Ryobi P883 vs P884

When shopping for a new tool, it is best to decide what you want to achieve with them so then we can spend wisely. If you need a starter kit to ease the effort and time browsing through numerous collections, Ryobi P883 Vs P884 are great options to consider. Coming from the brand Ryobi, they are ideal for the weekend warriors who need various tools to work with. If you are also interested, do check what they can offer below before deciding to choose one.

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  • How to Save Money When Buying New Tools
  • What are Ryobi P883 and P884
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  • What are the Main Tools of Ryobi P883 and P884
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  • Ryobi P883 Vs P884

Buying New DIY Tools

The first challenge of becoming a DIY-er is choosing the right tool for the right job because there are plenty of them out there and not only for the type itself, you need to choose from a huge collection of brands that seemingly offer the same product but with different fashion and different names. While it is always best to shop with expertise, there are many ways to kick-start your creativity without having to spend so much on high-performance, professional tools.

First is try to check what your favorite brands are carrying in their combo kits collection. Yes, you read it right, a combo kit is often seen as a waste of money and it is true to a certain level but not if you will be using or need most if not all tools in the box; not to mention it is convenient as well to replace your older tools at once. If going with combo kits, chances are we can spend less and usually around 30% cheaper than buying them separately.

While we personally do not recommend buying a corded set as corded often more ideal for the higher load, they are especially good for the cordless variant such as drill/driver like Craftsman C3 Vs Ryobi ONE that is meant for light-duty purpose. In each set you can find the tools, a few sets of batteries and a charger. If buying all of them separately, we may spend more to get the charger and batteries. In addition, these accessories are working with all tools in the box.

What we have to consider is if the combo kits contain tools that we don’t need such as cheap work light which are mostly always present in a set. In many cases companies may put new products as well in the kit to expose it to customers and let them try it.

Second is try to stick with a brand that you like. Bias may affect your buying decision but there is a reason for why we like a certain brand better than the other whether it is just for sentimental reasons such as we have been using the same from our parent’s or because you find the products attractive. It can be for personal preference and which sits better for you but sticking with a brand helps build the ecosystem and at the end cheaper compared to combining various different manufacturers.

This is because their accessories will be matching as well, depending on the specification of the product. For example, you can save some by only purchasing one battery and one charger for all tools in Ryobi 18V One+ system as they are interchangeable thus, we can power several tools with only one battery.

 Ryobi P883Ryobi P884

Product Dimensions9.06 x 19.27 x 11.61 inches
14.7 x 9 x 19.8 inches
Shipping Weight1.98 pounds
1 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Ryobi P883 and P884

If you are here then we assume that you are also interested to buy a combo kit as well and now, let’s see what the market has to offer as you will find them from almost any brands out there. If you have used or like one or two brands, it is more convenient to stick with them, especially when you like how their other cordless tools work. But, if this is your first buy, seeing what other similar users are choosing will be a good idea as well.

Popular brands may not be the best but if many people like their products then they also have a higher chance to show similar results for you. Among those numerous brands you often see at stores, Ryobi is a prominent player in the market and they have lots to offer from powered woodworking tools to cleaning tools, etc. They also carry combo kits in the catalog and consist of various interesting tools that can be useful in your application or job yet, do note that they are meant for light to medium tasks only.

Depending on what tools you need from the combo kit, the options vary but for those who need not only a drill driver but also saw to cut and modify their material of choice, the Ryobi P883 and P884 are two ideal options to consider. As you can guess, the two are fairly identical sets and closely related to each other so the type of tools inside will be similar as well but, not exactly the same because the latter will contain more than typically what you need for a starter kit.

They are however, the same when it comes to power rating as they come with the same pack of battery and the tools from two sets can accept the same 18V Lithium batteries. The core products of Ryobi P883 and P884 are the same however, so you will get the drill/driver and saws in both sets. What you may want to consider is the rest of the collection because they are not as versatile.

Ryobi P883 and P884 Items

Instead of getting a box of tools, you will get a bag of tools for this line because all of them will come inside the yellow bag of Ryobi that most people are familiar with already as they use the same color scheme. The bag seems fine, nothing fancy and seems to sustain the tools weight really well. Inside the bag, you will get a drill/driver, circular saw, reciprocating saw, worklight, two batteries, and one charger in the P883 variant.

