Dewalt XR Hammer Drill vs Regular

Drill and drivers are two basic tools that almost all DIY-er, woodworker, or common homeowners will need when they are working on something that involves woods and typical building materials. Option wise you can have plenty of them in the market but different tools are made ideally for different jobs such as DeWalt XR Hammer Drill Vs Regular. These tools are very similar yet different and if you wonder which fit the task the most, here we can see what they can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Having a Drill/Driver in the House
  • What are DeWalt XR Hammer Drill and Regular Drill
  • What DeWalt XR Hammer Drill and Regular Drill Look Like
  • How are the Mechanism of DeWalt XR Hammer Drill and Regular Drill
  • What DeWalt XR Hammer Drill and Regular Drill can offer
  • What are the Application of DeWalt XR Hammer Drill and Regular Drill 
  • DeWalt XR Hammer Drill Vs Regular Drill

Drill/Driver and Convenient

Whether you are the type who loves to make a bookshelf or coffee table by yourself by finding reference online or just need to do small jobs around the house such as making a dog house and building a cat tree for your pets, having a drill/driver is a must for these typical tasks. They are not a must but we all know how convenient it is to add another photo frame or mirror in the bedroom without much hassle when you have a drill/driver around.

The not-so-convenient thing is there are so many of them and choosing one is a daunting task for many of us because they look the same and seem to be able to do the same tasks as well. In general, it is true that all drills/drivers are going to be useful for making holes and driving screws but depending on the model and their capacity, each one may have different pros to offer. Personally, we do think cordless drills are very ideal for non-professionals and for light to medium tasks.

They are easy to use as well because you don’t need to think about where to plug the cord in case there is no power outlet nearby. They are powered with batteries and if you have two of them, it can prolong the application as well when you need an undisturbed pace. The bad thing is they will be heavier because of the battery itself and many brands don’t sell the set with batteries unless you buy a kit so chances are the cost can be quite high.

However, we still think it is compact and easy to bring to different areas in the house, including tricky places without the cord hindering your movement. But, it is always the right tool for the right job so not all models will fit in your application or typical tasks. For example, it is just a waste of money spending a $200 tool just to hang photo frames and used only once or twice a year as well as shaving to $50 for your woodworking project that will be used almost everyday and dealing with lots of materials.

If your tasks are a mix of two worlds such as medium jobs like making furniture, hanging drywall, building a storage rack, or replacing the deck railing, getting medium size tools will be a wise decision. Those rated at last 9.6V sounds like a good idea but you can be more at ease by adding a little bit more into the budget for extra power and capacity. Also, consider what type of feature the tool must have in order to do the task that you will be handling.

 Dewalt XR Hammer DrilDewalt Regular
Product Dimensions4 x 10 x 8 inches
8.31 x 3 x 7.56 inches
Shipping Weight4 pounds
1 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About DeWalt XR Hammer Drill and Regular Drill

Now when you already have an idea about what the drill/driver should offer or what type of job they will be handling, it is time to see what the market has to offer because there so many of them out there and most are very similar to each other while different brands usually have certain distinct features that you may be looking for. In general, all drill/drivers are capable of making holes and driving screws depending on the attachment we put on their chuck.

If the abundance of choice looks confusing, we can stick with one or two brands so then we don’t have to spend much time just choosing which will match your preference. If you have used or own a DeWalt tool before, this brand is one of the best bet when it comes to cordless tools because most of them are working really well and ideal for typical light to medium jobs. They are also covering a wide variety of cordless tools from woodworking to general house maintenance.

The various options itself can be overwhelming with sometimes very little difference from each other such as the DeWalt XR Hammer Drill and Regular Drill. Both of them are going to do the same task which is making holes, allowing you to insert screws or another component to attach something. They are able to handle various small and medium jobs in the house while also powerful for your hobby. The difference is that one of them is hammer drill.

