Milwaukee 2401 vs 2406

When it comes to woodworking tools, there are plenty to choose from and plenty to work with depending on what you will need them for. However, a screwdriver is not only convenient for enthusiasts but also common homeowners for their ability to drive screw automatically, with less effort and less stress on your hand. Even compact screwdrivers like Milwaukee 2401 Vs 2406 are ideal for various light to medium applications and for those who are also eyeing these models, do check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What Tools Needed for Woodworking
  • What are Milwaukee 2401 and 2406
  • What Milwaukee 2401 and 2406 Look Like
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  • What else Milwaukee 2401 and 2406 can offer
  • How are the Performance of Milwaukee 2401 and 2406
  • Milwaukee 2401 Vs 2406

Woodworking Tools

Wood is one of the most versatile materials to work with and there are many items we can build using them, making them a convenient material when you need to make new furniture, expand the house, or fix some older parts in the house. If you are loving the activity as well or want to commit to the hobby, there are plenty of tools we need to prepare, in case this is your fresh start. Here are some of the basic tools that will be useful in your work station.

When it comes to woods, the first tool you want to have is saw as this is the one we will be using to manipulate the wood, be it on the length of the board, chopping off the rougher parts or doing crosscutting. However, we will need to look for different tools when doing the different tasks; for example the circular saw is convenient for almost any tasks as it can rip through wood efficiently. They also have plenty of blades to choose from depending on what you want to do.

However, while electric power is convenient, we will still need the help of hand saw which is best when it comes to precision cuts, similar to jigsaw yet is much easier to work with considering the different space you may have in the house. They are also easy to use because there is no electric component, no cord, and they are very lightweight too.

When building something, we combine various parts together and to connect them we need screws or nails as well. But, to make the hole, we will need drilling tools first and what’s great from this tool is they are also versatile for other applications depending on the attachment such as transforming them into rotary tools with attachment like grind. If you need the tool to be compact too, consider screw guns because they can deliver the same purpose yet, it is not necessary if you already have a corded one.

After cutting the woods, they need to be presentable and to make the wood look smoother, we need to polish the surface as well. This is when sanding tools come in handy because while it is possible and doable to use sandpaper manually, a sanding tools powered with electricity is much faster and more convenient but, they won’t be able to go for a narrower or difficult area thus, we will still need the manual sandpaper to complete some jobs. In addition, the sandpaper will affect the finish result too.

 Milwaukee 2401Milwaukee 2406
Product Dimensions9.06 x 19.27 x 11.61 inches
13.8 x 3.72 x 11.44 inches
Shipping Weight4.59 pounds
2.2 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Milwaukee 2401 and 2406

Now when you already decide to go with which tool or what to prepare, it is time to see the options. Depending on what you will be doing, the tools can vary greatly and those are just very few basics that we do think even regular homeowners who prefer to do things by themselves will benefit from having at least one in the house. If you are here then what you look for is a screwdriver which is very versatile and convenient for various jobs around the house.

There are plenty to choose from and if your application needs assembling or drilling the most often, Milwaukee is one of the most reliable brands out there. This company has lots of products to offer and many people seem to love their performance as well which is why we highly recommend to see the options from this brand. Personally we like their cordless tools which are pretty reliable for typical lightweight and medium jobs we will often do or meet around the house.

For users who want the best convenience and power in their screwdriver, Milwaukee 2401 and 2406 are two ideal models to consider. They are very much the same to each other and we do think you can rely on them for various tasks. They are screwdrivers and hence the power is quite tough, especially if you are comparing them to regular cordless drill drivers. This is often the reason why people prefer to stick with a screwdriver even when they are making holes.

However, this is completely about personal preference because not all of us will have the same preference and typical application. Milwaukee 2401 and 2406 are ideal for light to medium jobs and in comparison, the latter will be more expensive because it offers more to you. However, this is not in terms of functionality as in general they will be able to do the same tasks. But, if you prefer a more control over the driver, we recommend to go for the latter.

