Dewalt XR vs Makita LXT

Cordless power tools are convenient; they can be used in almost any place even when you are away from a power source. They are also pretty powerful for typical tasks and some are also suitable for heavier jobs such as DEWALT XR Vs Makita LXT. These power tool lines are paired with reliable batteries and enough power to deliver great performance but, the two are also slightly different and if you wonder which to buy, here is the comparison between their versatile impact drivers.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which Cordless Power Tool to Purchase
  • What are DEWALT XR and Makita LXT
  • How are the Built of DEWALT XR and Makita LXT
  • How are the Specs of DEWALT XR and Makita LXT
  • How are the Performance of DEWALT XR and Makita LXT
  • How are the Battery Life of DEWALT XR and Makita LXT
  • DEWALT XR Vs Makita LXT

Drill/Driver, Impact Driver, and Hammer Drill

It is often said that the right tool for the right job so it is not about one tool can handle all the tasks around but each of them will be useful for different jobs. The problem is sometimes we are confused about which tool to choose for a certain job since some of them may look the same and this is a common mistake as well so worry not because there is always a solution for it. When talking about power tools, the basic is probably a drill, an impact driver, or a hammer drill.

The three don’t sound like each other at all but they certainly look very similar somehow and in a glance they also have the same function which is to make holes or drive something through. While in some applications we can use either of them, they are actually made to handle different types of jobs and you probably better by purchasing only one, especially if it is only for typical tasks around the house or we rarely have to work on something if not needed.

Starting from the drill/driver, this is probably the most popular and the basic tool that every household has to own at least the smallest one just for installing frames, clothes hangers, small cabinets, etc. They are available in a wide range of sizes as well and among all similar tools they are the simplest too. The purpose of drill/driver is to make holes on a material such as woods and steel with purely delivering rotational movement without any force applied into the bit.

The second common tool is a hammer drill which as the name suggests, is a combination of hammer and drill but this hammer is not like conventional one since this is a small hammer inside the drill to deliver more force into the bit. Unlike a regular drill/driver, when the drill is rotating, the gear-driven cam will introduce a linear motion along the path of the drill bit itself; resulting in a combination of chiseling and drilling at the same time.

Last is impact driver which sounds similar to what a hammer drill can do and some people probably think they are the same tool as well while in fact the mechanism is different. It is similar in terms of driving impact to the bit but instead of a hammer, there is a heavy-duty spring inside the housing and is compressed every half turn of the releases to deliver force. The tool makes the same noise as hammer action but the energy now comes in the same direction as the chuck rotation instead of straight.

 Dewalt XRMakita LXT
Product Dimensions8 x 3 x 5.88 inches
10.16 x 15.08 x 6.06 inches
Shipping Weight2 pounds
7 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About DEWALT XR and Makita LXT

Now when we already know which tools and how they work, it is wise to choose the one that will be suitable for the application. Arranging from the basic to the most powerful tools there are drill/driver such as Dewalt XR Vs Kobalt XTR, impact driver, and hammer drill. If you will be working on more delicate material, we suggest opting for a drill/driver instead and if you need more force impact drivers are powerful but not as harsh a hammer drill which can damage the softer material if not careful.

Most power tool brands have a great collection of cordless drill or impact driver and compact hammer drill so you can always get the best choice. DEWALT and Makita are two of the most popular companies in the market that are well-known for their high-quality tools. They also carry a huge range of collections and just like most companies, new lines are always introduced to renew and upgrade their products to compete with the others and to deliver a better performance.

For cordless power tools, the part that we have to pay attention to is their battery which often missed by some people because this is where the power comes from and since battery issues are usually how well they drive the tool or how long they can last, manufacturers are also designing their batteries to be better, including these two with DEWALT XR and Makita LXT line. Both tool lines have improved Li-Ion batteries that deliver long lasting performance for their respective tools.

Just like most power tool lines, there are several other tools in both families but today we are going to focus on the impact driver only. For the specific model, we are comparing the DCF887B and XDT131 from DEWALT XR and Makita LXT respectively. These impact drivers are very powerful for the size so you can handle various tasks with no issue but if you need to optimize the budget, Makita tools including this impact driver will be the more affordable option.