To be more specific we are comparing the DCD996B Hammer Drill and the DCD791B Regular Drill from the product line so if you are meeting other models, the specification and capacity can vary as well. As the name suggests, a hammer drill, also from other brands, is going to be different than their regular drill line because there is a hammering impact as the drill is working, giving a more force into the surface or material it is working on. Read also: Craftsman C3 Vs Ryobi One.

DeWalt XR Hammer Drill and Regular Drill Design

From the design alone, it is difficult to tell which one is a hammer drill and which of them a regular drill because visually they are the same. Unlike an impact driver which is shorter and has different chuck, DeWalt XR Hammer Drill and Regular Drill are looking like the same typical drill/driver. Both of them are sold as standalone or with their accessories so you can choose which set seems the most beneficial but we recommend to go with the battery pack.

The DeWalt fashion is not changing all these years still with the black and yellow combo but personally we have no issue about how a tool looks like as long as they are working well. Without the battery, they are already 4.7 and 3.4 lbs. so none of them will be flimsy though we do think the hammer drill will be quite heavy when handled by only one hand. As for the battery, they are using the same 20V pack from DeWalt.

DeWalt XR Hammer Drill and Regular Drill Mechanism

Now for the most important part, let’s see what DeWalt XR Hammer Drill and Regular Drill can offer but first thing first, the prominent difference between regular and hammer drill is on the mechanism itself. When you open the build of a hammer drill, there will be two discs that have ridges, similar to those in poker chips. When the disc slides past the other, it will rise and fall then causing the chuck to slam forward and back.

When there is no force on the chuck, these discs will be separated by a clutch while the pounding movement will stop. This mechanism is meant to save the wear and tear of these components while in some models, including this DeWalt XR hammer drill the hammer function can be activated or deactivated as needed such as when you don’t need the extra impact.

DeWalt XR Hammer Drill and Regular Drill Specification

Moving to the common specification or what DeWalt XR Hammer Drill and Regular Drill can offer, they are also quite different. As regular drill, the maximum no-load speed of these models (DCD996B and DCD791B) are the same or 2,000 rpm but, the hammer drill is actually a three-speed option so you can choose from 0-450, 0-1,300, and 0-2,000 instead of only two in which the DCD791B low setting is from 0-600 rpm. DeWalt and other Stanley, Black & Decker now no longer use torque but UWO to measure power.

This is also different for both drills because your hammer drill will certainly have more driving force by having almost double at 820 UWO compared to the regular drill with 460 UWO. However, the chuck size of both models are the same which is half an inch with the regular drill having more clutch settings at 15 and the hammer at 11 positions.

DeWalt XR Hammer Drill and Regular Drill Purpose

Lastly is about what DeWalt XR Hammer Drill and Regular Drill are used for because as it has been mentioned above, the right tool for the right job. The regular drill or driver is meant to make holes and driving screws only which is already convenient for small jobs in the house such as assembling furniture. On the other hand, a hammer drill is necessary when your typical application needs more forcing power such as drilling holes into brick or masonry when you want to hang shelving on an interior brick wall.

Dewalt XR Hammer Drill vs Regular

These DeWalt XR Hammer Drill and Regular Drill are made for different applications and it is best to choose the one you will be using. The main difference is that a hammer drill will produce more force to drill into heavier material like masonry as it has a hammer movement inside while a regular drill is only rotating. Another difference specific for the models we are using in this example is different speed option and torque or force as well as clutch position.

- High performance transmission for fast application speeds and improved run time
- High efficiency brushless motor delivers up to 57 percent more run time over brushed
- 0 38,250 BPM for fast drilling in masonry materials
- 3 Mode LED light with Spotlight mode
- Dewalt Brushless Motor which delivers up to 57 percent more run time
- Compact, Lightweight Design for tight spaces
- High speed transmission with 2 speed settings
- 3 Mode LED lights with a spotlight mode


All in all you can go well with any of them based on what you will be using the tool for so if what you need is drilling on wood, regular drill is a good option while if you will be using the drill on stone, rock, brick or masonry then we highly recommend to choose the hammer drill such as the DeWalt XR.

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