Dremel 3000 vs Black and Decker RTX

In this article, we are going to discuss about two budget-friendly rotary tools with decent power: Dremel 3000 vs Black and Decker RTX. In terms of specifications, these two models are quite similar. However, Dremel 3000 is a bit more expensive than Black and Decker RTX. So, which rotary tool is actually better for the money?

Continue reading below to find out further about:
– The design and features of each model
– What accessories that are included with each model
– The power and speed levels on each model
– The performance of Dremel 3000 vs Black and Decker RTX
– Which rotary tool that is generally more recommended

Dremel 3000: Overview
Dremel 3000 is a relatively affordable rotary tool that is meant to replace the popular Dremel 300 series. It is definitely better than its predecessor in every way, including the ergonomics. Despite the budget-friendly nature, this model already offers a substantial amount of power and useful features. It is now the de-facto standard for an entry-level Dremel rotary tool. See also: Dremel 4000 vs 3000.

This product is actually available in several different bundles. However, we will focus on the Dremel 3000-2/28 bundle, which includes 2 attachments and 28 accessories as well as a hard-plastic carrying case. It is the most popular bundle so far. Since it is attainable with a budget of about sixty US dollars, it is quite a good value for the money.

The Dremel 3000 rotary tool is powered by a variable-speed 120V motor, which has a power of 1.2 amps. It has a minimum no-load speed of 5,000 RPM and a maximum no-load speed of 32,000 RPM. It comes with four collets of different sizes (1/8-inch, 1/16-inch, 1/32-inch, and 3/32-inch) to suit different accessory shank sizes. It also comes with a well-written operation manual that is clear and easy to understand.

The two included attachments are the grinding/sanding guide and the cutting guide. Meanwhile, with the included accessories, you can easily handle various tasks. There are accessories for cutting (two fiberglass-reinforced cut-off wheels and one multi-purpose cutting bit), carving (regular cutter, high-speed cutter, diamond wheel point), sanding (several sanding drums and bands), grinding/sharpening (carbide and aluminum-oxide grinding stones), and polishing (nylon bristle and carbon steel brushes, polishing wheels, polishing compound). There are also miscellaneous items: the mandrels, wrench, and dressing stone.

Dremel 3000: Features
Most of the features of Dremel 3000 vs Black and Decker RTX are similar. In fact, most of the bits and accessories of Dremel 3000 are also usable on Black and Decker RTX.

Dremel 3000 comes with the EZ Twist Nose Cap to allow easy, quick accessory change. It is very nice. Traditional rotary tools often require you to grate your fingers for tightening or undoing the accessories. But, with Dremel 3000, you won’t need to hurt your thumb and index finger anymore. It has a wrench fitment inside the collar, which fits snugly onto the locking collet. So, to tighten the collet, you only need to turn the collar. This is awesome.

However, the on/off control is integrated into the speed switch. So, in order to turn the unit off, you need to lower the speed switch to zero. This is a slight inconvenience because you won’t be able to keep the Dremel 3000 rotary tool set to a specific speed setting. You will need to adjust the speed every time you turn it on. One possible solution is plugging the rotary tool to a switched power outlet or an AC footswitch.

With a motor power of 130W, Dremel 3000 is powerful enough for various tasks. It can provide decent torque. Fortunately, the great power is also accompanied with an ergonomic design, so you will be able to handle it comfortably without harming your work or your hands. Well, Dremel 3000’s handle is more of a grasping tool, instead of a precision instrument, but the optional flexible shaft can be quite handy when enhanced precision is needed.

Dremel 3000: Performance
There is a difference in the power rating of the motor of Dremel 3000 vs Black and Decker RTX. Dremel 3000 has a 1.2-amp motor, whereas Black and Decker RTX has a 2.0-amp motor. That said, the difference is not really noticeable in use. Dremel 3000 is already able to provide a decent amount of torque. Dremel 3000 also has sealed bearings which protect most of the parts from dust – meaning that it will last for a very long time.

Dremel 3000 runs very quietly. It won’t grate your ears, even when running at the maximum speed. The handling is very solid and comfortable. You get a very good feel on it. However, due to the less elaborate finger molds, it is not very comfortable for precision works.

At low speeds, Dremel 3000 does vibrate a bit. But it is still quite manageable to control. At high speeds, it performs very well. It is stable and consistent. With the pencil cap nose, it is accurate and very easy to control.

