424XP
There are so many polisher tools out there but only some are reliable and one of them is Porter Cable 7424XP. As the name suggest, this one is actually a newer version of the company’s older model, the 7424, so if you ever use the original tool, you will find some improvements here. The company is well-known to make some of the best and most user-friendly polishers and buffers on the market and this tool is especially good for polishing automotive since the orbital action generates very little heat.

Porter Cable 7424XP Design
From the outside, Porter Cable 7424XP looks just like any other polisher out there and there is nothing special happening on the outside. The unit is covered in grey durable plastic material and there is no handle here on the body, so you will hold the tool right at the main body. However, you don’t have to worry since there is side handle bar, so you still can operate the tool with both hands. The body is claimed to be improved to have a better ergonomic.

Porter Cable 7424XP Features
The Porter Cable 7424XP is coming with a more powerful motor than the original model, so now it can help you work faster. The 4.5 amp motor will help you polishing out swirls, water spots, oxidation and scratches even faster than before while still being gentler to the surface and won’t burn the paint. As you may already know, this tool is a random orbital type so the motion is not as harsh as rotary and proven to be able to remove imperfections safely.

To help you work faster, the Porter Cable 7424XP can be used in variable speed options; the lower speed is up to 2.500 OPM while the higher speed will deliver 6.800 OPM. OPM means orbital per minute which is different from RPM, so these two are not comparable and OPM is generally not as harsh as RPM which is why it is safer for polishing paint to not to burn them. Beside the improved motor and speed, your polisher also has another improved design.

The improvement is located at the switch design which is aimed for better durability. The aforementioned side handle can even be replaced in left or right, so people who use left as the main hand can have similar comfort and control. Inside the package you will find the tool with polishing pad, handle, and wrench.

Now, let’s compare Dewalt DWP849X with Porter Cable 7424XP. As you may already know, their basic difference is the fact that DWP849X is a rotary polisher while the other is a random orbit polisher. DWP849X is more powerful, so it will need more experience on using them compared to 7424XP which is fairly safer.

Dewalt DWP849X vs Porter Cable 7424XP

- 180mm Velcro packing pad, Bail side handle, Horizontal side handle. Spindle thread : 5/8 - 11 inches
- Powerful, 12.0-Amp, all ball-bearing construction for long life and performance for the most demanding applications
- Electronic module maintains specified speed under load delivering better finish results, user can set maximum speed from zero to 600/3500 rpm for different materials and applications
- Wool Ingestion Shields eliminates wool ingestion increasing tool life and reducing service costs,Spindle Thread:5/8-11 Inches
- Non Mar Rubber Gear Case Cover reduces surface imperfections and improves gripping surface.Case not included.
- Random-orbit, swirl-free sanding/polishing action and 4.5 amp, AC only
- Electronic variable-speed dial from 2,500-6,800 OPM
- Features a proprietary counter balance for use with 6-inch sanding/polishing pad
- Accepts 5/16 - 24 spindle thread accessories
- Features a 2-position (left or right) removable side handle for greater comfort and control

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, it is better to match the tool with you level of experience to get the best result. For professional, DWP849X will work faster with proper operation while those with less experience will probably better opting for Porter Cable 7424XP since it is safer and won’t burn the surface.

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