DEWALT XR and Makita LXT Design

For those who often forget how an impact driver looks like or how to separate them from the other two, impact drivers don’t have a clutch so in terms of design they will be more compact or smaller and shorter especially on the main housing. The DEWALT XR and Makita LXT impact drivers are very similar and fit well on the hand without being too heavy either. They feel substantial and the grips are both textured so you can hold them firmly while pressing the bit.

Just like most cordless tools, you can buy them as separate tools or as a kit with the battery and charger. The two can accept older batteries with the same power rating or 20V for XR and 18V for LXT but the performance may not be the same as when they are paired with the newer batteries. There are several similar impact drivers from the line but these two are brushless variants and we are sure there are the brushed options as well that are cheaper.

DEWALT XR and Makita LXT Specs

Now moving to the most important part, let’s see what DEWALT XR and Makita LXT can offer. Being a brushless itself is already very beneficial for a cordless power tool because the newest mechanism is better in delivering effective energy consumption as well as tends to last longer which is why we recommend these specific models instead of the brushed variants. Unlike drill/driver or hammer drill, these two don’t have speed level settings.

They are using the standard variable speed trigger which means the further you press the trigger, the faster as well they spin. What’s different is DEWALT XR (DCF887B) offers three ranges of speeds from the trigger at up to 1,000, 2,800, and maxed at 3,280 RPM with 3,800 IPM when you press the trigger fully. On the Makita LXT, the speed ranges are 0-3,400 RPM and 3,600 IPM to provide enough power for different types of applications.

DEWALT XR and Makita LXT Performance 

Next For the performance part, we do think DEWALT XR and Makita LXT are suitable for most tasks. In general they are used for driving screws and for smaller ones even drill/drivers are already enough but if you are working on construction type of project such as building something or improving the house for example, there are plenty to rely on in these impact drivers. The difference in power is slightly appearing when you need to drive screws on thicker material however because Makita seems to feel lighter here.

It produces more torque than DEWALT despite using smaller batteries but for general purposes such as driving small screws and doing lighter tasks, the two are just as reliable. The Makita has one speed however so it is a bit more difficult to control when you want to drive the screw slower for precision or when handling delicate projects compared to DEWALT with its 3 speed settings; the slider is located at the base of the handle or just above the battery compartment.

DEWALT XR and Makita LXT Battery

Lastly we want to talk about the battery but this is limited to what DEWALT XR and Makita LXT are shipped with and you can always improve battery life by changing it to those with higher amp if needed. The two are shipped with 20V 3Ah battery and 18V 3Ah battery as well but in comparison, Makita surprisingly lasts a bit longer than DEWALT. The former is not bad at all; it can last for daily home projects but the latter does stay longer for more demanding jobs.

Dewalt XR vs Makita LXT

Both of these power tool lines are impressive and we can see it from the impact drivers. The two are very reliable, working great for most home projects and stay reliable for heavier tasks as well but, in comparison Makita produces more power despite using a small battery. The battery also lasts longer to complete more tasks but it only has one speed level which makes adjustment a bit difficult especially on the low speed application. 

- The cordless impact driver has 3-speed settings for optimized application versatility
- Precision drive in speed 1 for precision applications and added control
- 3 LEDs with 20-second delay after trigger release, provide visibility without shadows
- One-handed loading 1/4-inch hex chuck with easy grip sleeve, accepts 1-inch bit tips
- Variable speed (0 3, 400 RPM and 0 3, 600 IPM) for a wide range of fastening applications
- The BL Brushless motor eliminates carbon brushes, enabling the BL motor to run cooler and more efficiently for longer life
- Efficient BL Brushless motor is electronically controlled to optimize battery energy use for up to 50 percentage longer run time per charge
- The electronically controlled BL Brushless motor efficiently uses energy to match torque and RPM to the changing demands of the application


There is no bad option between the two power tool lines but personally we recommend Makita for the affordable price and reliable performance but if you want more features and are willing to spend more, DEWALT usually offers more in the tool. 

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