Rockwell Versacut vs Dremel Saw Max 

There are various power tools you may want to have to ease the job and tasks without burdening your body. For those who work with woods or timber in building or carpentry, circular saw such as Rockwell Versacut Vs Dremel Saw Max is a very reliable and convenient tool to have. These power tools will reduce the effort and time dealing with timber or other materials but are also affordable and easy to use. If you want to have one of these models, see below to check which will fit you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Power Tool to Purchase
  • What are Rockwell Versacut and Dremel Saw Max
  • What Rockwell Versacut and Dremel Saw Max Look Like
  • How are the Motor and Speed of Rockwell Versacut and Dremel Saw Max
  • How are the Performance of Rockwell Versacut and Dremel Saw Max
  • What else Rockwell Versacut and Dremel Saw Max can offer
  • Rockwell Versacut Vs Dremel Saw Max

Power Tools

Dealing with various materials and items to build something will also require you to have different types of tools to take care of the job. Sometimes it is just for a hobby and sometimes it is for more serious matters such as fixing some broken parts or remodeling some areas in your house. These power tools are very convenient and widely available to cut the preparing process and in many cases also allow you to do steps which are difficult or impossible manually.

For those who work with lumber or woods and steel sheets or almost any materials we often used for DIY and repairing, a saw will be an integral part to always have around. This is the one we used to cut materials or shape them to follow the blueprint. If you are in for some power tool saw, the option can be between a Jigsaw and circular cut but both do have some advantages and disadvantages to consider.

  • Jigsaw

Jigsaw is also often called a saber saw or scroll saw by some people and it is also a very powerful tool which carries a versatile function. As the name suggests, this tool has a vertical blade embedded in a horizontal housing as well as working through the action of its blade. There will be a shoe to guide the blade protected by a see-through blade guard for safety. Depending on the blade, you can use Jigsaw for various types of woods.

What it shines the most is for curve cutting because the blade itself is straight hence you can maneuver it easily. For example, when making bevel cuts that is done by adjusting the angle of the blade within the shoe. What it is not very good at is making straight line cuts and less expensive models also tend to vibrate a lot which adds into its inaccuracy.

 Rockwell VersacutDremel Saw Max 
Product Dimensions13.88 x 9.88 x 4.25 inches
14.25 x 5.5 x 4 inches
Shipping Weight4 pounds
4.22 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
  • Circular Saw

Circular saw on the other hand, is like the little brother of a table saw which is more familiar being used in a more serious workshop or for dealing with thicker and larger materials or quantity. It is operated handheld and as opposed to Jigsaw, it shines the most when it comes to making straight line cuts including for larger boards due to the circular shape of its blade. It is commonly used for rip cuts, crosscuts, bevel cuts, miter cuts, and freehand cuts.

It is, however, not made to work with curved cuts and more detailed patterns in which you have to follow a certain design. The tool also tends to be more expensive than Jigsaw as well as loud and needs more safety caution.

About Rockwell Versacut and Dremel Saw Max

Depending on what type of activities or job you will be dealing with, the option can differ but if possible, it is always best to have the proper tool for the proper job and having both in your box will overall serve for the best purpose with different applications. If you are here then it means what matches with your application is a circular saw and we personally also rely on them especially when working with dense wood as they are more reliable for heavy duty tasks.

There are lots of reliable power tool brands out there that you can rely on and talking about good brands, Rockwell and Dremel are two great options to shop from. Rockwell itself is a fairly newer in comparison to the latter in terms of how long they have been operating in the industry but they also waste no time to be one of the best options for your DIY purchase. On the other hand many people are already familiar with Dremel.

This company now owned by Bosch and best known for their rotary tool such as Dremel 4200 Vs 4000 which are very popular among crafters. These two also carry circular saws in their catalog and for those who will need to cut lumber or other fairly thin materials, Rockwell Versacut and Dremel Saw Max will be two ideal options to consider. Both of them are suitable for lighter jobs but also powerful to deal with various materials and thickness yet, not as heavy duty as table saw either.

