Kobalt XTR vs Kobalt

Kobalt is one of the most popular brands of power tools and they have plenty to choose from based on what you want to aim with the tool such as the Kobalt XTR Vs Kobalt drill. These power tools are very convenient and probably useful for various types of application and woodworking too. The two are powerful, easy to use, as well as reliable but, are not exactly the same to each other. Before deciding to choose one, let’s see what they can offer below.

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  • Kobalt XTR Vs Kobalt

Shopping for a New Drill/Driver

Being the most versatile tools you have in the box, a drill/driver is a must have for many of us and probably for every adults who prefer to deal with some light tasks in the house themselves from replacing the door, fixing the ceiling, hanging a picture frame or ornaments, fixing the deck, or building a tree house for your cats. A drill/driver is useful in various applications that require you to connect or install something. Since they are straightforward, almost everyone can get used to them in no time as well.

What’s confusing is there are plenty of them out there and all look like the same unit so it can take more than just a glance and reading into description to find the perfect option. For some people, any lightweight variants can do the job really well but for those handling lots of tasks everyday, we will need something more powerful and reliable. Here are some factors to consider when getting a new drill/driver whether this is for a professional use or everyday homeowner purposes.

When talking about drill/driver, most of us will tend to choose the cordless type such as Milwaukee M12 Vs DeWalt 20V. As you can guess, this type of power tool is based on the voltage since they are powered with a battery and this is an important factor to consider because voltage is responsible to drive the motor and the larger they are the more impact produced, especially on the force and speed rating so this is why you will see higher model often has as higher maximum speed as well.

The next part is the type of drill as well because if you go to shop at a hardware store, there is an impact driver which looks very similar to a drill/driver. The easier way to set them apart is the impact driver doesn’t have a chuck so they are easier to remove and replace the bit with. Due to this they look shorter as well on the main tube but, as the name suggests it has a hammering movement to give a higher impact on the surface.

Most drill/driver is featured with a variable speed trigger and at least two different speed options along with the chuck setting. In some models there are labels to indicate the certain setting is ideal for drilling, hammer drilling, or driving screws but most only put a variable level and one drilling function. This is necessary to decide what type of work you will be working on and whether the tool carries enough power to deliver the best performance.

 Kobalt XTRKobalt

Product Dimensions19.3 x 13 x 5.2 inches
7.5 x 3 x 9.5 inches
Shipping Weight11 pounds
4 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Kobalt XTR and Kobalt

For homeowners who only need a drill/driver to attach things and rarely need them, 12V variants are usually working well already and they are cheaper too to save the budget. But, for users with a frequent application, going for the higher powered one is wiser just so we can get a more reliable and we can finish the project without meaningful issues from the tool. If you have similar power tools from certain brands, another cordless variant may be able to use the same battery.

We personally prefer to stick with popular names or well-known brands because they tend to be more trusted on the product’s quality. It can be personal preference as well and among those reliable options, Kobalt is one of the best choices out there and if you have been about affordable alternatives, we are sure you are familiar with them as well. Not long ago they renewed the 24V power tools, making them better and more powerful for various jobs we need to work on.

For those who are here looking to buy a new drill/driver, they have plenty to choose from but also in a different range of products such as the Kobalt XTR and Kobalt drill which is the regular variant from the same line. The 24V Max is their new favorite variant and the tools we are talking about here are coming from the same family. As a drill/driver, the two are going to be equally useful as well as versatile but, as you can guess, they are not exactly the same.

Ever since the new 24V Max was available at Lowe’s and various online stores you can access, this line carries plenty of higher rated power tools for more serious projects or users. The Kobalt XTR and Kobalt drill/driver are two of them with the highest versatility. XTR is focusing on the battery efficiency compared to the older model of the power tools which is still available to purchase and is actually interchangeable as well if you want to use XTR battery with the older tools.

Kobalt XTR and Kobalt Built

As you can see from the sample picture above, the Kobalt XTR and Kobalt drill/driver are looking like any other power tools out there. We personally have no complaint about how well the product is built and even for people with large hands, the handle on these tools are still decent to hold while the weight makes them feel firmer. The XTR here has a dual handle style for better stability but you can find one that has a less obtrusive feature as well.

From the cosmetic side, we can set the two apart by their color scheme because the XTR is now blue and black instead of blue and silver especially on the room behind the chuck. The two come with their own battery and charger already but do check your store or product option in case it is only the bare tool. If you have the regular Kobalt 24V Max battery or charger, we can still use them with the XTR tool and vice versa.

Kobalt XTR and Kobalt Specs

On the specs, both Kobalt XTR and Kobalt are actually very similar or almost identical to each other because the XTR is like a newer version of the power tools but, they also claimed to design XTR line to be more effective in using the power. Just like most drill/drivers, there are two different speed settings that you can access at the top of the unit; the setting number one is for a lower speed rate from 0-550 RPM while the second setting will max the speed up to 2,000 RPM.

What’s different is the torque produced from these power tools because the XTR is optimized with the new battery so the motor is more efficient and the XTR battery also has a higher current discharge which also improve the overall performance of the tool but, even with the new battery, the older power tool is not optimized to reach the same power rating. Side by side, these two accessories are interchangeable if you already have the older drill/driver.

Kobalt XTR and Kobalt Features

On the feature part, Kobalt XTR and Kobalt are humble and there is not much we can brag here but how comfortable the handles are. The battery can last for quite some time and charge pretty quickly too but we also recommend having at least two of them for an uninterrupted work pace. There is a small LED light on the unit to illuminate the spot where the drill is working on and while they are not very bright, at least we have something to aid in a dark space.

The chuck is the same ½ inch type and they are keyless so we don’t need anything like a wrench or hex key to replace the bit. It is very easy and straightforward as well while the total of 22 chuck settings are adequate to handle various types of jobs.

Kobalt XTR and Kobalt Performance 

Lastly on the performance of Kobalt XTR and Kobalt, what we love is their ease of use. The speed ratings are the same so you can get the same task done quickly but when it comes to their slower setting speed, we feel the XTR does put more force into the bits and is able to handle thick or robust material better, especially with less force from users. For typical material like woods, plastic or a thin sheet of metal, the two are equally reliable.

Kobalt XTR vs Kobalt

Both Kobalt XTR and Kobalt are good options for users who plan to put their cordless drill on stressful tasks. They are powerful, efficient as well as comfortable and easy to use. The difference is that XTR has a new motor and new battery comes with the tool that is more optimized to give a more force into the torque hence the stronger impact. But if you have both, we can still use the charger and battery for either of them.

- Brushless motor delivers up to 1,200 ft-lbs of torque
- Anti-kickback technology for improved control
- Compatible with current KOBALT 24V Max tools, batteries and chargers
- 2-Speed gear box and variable-speed trigger with 24-position clutch. Built-in LED work light to illuminate work area
- 530 in-lbs(60Nm) Max Torque
- 24+1 Position Torque Settings
- 1/2" Widest Chuck Size on AMAZON
- All Metal Chuck with Unique AUTO-LOCK


It is best to shop based on what you need but since these two are at the same price point, we do recommend choosing their XTR model since this line has a new battery and improved motor to give a more powerful impact, especially when dealing with sturdier material.

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