Milwaukee M12 vs M18 Grease Gun

Milwaukee is one of the most popular brands of power tools and they carry lots of reliable options for your daily application. For those who are working in the automotive category or prefer to do maintenance at home, Milwaukee M12 Vs M18 grease guns are necessary to help you apply lubricant properly on the required parts. These tools are doing the same task but not identical so before deciding the option, let’s see what they can offer below and which seems to work better for you.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What is Grease Gun
  • What are Milwaukee M12 and M18
  • How are the Design of Milwaukee M12 and M18
  • How are the Spec of Milwaukee M12 and M18
  • What else Milwaukee M12 and M18 can offer
  • How are the Performance of Milwaukee M12 and M18
  • Milwaukee M12 Vs M18

Grease Gun

We all know that lubrication is very important to make sure your vehicle or engine can work properly. Our car for example will need its oil to be changed from time to time depending on how the vehicle behaves or what it needs. New cars typically use less oils or longer lasting before the next change while older cars burn oils faster. Without the oil lubricating each of its moving parts, the steel will wear out faster than it should and hinder you from traveling with it.

Some people prefer to let the professional do the routine maintenance in order to make sure the car is always in top condition but it can be costly as well so sometimes we should do it at home instead to minimize the maintenance cost. There will be plenty of tools as well based on what you are going to do such as grease guns. Many bearings are considered to be lubed for life yet, there are still some that require periodic application and this power tool is going to be very useful.

Grease gun is very convenient to help you in the application of lubrication since it is precise, easy to use, as well as effective. If you see one, there is this narrow end of the gun which is designed to feed the fluid into an opening known as a grease fitting. This fitting is enclosed with a bearing ball that moves when under pressure of the grease fan hence it will allow a free flow of lubricant into the proper channels. 

This mechanism is like a valve by forcing lubricant into the desired areas then closing it after you draw the gun. In typical application, what you will use this tool for is usually when it comes to automotive purposes like your car or other vehicles. For example the lawnmowers will need some lubrication, including the boat which often carry the type of bearings too. If treated properly, these belongings will last for a very long time while still working properly too.

For people who live in a metropolitan area or living in an apartment with limited tools and belongings, it is probably not as necessary to have such tools. Typical home appliance such as vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner, or dishwasher may have bearings too but ever since the early 90s, companies started to use the sealed bearings in typical household appliance so we don’t need to lubricate it and nowadays the life of these tools are very short as well so chances the initial lubricants is already enough.

 Milwaukee M12 Grease GunMilwaukee M18 Grease Gun
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‎3.8 x 19.7 x 9.2 inches
Shipping Weight‎7.2 pounds
‎0.16 ounces
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About Milwaukee M12 and M18

But, if you find there are various items or automobiles in your property that need routine lubrication, then having a grease gun will be very convenient. Depending on the type of application however, the choice can be different since not all of us will have the same frequency and what to use these grease guns for. In most cases the manual type which has lever and pistol-grip handle is suitable for low-volume greasing and if you are going to use them a lot or just prefer convenience, the battery powered one is also a great choice.

Most power tool brands out there must carry some type of grease tools as well so you can choose freely based on which seems to fit your preference best. Many of us have preferred the brand or the one that we have bought the most often. Among those many reliable companies we can rely on, Milwaukee is always a great choice to shop from. They are one of our personal favorites when it comes to power tools because even on the lower rating they can be quite powerful.

If you are looking for a grease gun as well, the Milwaukee M12 and M18 are two ideal choices to consider. What people like from the two is probably about the convenience since they are battery powered. This makes it easier for users when they need to handle lots of greasing jobs or when they need to apply on larger parts. They come from the same product line so there are so many similarities, in fact they are very much the same to each other.

What the big brother M18 can do, the M12 will be able to complete the task as well and what sets them apart is the power rating as the name suggests. While in general the Milwaukee M12 and M18 are very much like the same tool, the latter is more powerful and if you are looking for the one suitable to be used in heavy duty application, the M18 will be the more ideal choice. Read also: Milwaukee M12 Vs M18 Impact Wrench.

