Dremel 4200 vs Dremel 4300

In the article below, we will tell the comparison between Dremel 4200 and Dremel 4300. Even they are easy to handle and have the chic shape, but each tool has a different specification and also has a different design. To knowing more about them, let’s check this out.

-The Product Specification
-The design between Dremel 4200 Vs Dremel 4300

The Product Specification
The Dremel 4200 is the first rotary tool that uses the EZ Change ™ mechanism that helps you more easily and faster in replacing accessories without any wrench. So, you can complete your work faster than before. Moreover, Dremel 4200 offers the highest performance and the most versatility of all rotary tools. Featuring the electronic feedback circuitry can make the performance consistent with every speed levels.

Dremel 4200 also can be used for all existing Dremel an accessories and attachments to complete the bigger range of projects. Dremel 4200 has slim shape and ergonomic body offers a 360-degree grip zone to control in any grip position. The 4200 has a separate on/off switch. And the variable speed dials which permit the convenient speed regulation and maintaining the selected speed even when a tool is turned off.

Besides, The Dremel 4300 is the first Dremel rotary tool to permit the tool-less and collet-less accessory changes with the inclusion of the three-jaw chuck. The chuck can be used for all Dremel accessory shank sizes for making it faster and it is appropriated for replacing the accessory without using a wrench. Featuring the all new Pivot Light, your works are a little bit easier because of the light could help you in minimum sight. Since the light pivots could direct the flash where you want it.

Dremel rotary tools applications are more convenient than ever because the 4300 gives us the most powerful motor with built-in variable speed and electronic feedback circuitry. The design is really slim and also has ergonomic body gives a comfortable 360-degree grip zone no matter how you hold it for extended ease of use. The completely redesigned airflow system lets the Dremel 4300 run cool, quiet, and smooth so it is completing your projects are more enjoyable than ever.

Both of them have an elegant and slim design. For Dremel 4200 it has Cord Length about 7ft. The speed variable range starts from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM. The tool level is 1 – corded variable speed high. The Weight is 1.175kg. With this weight, it makes you easier to move and handle the tool. The warranty from the manufacturer is Limited 2 years. It uses the voltage about 120V.

For Dremel 4300 it has Cord Length about 6ft. The speed variable starts from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM. It has tool level 1 – Corded – variable speed high. The weight is 1.9 kg. It is quite heavy but it worth with good performance.

Dremel 4200 vs Dremel 4300

- Most powerful and versatile rotary tool in the Dremel line
- EZ Change system-change all Dremel accessories without the wrench or collet lock
- Cooler running with 20-percent more air flow in venting design
- Universal 3-jaw chuck fits the widest range of Dremel accessories
- Rotating Pivot Light for optimal illumination
- Powerful variable-speed motor with electronic feedback for maximum performance

From the comparisons above, we prefer to choose Dremel 4200 rather than Dremel 4300. It is because Dremel 4200 has better performance. Even in some condition, Dremel 4300 is better, but for the whole appraisement, Dremel 4200 is better.

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