Milwaukee M18 vs M12 Combo Kit

If you are confused between Milwaukee M18 vs M12 Combo Kit, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss how these compact cordless drills compare against each other. Despite both being cordless, there are notable differences in their dimensions and power. In the end, choosing the right combo kit depends on your need and purpose.

What we will discuss in this article include:
– The battery that is used on each model
– What accessories that are included with each model
– The comparison of the design and features
– The performance of Milwaukee M18 vs M12 Combo Kit
– Which combo kit that is better for the money

Milwaukee M18: Battery and Accessories
Let’s start by taking a look at what items that are included in the Milwaukee M18 combo kit. Keep in mind, we are discussing about the compact Milwaukee M18 Brushless model and not the Fuel model which we previously discussed in Milwaukee M18 vs M18 Fuel Combo Kit. It is very nice that the company includes two different batteries in the bundle.

The 2799-22CX Milwaukee M18 Combo Kit includes the following items:
– (1) Milwaukee M18 ¼” Hex Brushless Impact Driver
– (1) Milwaukee M18 ½” Compact Brushless Hammer Drill
– (1) Milwaukee M18 Redlithium 2.0 Battery
– (1) Milwaukee M18 Redlithium XC4.0 Battery
– (1) Belt Clip
– (1) Contractor Bag

The belt clip is very nice, as it will allow you to carry the impact driver or hammer drill easily while keeping your hands free. The bag is quite tough and durable, and is a good solution for carrying the tools along with the accessories and other equipment.

Of course, one of the biggest differences between Milwaukee M18 vs M12 Combo Kit is their battery compatibility. Milwaukee M18 tools can only work with the 18-volt M18 batteries, whereas Milwaukee M112 tools can only work with the 12-volt M12 batteries.

The Milwaukee M18 battery range is quite vast. It has three different classes (regular, XC, high-demand), with a total of seven different capacity options. The available batteries are:
– Milwaukee M18 Redlithium(1.5 amp-hour)
– Milwaukee M18 Redlithium2.0 (2 amp-hour)
– Milwaukee M18 RedlithiumXC (3 amp-hour)
– Milwaukee M18 RedlithiumXC 4.0 (4 amp-hour)
– Milwaukee M18 RedlithiumXC 5.0 (5 amp-hour)
– Milwaukee M18 RedlithiumXC 6.0 (6 amp-hour)
– Milwaukee M18 RedlithiumHigh-Demand 9.0 (9 amp-hour)

The included batteries are already sufficient for light to medium tasks. However, if you often work on heavy-duty activities that require prolonged use, it is a wise idea to get one of the higher-capacity batteries so that you won’t need to recharge too frequently.

Milwaukee M18: Design & Features
The Milwaukee M18 impact driver and hammer drill are considerably smaller and lighter than their Milwaukee M18 Fuel counterparts.Milwaukee M18 has been designed to provide a compact solution for people who need a portable yet powerful tool.

Just like most other Milwaukee models, the Milwaukee M18 vs M12Combo Kit impact driver and hammer drill are colored in black and red. Both the impact driver and hammer drill have very nice ergonomic handlebars. The handlebars are really comfortable. Thanks to the ergonomic handlebars, you can have a very solid grip over a long period of time without making your hand sore. Hence, these tools are suitable for works that require extensive time.

Milwaukee M18 Impact Driver features a ¼” hex chuck. It is very lightweight at about 3.1 pounds. However, it only has a single speed setting with a maximum speed of 2,800 RPM. It is quite powerful, as it can deliver a maximum torque of 1,500 inch pounds and a maximum impact of 3,600 IPM.

Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill features a ½” chuck. It is also very lightweight at 3.9 pounds. It has two speed settings. The first one has a maximum speed of 450 RPM, which is equal to 7,200 beats per minute. The second one has a maximum speed of 1,800 RPM, which is equal to 28,800 beats per minute. This tool is capable of generating a maximum torque of 500 inch pounds.

Milwaukee M18: Power and Performance
The overall performance of Milwaukee M18 impact driver and hammer drill is quite impressive, especially for such compact and portable tools. These tools are definitely more than capable for dealing with most household tasks. Both tools are also quite capable for professional jobsite applications. Compared to Milwaukee M12, Milwaukee M18 is noticeably stronger with more oomph.

The impact driver performs admirably with great power. It can sink and install 6” lag bolts properly. However, make sure that you are cautious throughout the process especially when you are nearing the end of the drive.

This is because of the high torque. You need to handle the tool with both of your hands to maintain the accuracy – and to prevent the tool from twisting your hand. Unfortunately, it does not have a side handle, so the handling with two hands is somewhat awkward.

The hammer drill is also great. It is more than capable for building and securing frames and various wooden structures. It can drill pilot holes and pass-throughs for lag bolts and carriage bolts smoothly without any issue by using a 3/8-inch bit. With this tool, you can drill holes up to one inch in diameter with great confidence. This tool can also work with Forstner bits and spade bits finely.

