Milwaukee M12 Vs Bosch 12V

Oscillating tools are very versatile for various types of application and they are also easy to use. The blade movement can be gentler for some tasks to make sure the result will look more professional such as in woodworking. There are plenty to choose from based on what you want to achieve and the type of application such as the Milwaukee M12 Vs Bosch 12V that are ideal for light tasks. If you wonder which will be the better option, see our comparison below.

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  • Milwaukee M12 Vs Bosch 12V

Oscillating Tools

As a homeowner there are various small tasks around the house that require us to spend some time taking care of it from changing the décor in our kid’s room, fixing a leaked pipe, changing the paint, installing new cabinets, and even making small furniture that we can use in the kitchen or living room. Typical power tools such as hammer drill or hand saw are must haves for almost anyone who prefer to handle these tasks by themselves but, there is another tool that you can take advantage of as well.

If a drill can make holes and drive screws while the saw job is cutting and shaping your material such as woods, an oscillating tool can do more than just one type of application. This is not as popular but if you haven’t used them in the past we do think it is amazing to have them around for their versatility. They are almost like the Swiss-Army of power tool for the functions because you can rely on them from trimming pipes, sanding the old table before polishing it, slicing floorboards or even removing old paints.

It is surprising to see some people are not aware yet of this tool convenience. The core idea of oscillating tools is very simple because they are only providing one type of movement which is oscillating itself but, can be paired with lots of different attachment to do the typical jobs we want to take care of thus, we can take advantage of several different tools in a single power tool. As you can expect, the head is the one doing the job and it is moving from side to side, instead of a full circle like a table saw or drill.

Due to the shape or type of attachment, an oscillating tool can reach into spaces where regular tools are not capable of. But, we have to mind the amount of power they carry as well because in general oscillating tools are not as powerful especially compared to a full-size one such as circular saws or sanders yet, they are cost-effective that can save you from spending on so many different tools. For typical homeowners who do lots of DIY, they are a very useful tool to invest on.

 Milwaukee M12Bosch 12V
Product Dimensions6.2 x 1.8 x 6.5 inches11.2 x 2 x 3.3 inches
Shipping Weight2.5 pounds1.75 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

One thing we want to recommend when shopping for an oscillating multi tool is regarding the power and angle. As buyers we often look for a tool that is highly powered since they will be more reliable and there is some truth to it yet, the difference in power amp usually doesn’t make that much of a difference in real life application. Oscillating angle is what often affects the performance and larger angle will do the task faster but bit difficult to control compared to the smaller angle that is more precise.

About Milwaukee M12 and Bosch 12V

For those who want to take advantage of the oscillating tool’s versatility, investing on one is a great idea and compared to many other tools, they are not expensive as well depending on the power rate and model. Usually the smaller amp such as 1.6 amps is already very reliable but do consider what you need from the tool or how they perform before deciding the option as not all of them will be the same and overall, all of their parts play a role on how the tool behaves.

For convenience, you can choose the brands of power tools that you are already familiar with. Most of the well-known options are already very good especially about the product quality and the amount of options they carry. Popular brands Milwaukee and Bosch carry plenty of power tools that are ideal for homeowners and professionals but we suggest to choose the one that will work well in your typical application since the price gap often doesn’t really mirror the overall performance especially between the old and new variant.

For the typical jobs we do around the house or even for those woodworkers and home renovators, the entry level models such as Milwaukee M12 and Bosch 12V are already very reliable for light tasks. Both of them are capable of doing various jobs that we often meet such as sanding and cutting boards or woods and depending on the blade, they are also reliable for cutting steel nails. As the name suggests, they are cordless models and using a pretty small 12 Volts battery which can be a bit restraining.

In comparison both of them are very reliable and easy to use but if you have used a sander then these two oscillating tools are very similar in terms of how to attach or remove the attachment and how to hold the tool while at work. The Milwaukee M12 and Bosch 12V are comparable with small batteries and variable speed to adjust how fast you need to finish the job but, we do recommend to not force them when cutting because it will drain the battery faster. Read also: Milwaukee M12 Vs M18 Multi Tool here.