Chances are you will find few models with the reciprocating names but here we are specifically talking about the RK3440K and SM 20-03 respectively. Rockwell Versacut and Dremel Saw Max are both top of the shelves options with similar price range. These circular saws are coming with powerful motors for reliable performance, adjustable blade depth, as well as high speed which make them versatile and convenient to deal with different applications or materials. 

Rockwell Versacut and Dremel Saw Max Design

Just like any circular or hand saws out there, these two look nothing special and visibly very similar but, you can easily tell them apart as they have different fashion or different shape because as you can see, the Rockwell saw has this prominent dent at the middle of the body which is meant to provide more room to place your fingers and more comfortable to provide better grip especially when considering that the saw will vibrate while being used.

The Dremel saw has a more streamlined design but the fairly thin form factor will sit well in your hand. Similarly, both saws will also include few blades in the box to match with whatever materials or application you need to complete. With Rockwell you can find 24T carbide-tipped, 44T high speed steel and diamond blade while Dremel will come with SM500 multi-purpose carbide wheel, SM510 metal cut-off wheel, and SM540 tile diamond wheel.

Rockwell Versacut and Dremel Saw Max Motor and Speed

Moving further, let’s check what Rockwell Versacut and Dremel Saw Max can offer and starting with the motor, Dremel specified it uses a worm drive which we often see on more powerful tools while for the former it is not specified. You can easily call them powerful as regular handheld saws being powered with 4 Amp 6 Amp motors respectively. With this enough power you can deal with various materials including lumber or timber, steel sheet, and tiles with their suitable circular blade.

Due to the difference in motor size, you will also find differences in terms of ability to generate speed and it is quite prominent as well between the two at 3500 and 17000 rotations per minute with no load. What you may want to note is that while Dremel is capable of generating higher speed, this saw is only offering a cutting depth of ¾-inch in which Rockwell lets you cut up to 1 1/16-inch.

Rockwell Versacut and Dremel Saw Max Performance 

As for the performance, Rockwell Versacut and Dremel Saw Max are very impressive considering the size and how they are handheld; you can do almost anything with these saws. One thing that is probably very noticeable between the two is that Dremel works very fast including with tougher materials like steel tubes but what makes it inconvenient in our opinion is the depth of the cut itself which requires the users to flip the material over and starting from the other side to make a full through cut.

Another thing we love from these saws is their ability to lock into whatever you are working with. The time we activate the blade and put them on the material, the tools feel like they are sticking to for example plywood and we can control the blade easily to make a straight line. The blades they put in the box are also sharp and useful depending on what you will use them for so we can start right away.

Rockwell Versacut and Dremel Saw Max Features

The last part we want to talk about is their features and here you will probably like the Rockwell Versacut the most because this one has a useful laser pointer that helps the user to draw a cut line from the blade even when their guide is not very visible. This laser pointer is placed on top of the saw so it is free from any obstruction. This additional feature however will also require additional batteries to operate but it is a small investment for the functionality. 

Rockwell Versacut vs Dremel Saw Max 

Both of these circular saws are amazing for the job as they are very reliable for the lighter application we often do at home. But, they are also different because while Rockwell is offering further cut depth to deal with thicker items, Dremel is faster and more powerful in terms of speed. In real life practice however, the speed may not be very noticeable side by side but the depth does affect the convenience very much which is why it can be actually faster cutting thicker items with Rockwell.

- Powerful, 4.0 amp, multi-functional, ultra-compact circular saw
- Cuts wide variety of materials such as tile, wood, sheet metal, plastics, flooring, and more. No-Load Speed- 3,500 rpm
- Ergonomic design with slim grip handle improves comfort and enhances grip and control – guide with just one hand!
- Built-in laser guide helps you align the perfect cut;120 inches cord
- The product is manufactured in United States
- Powerful 6-Amp motor: Easily tackles the toughest applications
- Versatile cutting system: Perfect for straight cuts, flush cuts and plunge cuts in a variety of materials including wood, plastic, metal and tile
- Compact design: Allows for one handed operation and excellent maneuverability


You can pick any of these saws as they are equally good options but if we have to choose, unless you have to keep the budget very low, we do like the Rockwell Versacut better mostly for the deeper cutting depth and its additional laser pointer.


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