Milwaukee 2401 and 2406 Design

The sample we are choosing today is their set or the 2401-22 and 2406-22 because if you already have the battery and charger then we can buy the cheaper tool-only variant but we assume that you don’t have them yet and thus, getting the complete set like this will be more convenient as well compared to purchasing everything separately. In the box, similarly you will get the main screwdriver, the battery, and the charger. What’s different is you will get two batteries with 2406-22.

If you see closely, the Milwaukee 2401 and 2406 main screwdrivers are a bit different because while they are listed as the same M12 model, the latter has a prominently different chuck head design which is not as pointy as what you can see on the 2401. The rest of the body stays the same however, with the same black and red fashion as well as textured grip and trigger style control. Read also: Craftsman C3 Vs Ryobi One.

Milwaukee 2401 and 2406 Speed

Now for the most important part, let’s see what these compact screwdrivers are offering and when it comes to screwdrivers, what you may prefer is the one that has a higher speed because it means faster performance and faster job as well. This is where Milwaukee 2401 and 2406 differ the most because the cheaper 2401 is a regular screwdriver with variable trigger while the latter will offer you the options to use the driver with two different speeds. 

The maximum speed of 2401 screwdriver is 500 rotations per minute while in 2406 you can use the maximum speed of 0-400 rpm and 0-1,500 rpm depending on which seems to fit in your application the most. The faster the speed may make the screw more difficult to control but when it is possible, we can finish the job faster too using the higher speed. Just like any other drill/driver, these screwdrivers are reversible thus, you can drive and remove the screw conveniently.

Milwaukee 2401 and 2406 Torque

Not only the speed, Milwaukee 2401 and 2406 are also different in the torque capacity. The higher model Milwaukee 2406 is faster and it is a more powerful too because this model is packing a maximum torque of 275 in-lbs. in comparison to the former which is 100 in-lbs. lower. While speed is the rate in which the motor is rotating, torque is more of the rotational force these screwdrivers are capable of making, means the latter is also more powerful when it comes to forcing a screw or pulling them out.

Milwaukee 2401 and 2406 Features

Next is their additional features but since Milwaukee 2401 and 2406 are quite an entry-level, we do think it is best to not hope to see much in this part. From the standard specification they are equally ¼-inch in chuck size with 14+1 and 15+1 clutch settings or positions respectively. They are powered using batteries and it seems the same batteries for both models. In addition, the batteries capacity can be seen as they have gauge to indicate the remaining juice.  

Milwaukee 2401 and 2406 Performance 

Last is for the performance but personally we have no complaint about Milwaukee 2401 and 2406. They seem to work properly but the 2406 is indeed more powerful and using it at the lower speed makes sure you can control the bit to a finer detail. What we hope to see better is their LED light which is not very helping. However, as long as your working space is well lit, we don’t think it is a problem. Additionally the latter kit has two batteries and we do recommend having more than one for undisturbed workflow. 

Milwaukee 2401 vs 2406

Both of these screwdrivers are very much the same to each other and you can complete the task whenever you want with any of them. The difference is the 2406 model will be more reliable because it is carrying more powerful torque and higher speed. This model is ideal when you need to finish a faster job and want to work on a heavier material or in general need higher torque.

- 150 in.lbs of torque and a speed of 0 to 500 rpm
- Battery fuel gauge displays remaining run-time
- Built-in LED For illumination of dark work spots
- Metal gear housing for jobsite durability. Quick Bit loading 1/4-inch hex chuck for one-handed bit insertion and release
- M12 1/4 2Spd Driver Kit
- The product is easy to use and easy to handle
- The product is highly durable
- M12 1/4 2Spd Driver Kit. The Product is Easy to Use and Easy to Handle.


All in all it is best to shop based on what you need so between the two if the tool is only for lighter tasks then the 2401 model is fine to opt for but if you need a higher load, we highly recommend the big brother Milwaukee 2406.

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