Ryobi P1832 vs P882

Buying the right tools is important to make sure your job can be done properly and so we don’t face any unnecessary issues in the process. Reliable drill and impact driver sets Ryobi P1832 Vs P882 will be two great and convenient choices to consider as they offer both necessary tools in one package. However, it seems that some buyers are confused about which to choose so here what you may want to know about the two sets so we can shop quickly.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are Drill and Impact Driver
  • Which to Choose Between the Two
  • What are Ryobi P1832 and P882
  • What Ryobi P1832 and P882 Look Like
  • How are the Speed and Torque of Ryobi P1832 and P882
  • How are the Performance of Ryobi P1832 and P882
  • What else Ryobi P1832 and P882 can offer
  • Ryobi P1832 Vs P882

Drill and Impact Driver

Getting things done quickly is often our motto when facing a job or task but to do the job properly, we also need reliable tools in the process. The tools however, can be different depending on what needs to be done; sometimes it can be a pair of nails and a hammer, sometimes it can be a rotary tool, or sometimes it requires drilling and screwing materials to one another. The best tools are not those most expensive models but what is needed in our project and it can be different from one another.

Talking about DIY and carpentry, there are two main tools we often have to decide and they are drill as well as impact driver. We are sure most people are familiar with these names or probably have one or two of them in the house but, there are still those who are not sure yet about what exactly the difference between the two versatile tools is. This is because both of them are actually capable of doing the same tasks and this can indeed be confusing.

A drill, as the name suggests, this power tool works due to an electric motor that drives a rotating chuck in which it can hold various accessories to allow drilling process. It is very similar to rotary tools but with a bigger motor and more powerful rotation as the chuck also accommodates bigger drill bits. On the other hand, an impact driver senses when you add torque and it creates rotational impacts force with a spring, hammer, as well as anvil.

When the motor turns the shaft, the spring will be compressed and then released forcefully against the anvil. This action happens numerous times during the process or even more than 50 times every second to create larger force.

 Ryobi P1832Ryobi P882
Product Dimensions11.02 x 7.87 x 9.84 inches
7.85 x 11.02 x 9.84 inches
Shipping Weight5 pounds
9.7 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Choosing Drill or Impact Driver

Now comes to the confusing part, which of them we should buy because it seems both are capable of doing the same jobs. While it is true you can drill with an impact driver and tighten screws with a drill, the key is how you want the result to be. Due to the impact delivered by the impact driver, the movement of its bit will be forceful and this may affect the holes we are trying to make as they can appear less neat or smooth.

This is unlike when using a drill which pressure we can adjust manually since it requires direct effort. But, for tightening screws, you may want a drill driver as the impact helps the screw enter the material which in result slightly reduces the energy we have to put into pushing them. In real life, we can go with either of them depending on your preference but if possible, we should get both so each application can be properly taken care of. 

About Ryobi P1832 and P882

Now when you already decide about what tool we should go for, it is the time to see what the market has to offer but, if you are here then it means choosing both tools will save the headache so each application can have its proper tools. There will be lots of them out there depending on what you look for and to save time, we may want to decide a budget range first or if you already have a favorite brand, we can stick to its catalog as well.

We personally prefer well-known brands not because they are popular but because they tend to be more reliable and easy to access including when looking for the suitable accessories. For those homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, or woodworkers who want to have a good tool without spending too much, Ryobi will be one of the best options. They are indeed a consumer brand for power tools but many professionals also use them too due to their convenient and good performance.

They have been releasing quite lots of options in recent years and many of them are also very popular in the market especially for lighter jobs. For those who don’t want to only have a single tool for all of their tasks, Ryobi P1832 and P882 will be two amazing options to consider. Both of them are actually very similar or identical to each other so it is not surprising to see why some buyers are confused about which to choose but, capability wise, you can see the same offering from both models.

We like these models because they are actually a set of drill and impact drivers so you don’t have to choose between the two but enjoy using based on the application and it is also time saving rather than going for separate tools like Milwaukee M12 Vs M12 Fuel. Overall you will get the same benefits with either Ryobi P1832 or P882 because what sets them apart seems to be the production date only.

