Dremel 300 vs 3000

For those who are already familiar with rotary tool or those who love doing some DIY, the Dremel name should already familiar in your ears. In this article, we are going to talk about two of their rotary tools that often asked by people for they come with many similarities namely Dremel 300 and 3000. If you are also curious what set them apart from each other, you may want to check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Dremel 300 and 3000
– What Dremel 300 and 3000 Look Like
– What Dremel 300 and 3000 can offer to you
– Dremel 300 vs 3000

About Dremel 300
Dremel 300 is the brand’s one of most popular product. The tool has been available since around 2009 and the company doesn’t make the unit anymore but it was replaced with newer model, the 3000, which we are going to talk later. This tool is similar to those Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman for crafters for its ability to be used to help you to be more creative and executing those inspirations in real life.

Dremel 300 Design
What comes to mind when first looking at Dremel 300 is probably the build. The tool is made to looks heavy duty and it is definitely not a small tool that you put in your pocket, but you still can use it single handedly and small enough to fit into tight places. In the body where you should grip it is covered with softer materials for more comfortable operation.

Dremel 300 Features
Dremel 300 comes with 24 accessories to enhance to tool versatility, so you can straight to do your work out of the box and the motor is powered with 1.15 amps on 120 AC/50-60 Hz for general applications. You can use your tool in variable speed from 5000 to 35000 rpm, so you can match the speed with the job and give you the proper control over what you are doing. Furthermore, the tool has click-and-set on/off switch for smoother continuous performance.

About Dremel 3000
As it has been mentioned earlier, Dremel 3000 is the newer version of 300 unit. Many people are wondering why the company decided to replace the Dremel 300, since the tool worked perfectly fine, but there are some users that have complained about some things from the tool and then the company decided to renew the product to be better than its original version. If you want the better version from already good Dremel 300, you may consider picking the 3000 version.

Dremel 3000 Design
From the outside, Dremel 3000 looks slightly different form its original version with more streamlined, torpedo-style design and a trumpet shape nose to help the user grip the tool more comfortably. It is also slightly heavier than the original model, but you still can operate it single handedly using the pencil grip. Read also: Dremel 4000 vs 3000.

Dremel 3000 Features
Dremel 3000 also comes with 24 tools for versatility and saves you time picking the accessories. The motor is now has been slightly improve to 1.5 Amp to make it more powerful than the original version as well as speed range that has been slightly lowered from 5000 – 32000 (formerly 35000). Even though it is slightly slower in the full speed, the tool is still more than adequate for any cutting and drilling. Another improvement is the ball-bearing motor in the newer version is said to be cooler, smoother as well as quieter than its original version.

Now, let’s compare Dremel 300 with Dremel 3000. As you may already know, both tools are set apart by the design, motor power, and speed range. The 3000 is improved with better design to let the machine run smoother, cooler and quitter as well as slightly stronger motor but slower speed.

Dremel 300 vs 3000

- Variable speed from 5,000 to 35,000 rpm
- Lightweight design for comfort during prolonged use
- Comfort-grip housing for easier handling and better tool control
- Dovetail feature for Dremel-exclusive attachments
- Click-and-set power switch allows precise speed selection
- The product is VS Rotary Tool Kit
- Variable speed form 5,000 to 35,000 rpm
- Soft grip for comfort and control
- Works with core attachments
- EZ Twist Nose Cap Wrench

All in all, the decision is all yours. Improvements aside, taking the availability and price into consideration, we will highly recommend you the newer and more affordable version Dremel 3000.

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