Makita XDT16 vs XDT14

Home repairing can be something fun to perform, whether if it is your first time or it has been a common activity since you are young. There are various tools to use when performing the job, including a driver that will use for various things. Currently, the technology leads you to use an electric brushless impact driver, which claims to work faster, more efficient, and of course more power.

 However, not everyone aware of which brand or series is the best product to select among many items available in the shop. Including when you look at Makita XDT16 VS XDT14. Even both coming from the same brand, a different series brings them different features and capacity too. If it is time to switch your manual driver to a brushless impact driver, then you really need to check on the below paragraphs.

General Overview and Specifications

Makita is one of the brands that specialize in the power tools. The brand comes from the USA and has been stand since 1915. A quite long year to establish the company as one of the trusted power tool companies that have been supported many construction activities in the world. The brand launched a brushless impact driver on several series. Including XDT14 and then improved to XDT16. Both are almost similar but have small differences in several improvements. Read also: Dewalt 20V Max XR vs Milwaukee Fuel

In general, there are several specifications on the XDT series. Such as Makita XDT14 that claims the product consist of following lists of specifications.

  • It completes with a 3-speed power selection switch. Therefore, the product can provide good fastening control and will work for various range of works.
  • BL™ Brushless Motor able to achieve 3,600 Max RPM and 1,550 in. lbs. of Max Torque.
  • The motor is electronically controlled. Therefore, it can optimize battery energy use up to 50% longer.
  • The motor also able to eliminates carbon brushes, it’s enabling the motor to run cooler. Therefore, it’s more efficient to use in longer life.
  • The technology brings the Extreme Protection Technology (XPT™) feature to help provide increased dust and water resistance capability.
  • The motor works an efficient way by uses energy to match torque and RPM so it can comply with the demands of the application.
  • Compact and ergonomic design with a size of 4-5/8″ long.
  • The weight is about 3.3 lbs. with battery. Therefore, it can help reduce operator fatigue.
  • Complete with metal gear housing which manages its durability.
  • Feature a comfort one-touch 1/4″ hex chuck.
  • Dual L.E.D. lights that completed with an independent on/off switch to illuminate the work area.
  • It manufactured using the best raw materials. Plus, it also produces the highest quality steel and unique heat hardening process. Therefore, it has maximum fastening and driving power
  • Equipped with Star Protection Computer Controls™ that able to protect against overloading. It also helps with over-discharging and overheating.
  • Good management of charging time. Therefore, the battery spends more time working and less time sitting on the charger.
  • Completed with a 3-year limited warranty.

While the XDT16 series is the improved version that has a similar specification. But, it has several added capabilities including adding its strength. Therefore, people that choose to buy the latest version may get better tools.


Whether XDT14 or XDT16, both bring general incredible features compare to another brand. That is why many customers love to choose the brand. Specifically, it is consisting of the following features:

  • They both comprise of Quick-Shift Mode™ technology that uses the motor’s electronic controls to find the best balance of speed and torque.
  • BL™ Brushless Motor can deliver power up to 3,600 Max RPM and 1,550 in. lbs. of Max Torque.
  • The design is quite compact and ergonomic, as it only 4-5/8″ long.
  • It completes with rubberized soft grip to increased more comfort on the job activity.
  • It has tightening Mode (T-mode) that helps a faster tightening of self-drilling screws.


When you need to make a decision between Makita XDT16 VS XDT14, you need to understand the basic difference between both products. Since it comes from the same series, only the latest version improved in some items. Therefore, to bring an overview of what is the improvement, the below lists of points might explain better.

  • If the XDT14 consists of only 3 speeds, then in XDT16 you can get 4-speed modes. Therefore, it is better for those who professionally use the tools for some works. Each work may need different speeds, mainly if you build or renovate a building. Not like repairing some common things for a simple house repair activity.
  • In XDT16 you can get an additional one-touch 4-speed power selector button under the chuck for added convenience. 


Another important thing that mostly becomes a consideration is the price. Most people will not bother buying an updated product if the price is worth enough. But, they will be thinking twice to get an update with a high different price. This is the way people compare when selecting between Makita XDT16 VS XDT14. For information, Makita XDT14 is now selling with a price of $100, while XDT16 is now selling with a price of $165. This leads to a $65 difference to get the new series rather than the previous version.

Makita XDT16 vs XDT14

- Bl Brushless motor delivers 3, 600 max RPM and 1, 600 inches pounds of max torque
- 4 Speed power selection (0 1, 100/ 0 2, 100/ 0 3, 200/ 0 3, 600 RPM & 0 1, 100/ 0 2, 600/ 0 3, 600/ 0 3, 800 IPM) provides precise fastening control for a wide range of applications
- Additional one touch 4 speed power selector button under the chuck for added convenience
- Assist mode (a mode) feature helps eliminate "screw cam out" And "cross threading" By driving at low speed until tightening begins
- Quick-Shift mode selector has an automatic electronic controller that downshifts and reduces rotation and impact speed prior to driving screw into place
- Tightening mode (t-mode) for faster tightening of Self-Drilling screws; helps prevent damage to the screw or workpiece
- 3-speed power selection switch (0-1, 100 / 0-2, 100 / 0-3, 600 RPM & 0-1, 100 / 0-2, 600 / 0-3, 800 IPM) provides precise fastening control for a wide range of applications
- BL Brushless motor delivers 3, 600 max RPM and 1, 550 in. Lbs. Of max torque


After looking at some specifications and differences, especially the price, common people will do second thinking to get the XDT16. Since it asks them to pay quite more money for the improvement of the speeds. But, professional workers might love to add this tool for their supports. As it helps them in a more convenient way of selecting more speed and perform it easier.

Overall, it is depending on your activity and criteria. If you just want to add another tool for your own home repair, then the cheaper option may be the best solution. However, if it is a consideration to add more tools for your professional works, then getting the new series will be an advantage. Hence, it might lead to a different decision on each people. But, still, both products are one of the best to consider rather than the others. 

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