Ryobi P1832 and P882 Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, both power tools are coming with a drill and impact driver and they are the same as well. However, when you dig in deeper, the model number in each set seems to be different. In the P1832 set, we will get a P277 drill and P235 impact driver while in P882 we received P271 drill and P234G impact drive. The rest of the items are the same including socket adaptor, P118 Dual Chemistry Charger, P102 18V Lithium battery, and the tool case.

Lining them up side by side, the power tools are the same and similar to many drills out there, both P277 and P271 are sporting a slimmer yet longer main tube as opposed to P235 and P235G which is smaller in form factor but also have slightly thicker main body in a shorter length. The battery pack will be attached at the bottom of their handlebar so removing and changing them during work will be very convenient as you don’t have to open any port.

Ryobi P1832 and P882 Speed and Torque

Moving further, now let’s see what Ryobi P1832 and P882 can offer to you and start with the drill first. While both of them come with different drill models, the specification of P277 and P271 are the same. These drills are similarly using the ½-inch chuck and have the same no load speed with two levels of speed from 0-440 and from 0-1600 rotations per minute. You can also adjust the clutch position up to the same amount of 24 stopping points in these two drill tools.

The P235 and P234G are also the same despite their different naming and both impact drivers are equally using the ¼-inch coupler with a single level of speed at 0-2600 rotations per minute without any load while the torque power is 1500 lbs. and 1600 lbs. respectively.

Ryobi P1832 and P882 Performance 

As for the performance, we don’t have any issue with either of their drills or impact drivers and overall, they are the same tools but probably have different naming due to which was the renewed version and in this case we are positive that the P1832 is the newer set with newer power tools as well. While they are not the most powerful tools you can get in the market, we do think the amounts of power they have are adequate for common house jobs.

The drills can drill holes into woods or walls smoothly and cleanly while the speed is ideal for a wide range of applications. The impact drivers are also powerful enough to drive screws into woods and other typical materials without any fuss. Interchangeably, both can be used as impact drivers or drill but we do think that if the material is quite tough and you don’t mind a little harsh hole, their impact drivers are very reliable for such application.

Ryobi P1832 and P882 Features 

The last part we want to mention is their additional features but both sets are very minimalist including their power tools. They do have this magnetic tray at the bottom of the tools to store bits which can be extra convenient if you will use different accessories. They also have top-mounted bubble level for precision working. But, unfortunately there is no additional lighting in both models so we may have to use an external flashlight to illuminate the spot in case working in dim condition. 

Ryobi P1832 vs P882

Both of these power tool sets are very reliable but also affordable to save you the headache of choosing only the drill or impact driver. They are also the same despite having different models inside since all of the capabilities remain identical to each other yet, the impact driver in P1832 has slightly more powerful torque. It seems that Ryobi packs different tools inside based on which is newer and between the two, P1832 is coming with fresh tools.

- P277 DRILL DRIVER: 24 setting clutch and dual speed gearbox gives you control over your drilling power while the keyless chuck makes for easy bit replacement to let you get to your jobs faster.
- P235 IMPACT DRIVER: With its gearbox housed in cast aluminum, this driver has 1600 in-lbs of torque coupled with a belt clip for easy access and a 1/4 inch quick connect coupler for easy bit changes.
- ONE+ COMPATIBLE: These two included batteries can work with any Ryobi tools in the One+ system. These 18 volt batteries live long for any job, from drilling and driving to strimming and sanding, and the P118 charger can handle any Ryobi battery, whether it is lithium ion or NiCad.
- EASY GRIP: The drill and impact driver feature notched rubber molding on their pistol grips for increased stability so you can get your job done in any almost condition.
- Delivers high performance in heavy-duty applications
- All-metal ratcheting keyless chuck for greater bit retention
- Soft grip handle design offers increased gripping surface and comfort
- Delivers high performance in heavy-duty applications


All in all since there is no significant difference between the two sets, we should be able to go with either of them and comparing the price point, we recommend choosing Ryobi P1832 because it is cheaper and has the same items inside.


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