Ryobi One Plus Review: High Quality Cordless Driver

If you are looking for a powerful, reliable cordless driver, Ryobi One Plus P236 makes an excellent choice. In this Ryobi One Plus review, we will take a deeper look into why the cordless driver is really good, as well as how the Ryobi One Plus tools are compatible with each other.

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– How the Ryobi One Plus system works
– The design and ergonomics of Ryobi One Plus P236
– The maximum speed and power of the impact driver
– What accessories that are included in the bundle
– How long that the battery lasts per charge

Ryobi One Plus
Most probably, you have familiarized yourself with the troubles with using cordless and corded power tools of different brands and systems. They work either different types of batteries or old, vulnerable, and unreliable wires. You need to deal with a long line of batteries waiting to be recharged and cables that need to be replaced. As the effect, these tools become very difficult to manage. See also: Dremel 4000 vs 3000.

Ryobi One Plus offers a huge convenience that can save you from dealing with such a hassle. It is a collection of many different power tools that are designed for cutting, drilling, driving, cooling, plumbing, and many other tasks. The special thing about this system is that all of these tools work with the same rechargeable battery that also offers impressive battery life.

The Ryobi One Plus system works with the 18V One+ Lithium+ HP battery. The company claims that this battery is equipped with advanced electronics that can maximize the performance of every tool in the system. The HP technology can ‘communicate’ with the brushless tools so that they work more efficiently.

Furthermore, the battery that Ryobi One Plus uses will never change. According to the company, the 18V One+ Lithium+ HP battery can fit both older and newer models. So, you can say that the system is future-proof. You will be able to make use of the tools for a long time.

Design and Ergonomics
Now, let’s take a look at the Ryobi One Plus P236 Impact Driver. This is a cordless driver that is a part of the Ryobi One Plus family. It is very easy and practical to use, and its performance is great.

Ryobi One Plus P236 has an excellent design. The ergonomics are very good. The handle is neither too big nor too small, so that most people can grip it comfortably. There is a notched rubber mold on the grip. It greatly enhances the handling. The notched rubber mold ensures that you can have a firm hold that won’t slip, even when your hands are sweaty.

The device is also equipped with a tri-beam LED lighting. The light is automatically activated when you pull the trigger. This is a very nice feature. The light can illuminate your workspace so that you can see the thing that you need to drill clearly. It is incredibly helpful when working in low light conditions.

Changing the bit is very easy and simple. The process is tool-free. You just need to plug the bit into the chuck to lock it in place. In order to eject the bit, you just need to pull the collar back, and the bit will fall into your hand. Make sure that you’re using safety gloves when doing this. Additionally, there is a magnetic tray on the unit, which is handy for carrying bits and fasteners without occupying your hands.

Ryobi One Plus P236 has excellent power. It can handle a variety of drilling and driving tasks with ease. The maximum speed of the unit without any load is 3200 RPM. Meanwhile, the torque is said to be about 1,600 in/lbs. This unit is capable of handling 3” and 6” headlock bolts as well as ¼” hex bolts with ease.

The unit does not have any switch or control for adjusting the speed or power. However, the trigger is a variable control, so you just need to adjust the way you press the trigger in order to control the speed. This may feel a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hold of it, the control should be easy and intuitive.

Nevertheless, thanks to the excellent power of the unit, Ryobi One Plus P236 is able to take care of long deck screws very quickly. It can get a deck done within a day. It is much quicker and more powerful than other Lithium-ion-powered models in the market.

Ryobi One Plus P236 comes with a few included accessories. In addition to the user’s manual and the power tool itself, it also comes with a Phillips bit and a socket adapter. Both are very useful. These accessories can adapt the device to handle a wide range of tasks.

Unfortunately, Ryobi One Plus P236 does not come with the battery. Both the battery and the charger are supposed to be purchased separately. So, if you don’t have any Ryobi One Plus battery yet, don’t forget to buy it along with the device.

Battery Life
There are actually several different options available for the battery. These options come with different capacities. For example, Ryobi One Plus P191 is a relatively smaller battery, whereas Ryobi One Plus P193 is larger.

Nevertheless, most of the user reviews say that Ryobi One Plus P236 has excellent battery life. Even if you use a battery model with a smaller capacity, the device can still work well with maximum power for a pretty long time. The device does not require frequent recharge. For heavier tasks, consider getting a larger battery.

- RUBBER OVERMOLD: A notched mold on the pistol grip allows you to keep a firm hold on this tool for improved accuracy, even in slippery conditions - TRI-BEAM LED LIGHTING illuminates your workspace upon activating the trigger, letting you see where you work

Ryobi One Plus P236 is an excellent choice if you need a powerful cordless drill that works with a ‘universal battery’. The battery can work with any other Ryobi One Plus tool, and the battery life is excellent. Ryobi One Plus P236 itself has excellent ergonomics and great power. It can handle a variety of tasks with ease.

Ryobi One Plus Review: Specifications
Battery: 18V
Unit Weight: 2.55 lbs
Chuck: ¼” coupler
Speed: 0 – 3200 RPM (without any load)
Torque: 1,600 in/lbs
Included Accessories:
 Operator’s Manual
 Phillips Bit
 P236A Impact Driver
 Socket Adaptor
 ***Battery and charger are sold separately

Ryobi One Plus Review: Pros
– Great, comfortable design with solid handling
– Comes with LED lighting and on-board magnetic tray
– Excellent speed and torque
– Great battery life
– The battery can work with other Ryobi One Plus tools

Ryobi One Plus Review: Price
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