Milwaukee M12 and M18 Design

Before checking what these grease guns can offer, let’s see the unit first but from the outside they are not very much different from each other. The housing is made of plastic and steel but they weigh almost the same at around 7 lbs. with the M18 slightly heavier as well. The handle is large and very comfortable to hold while you navigate the nozzle. The fashion however varies slightly with M18 looks a little bit bulkier but they have the same robust build quality.

There are 4 feet at the base when you need to place it on something but in most cases we will be carrying it handheld so we don’t have to worry about it. The handle is textured at both sides and molded into the shape of your grip to improve comfort and as for the battery, we are attaching at the rear or tail of their handles. Since the M12 uses a smaller battery, it is also lighter and shorter than the M18.

Milwaukee M12 and M18 Specs

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Milwaukee M12 and M18 can offer starting from the capacity or capability. Similar to power washers, there needs to be a pressure to dispense the oil and this is why the higher the power rating, the more powerful the pressure is. M18 is a more capable option because it can offer 10,000 PSI at its maximum capacity to quickly grease the parts or dispense enough at a shorter amount of time.

On the other hand, Milwaukee M12 is only rated at 8,000 PSI which is not low at all and should be able to do the same task but probably take a longer time to finish. The mechanism of these grease guns are the same through the trigger located below the handle which is also useful to control the flow and amount of the content being dispensed.

Milwaukee M12 and M18 Features

Next we want to talk about what features you can get from Milwaukee M12 and M18. In general you can find more on M18 as the higher model but, it doesn’t mean the M12 is less reliable. First you can find a locking system in M18 located at the front of the handle and this is helpful to make sure the trigger is not accidentally pressed and dispensing the grease when you are not actually using it. Similar to power tools, there is even a speed adjustment here.

The level 1 is what you will be using to achieve the aforementioned 10,000 PSI pressure while the level 2 is optimized to give you a 10 oz. maximum flow per minute. Below the trigger lock, there is this Pre-Set Grease Counter which is used to adjust how many you want to dispense. We like this feature because sometimes it is difficult to guess how much to use but this feature is making the job easier. 

Milwaukee M12 and M18 Performance 

Lastly on the performance, both Milwaukee M12 and M18 are equally useful with the difference mostly due to M12 being an entry model. They are easy to use and working with the same mechanism but M12 is simpler since there is not much to tweak here. But, if you will be using this grease gun at a higher frequency, we do think the M18 will be very helpful. The two are reliable but the additional features is what makes the M18 more pleasant to use.

Milwaukee M12 vs M18 Grease Gun

We can think of the M12 as a simpler or entry-level model while the M18 is a higher choice. They are going to do the same task but the M18 will be the more convenient tool thanks to the additional features that you can find on the unit. Our favorite is the trigger lock and the grease adjustment since they are aiding the safety and limiting the chance or over dispensing as well. But, if you prefer a simpler tool, then M12 is very straightforward.

- FROM THE MANUFACTURER The M12 Cordless Grease Gun develops higher pressure, offers greater productivity.
- With up to 25% more pressure and run-time than the competition
- The 2446-20 delivers over 8,000 PSI max operating pressure for heavy duty applications and dispenses up to seven grease cartridges per battery charge.
- The M12 Cordless Grease Gun also features a lightweight, ergonomic handle design for greater user comfort during prolonged use and an on board hose storage and shoulder strap loop for added convenience with less mess.
- Industry leading 10,000 PSI max operating pressure
- 48" flexible hose offers greater access to difficult to reach fittings
- Air bleeder valve for quick priming
- Lock-on / Lock-off trigger delivers added user convenience


There is no bad option between the two just based on which seems to fit you the most. We recommend getting an M12 for light daily tasks but when you need the tool for heavy duty application, the M18 grease gun from Milwaukee is an ideal option to consider.

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