Milwaukee M12 and Bosch 12V Design

Depending on which package you choose, these oscillating tools may come as a bare tool or with the battery so do make sure to check the option. You can buy the battery separately as well and users can choose to use a higher amp but it may have an impact on the tool’s longevity. The tools are very slim and can be held with one hand with a length of slightly longer than 10 inches for both models.

The housing is very durable and none of them are flimsy as well while there is a substantial weight to the housing at 1.6 and 1.7 lbs. respectively without their battery. We can place the hand anywhere along the housing but usually the space just above their battery slot is the most comfortable. If you need a better stabilization, we can use the other hand to hold the upper housing. Similarly, the power switch is at the top and the speed control is on the left panel.

Milwaukee M12 and Bosch 12V Power

Moving further, let’s see what Milwaukee M12 and Bosch 12V can offer and as you can guess, they are using the 12 V battery to work which in general is not the most long lasting option you can rely on but for a lighter job, we are sure you can still benefit from them. We also want to mention that the battery life is affected by the type of task these tools are working because the stronger the force, the faster as well you will have to change the battery.

Milwaukee M12 and Bosch 12V Speed

Just like any oscillating tools, these two are working with variable speed that you can adjust as needed and they are identical here because the lowest speed range is from 5,000 oscillation and the highest rate is until 20,000 oscillation per minute. What’s different is on the range of adjustment in which Milwaukee has 12 of them while Bosch only 6. It doesn’t affect the overall speed just M12 has a smaller increment in case you prefer a fine tuning the speed.

Milwaukee M12 and Bosch 12V Performance 

Now for the performance, let’s see how the Milwaukee M12 and Bosch 12V are in action but let us mention that the Bosch 12V is using a brushless motor while the M12 is a brushed motor. They are working really well especially on wood but we highly recommend choosing a high-quality blade because they play an important role as well in the performance. As for the speed rating, they are the same but when used to cut the same material like steel, we have to struggle more with M12.

It feels we can cut faster using the Bosch 12V than when using the M12 despite using the same speed setting. But, the Bosch is also less stable or vibrates stronger so it is somehow less comfortable with one hand. As for the blade, these oscillating tools are using the same blade and if you already have one, we can use it interchangeably.

Milwaukee M12 and Bosch 12V Convenience

Lastly we want to mention the convenience while using these oscillating tools but unfortunately none of Milwaukee M12 and Bosch 12V are tool-less and a must have when you are working with them is an allen or hex key. We need this key to open the screw and tighten it again when installing or removing the blade. But, Bosch has a magnet that aids when you place the blade so we don’t need to hold it while placing the securing bolt.

Milwaukee M12 Vs Bosch 12V

Both Milwaukee M12 and Bosch 12V are good options and they are typically working well for various light applications that don’t need a continuous force since the battery is small. The difference is somehow Bosch works more reliably and faster at executing the task such as cutting a board and small nails compared to Milwaukee. This oscillating tool also has a magnet located on the attachment to assist the installation.

- UNIVERSAL ADAPTOR: You can use accessories from other multi tools with the universal adaptor that screws onto the head
- 12 SPEED SETTINGS: Switch between 5,000 and 20,000 orbits per minute with the speed adjustment knob. Keep this tool suitable for a variety of different applications
- SANDING: An included sanding head with sanding pads will let you put the finishing touches on your woodworking projects without a separate purchase
- GROUTING: The multi-purpose head can slice into tight spaces to clear grout or trim
- TORQUE: The Bosch GOP12V-28N 12V Max Starlock Oscillating Multi-Tool Features the Starlock 3-D Tool-Accessory Interface. It Provides the Best-in-Class Grip Meaning More Torque Transfer
- VERSATILITY: With the Bosch GOP12V-28N users can accomplish flush-cutting, plunge-cutting, sanding, grinding and many other tasks making it the most versatile 12V oscillating multi-tool
- COMPATIBILITY: With a dynamic accessory range, the Bosch GOP12V-28N is compatible with all Starlock accessories
- POWER: At less than 2 lbs, the multi-tool provides unsurpassed performance-to-weight ratio powered by an efficient EC Brushless 12V max motor. The tool also features a variable-speed dial to adjust from 5,000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute


All in all there is no bad option between these oscillating tools so you can choose any of the two but we do suggest getting the Bosch 12V because it seems to work better at the same speed setting and is pretty fast to install a new blade thanks to the small magnet on the oscillating head.

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