As for the P884, you will get the same tools mentioned above but with addition of impact driver and a multi tool, so if the P883 is a 4-set tool, this one is a 6-set package. Another difference is on the type of batteries included in these sets because while the two are equally 18V and interchangeable with other batteries in the family from P100 to P108. The P883 seems to be paired with the P102 batteries while the P884 is using the higher version P107.

Ryobi P883 and P884 Main Tools

Now let’s see the tool inside and starting with the drill/driver, both from Ryobi P883 and P884 are the same in terms of specification but they have a slight difference on the design so we guess they are from different models (P271 vs P208B). From the capabilities they are equally accepting half an inch chuck and have two different speeds with 24 clutch positions. The first low speed is from 0-44 and the highest setting is from 0-1,600 rpm under no load. The Circular saw is also the same with arbor size at 10mm and blade size of 5 inch and a half. 

It is working with a maximum capacity of 4,700 rpm with no load and has a depth of cut at 1.5 at 0 degree or 1.1 at 45 degree. As for reciprocating saw, this one has a maximum speed of 1000 strokes per minute; the blade itself is at 0.8 inch. In P884, there is an impact driver with a torque of 1,600 lbs. and a maximum speed of 200 rotation per minute. As for the multi tool, this one has a maximum speed of 20,000 OPM. 

Ryobi P883 and P884 Additional Items

Next is for the additional tools and yes, we will see the worklight here because most of us are not really buying these combo-kits for the light. Both seem to have the same P704 worklight which is claimed to be 30% brighter than the former P700 model. It has a flat bottom for when you need to place it on a flat surface, it can be placed on the end, and can be hung too for versatility. The head is swiveled to face wherever you need.

Since the lens is removable, we can change the light bulb inside when needed. As for the battery, while both of them are equally 18V, the P884 is paired with the P107 model instead of the P102 and this battery has a higher capacity at 1500mAh while the P102 is about 1200 or 1300mAh. This is why the batteries in P884 will last longer in application and in addition, the chargers of these combo kits are also slightly different.

Ryobi P883 vs P884

Both Ryobi P883 and P884 are good options if you are going to use all or at least most of the 4 or 6 tools. In comparison the P884 has an impact driver and oscillating or multi-tools for various purposes so it is wiser to think about what type of job you will need to do. In addition, the P884 also comes with larger batteries that hold slightly more charge. As for the drill/driver, circular saw, reciprocating saw, as well as the worklight, they are almost identical.

- CIRCULAR SAW: This cordless circular saw contains plenty of features that will keep you cutting true. It has a side handle and rubber overmold to improve grip, even in slippery conditions
- P271 POWER DRILL: This 1/2 inch chuck drill / driver comes equipped with a magnetic tray for bits and fasteners, a 24 position adjustable clutch, and convenient tool-less bit changing
- P515 RECIPROCATING SAW: An anti-vibration handle, rubber overgrip, variable speed trigger, and easy blade removal latch are only some of the features that keep this tool at one of the top sawzalls in the DIY and professional market
- ONE+ COMPATIBLE: This kit includes two P102 batteris and one P118 charger. These batteries are compatible with over 50 tools in Ryobi’s One+ family.
- Includes 2 - 18-volt lithium batteries, usable on any machine in the one+ product line; includes - 18-volt dual-chemistry charger; batteries can be recharged in as little as 30 minutes
- Drill has 2 speed settings (0-440 or 0-1600 rpm), variable with a spring-loaded trigger; reciprocating saw features tool-free blade change
- Tool weights: drill, 2. 7 lbs. ; circular saw, 4. 7 lbs. ; impact driver, 2. 65 lbs. ; reciprocating saw, 4. 1 lbs. ; job plus base, 2. 15 lbs. ; work light, 0. 7 lb. ; includes carrying bag for easy portability
Reciprocating saw's adjustable, pivoting shoe allows depth-of-cut control and more efficient use of blade; circular saw has an exact line laser, which automatically activates during use


It is best to shop based on what you need and if you will use the impact driver for example making holes in masonry, then P884 carry the perfect tool but if you don’t need the additional tools, let’s save more by going with the P883.

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