Milwaukee M12: Battery and Accessories
Now, let’s move our attention to the Milwaukee M12 combo kit. We will see the accessories of the 2494-22 Milwaukee M12 combo kit. This bundle has a slightly lower value because it only comes with one battery of a small capacity. However, it does come with a charger. The included accessories are:
– (1) Milwaukee M12 1/4-inch Hex Impact Driver
– (1) Milwaukee M12 3/8-inch Hammer Drill
– (1) Milwaukee M12 Redlithium CP1.5 Battery Pack
– (1) Milwaukee M12 Battery Charger
– (1) Contractor Bag

As you can see, Milwaukee M12 comes with fewer items. It does not have a belt clip, which is a slight inconvenience when you just want to carry a tool hands-free. You can buy a belt clip separately. Fortunately, you can still use the contractor bag to carry the tools and accessories easily.

One of the main differences between Milwaukee M18 vs M12 Combo Kit is the battery. Milwaukee M12 works with the 12-volt M12 battery. Although it ‘only’ uses a 12-volt battery, it is actually quite powerful and capable for a wide range of tasks.

The Milwaukee M12 battery is also available in several sizes. In general, there are two type of Milwaukee M12 battery, Compact (CP) and High Capacity (XC). The Compact batteries are indeed smaller and lighter, easier to carry around. The High Capacity batteries are slightly larger and heavier. The available options are:
– Milwaukee M12 Redlithium (1.5 amp-hours)
– Milwaukee M12 Redlithium 2.0 (2 amp-hours)
– Milwaukee M12 Redlithium 3.0 (3 amp-hours)
– Milwaukee M12 Redlithium High Capacity (3 amp-hours)
– Milwaukee M12 Redlithium 4.0 Extended Capacity (4 amp-hours)
– Milwaukee M12 Redlithium 6.0 Extended Capacity (6 amp-hours)

Milwaukee M12: Design & Features
Compared to the Milwaukee M18 tools, the Milwaukee M12 impact driver and hammer drill are even smaller and lighter. With a more compact tool such as these, you can have a more nimble bag or belt. The tools are highly maneuverable. They are great for working in tight spots and reaching difficult angles on your projects.

The handling is generally good, although not perfect. You can still have a solid and comfortable grip. But the small size makes it difficult to hold with two hands. Fortunately, the torque is not too high and is relatively more manageable.

Milwaukee M12 Impact Driver comes with a 1/4-inch hex chuck. This tool has been designed for easy high-speed fastening. It has a single speed with a maximum speed of 2,500 RPM to allow you to fasten things easily. It is able to generate a maximum torque of 1,000 inch-pounds. On the side, there is a battery fuel gauge to let you monitor the remaining power and run time.

Milwaukee M12 Hammer Drill is equipped with a 3/8-inch all-metal locking chuck which is solid and durable. It also has two speed settings that go up to 400 RPM and 1,500 RPM, respectively. It is capable of generating a maximum torque of 275 inch-pounds. It features an on-board LED light and a fuel gauge to allow convenient operation.

Milwaukee M12: Power and Performance
Milwaukee M12 is surprisingly powerful. If you think that the 12-volt battery does not have enough power, think again. This compact tool can handle various household and professional jobsite tasks. Well, it is still not as powerful as Milwaukee M18, but if you don’t need extreme power, it is already very good.

The impact driver can effortlessly remove old deck boards and install new pressure-treated 2×6 wooden planks. It is capable of sending 3-inch decking screws speedily into the said planks. It never feels as if it is lacking power.

The Milwaukee M12drill is capable of driving a 3-inch screw into a 4×4 wood. This may seem like a tough task for the compact tool, but it can take care of the job without any issue. It can also perform well for various tasks related to the plumbing job. This tool can easily compete against many 18-volt tools in the market.

Milwaukee M18 vs M12 Combo Kit

- LED LIGHTING: Keep your work illuminated with the LED lighting array located just below the quick-connect chuck
- TEXTURED HANDLE: The compact design of this power tool is complemented with the textured rubber grip, which gives you superior handling, even in slippery conditions
- VARIABLE SPEED TRIGGER: Apply pressure to the trigger to match the amount of power you need on the job. This can drive the motor to create up to 3,450 impacts per minute
- REDLINK TECHNOLOGY: Electronics inside the impact driver communicate with the M18 batteries that power it to reduce the risk of overheating, which results in more efficient work
- M18 COMPATIBLE: This cordless Milwaukee impact driver works with the M18 family of lithium ion batteries
- 3/8" DRILL / DRIVER (2407-20): This all-metal drill / driver combines the compact size of a 12 volt tool with Milwaukee’s highest standards for power
- 1/4" HEX IMPACT DRIVER (2462-20): A whopping 2,500 RPM and 1,000 Inch Pounds of torque define this beast of a 12 Volt tool
- 2 x 12 VOLT LITHIUM ION BATTERIES (48-11-2401): These 12V Lithium Ion batteries can power the M12 line of Milwaukee power tools
- M12 BATTERY CHARGER (48-22-2424): This will take care of your M12 batteries without a problem
- CONTRACTOR BAG: Keep your tools, batteries, and chargers in this contractor’s bag

For the best power, Milwaukee M18 is the way to go. It is suitable for all household and professional tasks. It has plenty of power, and it can deal with the toughest job despite its compact form. In addition, it also has a wider range of battery options.

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