Makita LXT vs Milwaukee Fuel

Makita LXT vs Milwaukee Fuel would be an exciting comparison for many professionals or hobbyists. This is also a battle between companies from two different countries, Japan and USA. Makita is a Japanese company that is a big player in the industry for a very long time, since 1915 to be precise. And Milwaukee, is a USA based company that is almost as old as Makita. It was established back in 1924.

Both companies have been around for so long and they have created many inventions and more than just electric repair companies. Both companies are very well known by professionals, hobbyists, or even novices all around the world. 

In this article, we’re going to compare two drills created by these companies. Looking at each product’s pros and cons and closed with a verdict.

Makita LXT Review

Makita LXT is priced at $264 on Amazon and it comes with BL Brushless motor, variable 2-speed 1/2″ hammer Driver-Drill that delivers up to 1,090 lbs. of max torque, 3-speed Impact Driver that delivers 1,550 lbs. of max torque and weighs only 3.3 lbs. with battery.

Makita LXT comes with very good materials and build quality. There is no doubt about its quality just like many other electronic products made in Japan. Makita as a company is a big player in the industry with export markets in many countries including Romania, Mexico, Japan, China, Canada, UK, and Brazil.

Makita LXT is the predecessor of 6500D, a battery powered drill which was a groundbreaking in cordless inventions. Not only it was cordless, it was also rechargeable too. 6500D was truly the first ever one of a kind power tool in the world. Read also: Makita XDT16 vs XDT14.

Makita keep inventing new ways of making more and more efficient tools. That’s how they keep staying on top of the industry for decades. And now we’ve arrived at Makita LXT. It is created for professionals who are looking for the best of the best cordless power tools. But of course, you don’t have to be a professional to use this tool.

 Makita LXT Milwaukee Fuel
Product Dimensions14.6 x 22.4 x 13.2 inches
4.3 x 14.9 x 19.1 inches
Shipping Weight32 pounds
1 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Makita LXT comes with a ½ inches driver-drill and an impact driver. It is also equipped with a flashlight, 2 19V li-ion compact batteries, and charger with 480 inches of torque. it weighs only 3.3 lbs. in total. There is also another impact driver with 1,460 of torque that weighs only 2.8 lbs. with the battery.

The BL brushless motor is very energy efficient. It uses as much energy as the torque and RPM used. More about the battery life, Makita made Star Protection Computer Controls. It is a tool that allows the drill to communicate with the battery to monitor usage. The result is the drill will never over-burdened or overheating.

 BL brushless motor also gets rid of carbon brushes allowing the motor to run cooler. You will really appreciate the variable speed impact driver, it allows you to use the most optimal torque. BL brushless motor packs a powerful punch especially for a cordless drill.

There are some downsides. With the purchase you’ll get a hard case bag which is a bad thing for some people. Especially when it isn’t the same as the picture shown in the advertisement. Also using gloves can be a hindrance in operating this tool as the speed button doesn’t always work if you wear one.

Milwaukee Fuel Review

Milwaukee Fuel is priced at $204 on Amazon and it comes with 1 ½ inch hammer drill, and 1 ¼ hex impact driver. Compared to Makita LXT that has plenty of advanced features, seems like Milwaukee Fuel is much simpler on the outside. 

Milwaukee Fuel is considered to be one of the most lightweight and compact drills on the market. Many professionals love this drill and they considered this drill as a superior product to most other products on the market. 

Milwaukee Fuel uses Milwaukee’s 12V brushing engines called M12 Fuel. Many of Milwaukee’s product runs on REDLINK framework that allows them to run with more power, sturdiness, and run time. The toolbox is also the same, it’s a 2-piece unit that incorporates a Hex Impact Hammer and Hammer Drill. Hammer Drill operates at 350 lbs. of torque and 1700 max RPM and the length of the drill in 1 inch. 

Milwaukee Fuel comes in a set rather than individual parts. This way you don’t have to think about where to get other parts to make sure that you can do your work. You can get all drilling necessities in one purchase. This is a big plus for hobbyists.

Overall, Milwaukee Fuel is very easy to use. Despite being loved by professionals, novices can use it with no problems. The head angle is really good for more convenient. Milwaukee Fuel is also ergonomics. Also, the bag that comes with it is really nice. Just like Makita LXT the drill won’t get to the point where it’s over-burdened or overheating. If you need the right tool for a demanding task, then Milwaukee Fuel can help you to finish the task successfully. 

Makita LXT vs Milwaukee Fuel

- Variable 2 speed 1/2 inches Hammer Driver Drill (0 600 & 0 1, 900 RPM) with Makita built 4 pole motor delivers 480 inches pounds of max torque; weighs only 3.4 pounds with battery
- Variable speed impact driver (0 2, 900 RPM & 0 3, 500 IPM) provides 1, 460 inches pounds Of max torque; Weighs only 2.8 pounds with battery
- Variable speed Recipro saw delivers 0 2, 800 strokes per minute with a 1 1/4 inches Stroke; Weighs 8.1 pounds with battery
- 6 1/2 inches Circular saw delivers 3, 700 RPM for faster cutting and ripping through wood; Weighs only 7.3 pounds. With battery; Tool count: 5
- Hammer drill/driver's POWERSTATE Brushless Motor delivers 1200 in. lbs. of peak torque and up to 2000 RPM for faster drilling speeds.
- REDLITHIUM battery technology offers superior pack construction, electronics and performance to deliver exceptional work per charge and work over pack life.
- Includes 2704-20 1/2 in. hammer drill, 2753-20 1/4 in. hex impact driver, two (2) REDLITHIUM XC 5.0 batteries, M12-M18 multi-voltage charger, (2) belt clips, (2) bit holders, side handle and carrying case.
- Impact driver's POWERSTATE Brushless Motor delivers 1800 in. lbs. of fastening torque for faster driving speeds.


No matter what you’re trying to do, both these products can help you finish it quickly, safely, and easily. But you have to know that Makita LXT is 18V and Milwaukee Fuel is 12V. If you need a powerful tool to take with you to a workplace, then Milwaukee Fuel would be more reliable a you don’t need to worry about power of the torque. Milwaukee Fuel is also lightweight, so you won’t any difficulties carrying it around.

On the other hand, Milwaukee Fuel would be a better choice to use at home. It’s slightly cheaper and safer to use. Probably most people would prefer something like Milwaukee Fuel since it’s cheaper and comes in a set. In fact, many experts recommend Milwaukee Fuel for home users out there. 

There you have it, no matter which drill you choose, each product will perform well. But keep note on what kind of customer you are and simply pick one.


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