Another nice thing about Dremel 3000 is that it remains relatively cool even after an extended operation. It benefits from the redesigned side vents, which allow enhanced air circulation to cool down the motor. So, overheating should not be an issue with this rotary tool.

Black and Decker RTX: Overview
In a niche that is dominated by Dremel, Black and Decker RTX is quite a challenger. This rotary tool comes with features and specifications that are mostly similar to Dremel 3000. It also allows easy and quick accessory change. It even has a more powerful motor. And it comes at a more affordable price point.

Just like most other rotary tools, Black and Decker RTX is available in several different bundles. Currently, there are two options from the company: Black and Decker RTX-B and Black and Decker RTX-6. The difference between these two bundles is the included accessories. Black and Decker RTX-B only comes with 5 accessories, a wrench, and a storage bag. On the other hand, Black and Decker RTX-6 comes with 27 accessories, 2 spring clamps, a wrench, and a soft-sided carrying case.

You can get the Black and Decker RTX-6 bundle with a budget of less than forty US dollars. It also includes accessories for various tasks, ranging from cutting, carving, sanding, sharpening, to polishing. So, it can be a much better value than Dremel 3000.

However, if you already have a set of Dremel accessories, you may choose the Black and Decker RTX-B bundle, which you can get with a budget of slightly over thirty dollars. The Black and Decker RTX rotary tool is compatible with nearly all of Dremel accessories.

Black and Decker RTX is a lightweight tool, as it only weighs about 1.5 pounds. It is armed with a 2.0-amp motor with a variable speed switch for 12,000 RPM, 24,000 RPM, and 30,000 RPM. It has a universal collet system and a flip-lock spindle lock system.

Black and Decker RTX: Features
You control the motor through an on/off switch on the rear side of the tool. The fact that the on/off switch is separate from the speed control is a good thing. However, the on/off switch is not accessible when both of your hands are holding the tool. So, you still need to be very careful when turning the tool off to avoid pointing the bit towards something or someone.

Small, compact rotary tools in this price range are often made to be disposable. If there is a weakness on Black and Decker RTX, it is the build quality. In order to keep the weight and price low, the company uses cheap materials on this rotary tool. Well, it is quite solid and well-built for hobbyists and occasional home users, but it won’t survive heavy construction and industrial tasks.

One nice thing about Black and Decker RTX is the power cord, which measures 7.6 feet long. It is not very long, but it is longer than any Dremel tool’s power cord.

As mentioned above, one difference between Dremel 3000 vs Black and Decker RTX is the power rating of the motor. With a 2.0-amp motor, Black and Decker RTX should be able to deliver plenty of torque. However, in the tests, it does not feel really that much powerful. It is quite similar to Dremel 3000. In fact, Dremel 4000 which is equipped with a 1.6-amp, feels significantly more powerful. So, it is just a comparable alternative for Dremel 3000.

Black and Decker RTX: Performance
The compact and lightweight design of Black and Decker RTX makes it ideal for engraving. The motor is powerful enough to allow the bit to go through a wood, glass, metal, or plastic surface smoothly without any problem. Working on precision tasks with Black and Decker RTX is great.

The motor is also quite durable. After a 2-hour carving session, the motor does not show any hint of premature wear and tear. The rear portion does get hot, but not excessively. The tool is good enough for tasks like grinding and sanding. However, it is not durable or powerful enough for heavier tasks.

Dremel 3000 vs Black and Decker RTX

- Variable speed from 5,000 to 32,000 RPM
- Improved design for multiple grip positions
- EZ Twist Nose Cap for quick accessory changes
- Includes 2 attachments: a sanding/grinding guide and a cutting guide
- 2-year limited warranty
- Includes: RTX Speed Rotary Tool; 5 Accessories; Storage Bag; User Guide; Wrench
- Exclusive Flip-Lock spindle lock system for quick and easy accessory changes, eliminates need to hold down awkward button.
- Universal collet system accepts all standard rotary tool accessories
- Powerful, high torque motor (twice the power and torque of the leading competitor) completes jobs faster, won't bog down under load
- 3 speed (12,000/24,000/30,000 RPM) for maximum precision in all applications

If you want to get the most value from your money, Black and Decker RTX is indeed the way to go. It is as good as Dremel 3000 in terms of power, if not better. It also allows easy accessory change, and it is compatible with most Dremel accessories. It is quite more affordable.

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